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Beloved Unloved 5: I'm Getting Used to You

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 30, 2002

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the situation.
Rating: R
Category: Breakfast club
Summary: Prequel to the Rain/White Roses/Truth series. Sequel to Just a Kiss. Michael and Liz get in a little practice time alone.
Note: The title is a song of Selena's and if anyone noticed my frequent use of her songs lately, it's because her anniversary was just recently and it's been on my mind.

        It's amazing how people just get used to certain things. After we got back from Arizona, no one questioned why the three of us just suddenly started hanging out all the time. Maria says that it's great that we're getting along now. She said she noticed the friction between me and Liz and how Max and I weren't exactly getting along either. She said it shows I'm growing as a person. A lot she knows.

        In the last couple of months, no one has said a word when I pick up Liz and take off with her. No one really said anything when they popped over and Liz was there without Max. It's glaringly obvious to me what's going on but no one says a word. Suddenly Liz and I get along and it's just because we're maturing and learning to get along like adults. Bullshit.

        Things are still awkward between us because she's lying beside me and we haven't so much as spoken because of the odd way we felt last time. I shouldn't have said it but I did and it made her feel bad. I've heard Mrs. Parker tell Mr. Parker that sometimes I forget to insert the filter between my brain and my mouth... and maybe I do. I told Liz that kissing her was like kissing my sister.

        Harsh, I know but I didn't know how else to describe it. Granted, looking at Liz is a turn on but... it's just not there yet. We need Max for the fire to turn on. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it."

        "This is just taking some getting used to." She says staring at her hands. "What do you do with Max that's different?"

        "With Max it's intense." I say and roll on my side to look at her. "We just feel and when we want to... kiss and stuff, we do."

        "It's the same way with us." She nods. It's so hard to read her sometimes. "We just need to find a way to be together."

        I stare at Liz for a while and get up. I got her a present. Max told me when her birthday was and it's not until tomorrow but now's as good a time as any. I pull the little newspaper wrapped package out of my desk and hand it to her. "Happy birthday."

        "What?" Liz blinks at me and takes it. She unwraps it carefully as if it's wrapped in silk instead of last week's paper. Then she sits there holding the box.

        "I know it's not until tomorrow but I thought you might want it now... Um... If you don't like it, I could take it back." I tell her quickly when she doesn't say anything. "I could just give you the reciept and you could get something you like..."

        "I like it." She smiles at me, the first real smile in a while. It's the smile that I've always thought was reserved for Max. I let out a deep breath and can't keep a smile off my face. I've done good.

        It took me hours in that damn Bath & Body Works store to get her something nice. I didn't get her shampoo because I like what she already uses. Same thing with lotion. I didn't get her soap because that's just stupid. So perfume it was. Flowers give me a headache and the fancy stuff smells like rotting eggs.

        "How did you know I liked Calming Waters?" She asks me.

        "I didn't. I didn't even look at the label. It was the only perfume in the store that didn't completely reek... I thought it smelled like rain." She looks at me with a little confused expression. "I mean... not like storms but like... when it rains and you just like... want to take a walk in it."

        "Thank you, Michael." Liz gives me that smile again and she kneels on the bed to kiss me. The first one is chaste, just lips. Then she sits down to open the box and spray some on. The light scent fills the room and I get a little dizzy.

        "No problem." I nod and lay back on the bed. She surprises me by snuggling next to me after setting the bottle on the nightstand. It takes me a moment to realize how comfortable we've become since that awkward weekend in Arizona.

        "I don't mean to pile on the pressure..." She starts to say and lifts her head to look at me. "Max and I are getting to that point... how about you?"

        "Don't know." I shrug. "I try not to think about it cause I'm not ready for that." It bothers me a lot more than I like to think. I love Max but... I'm not sure if I can to that to, with or take that from Max just yet. I'd prefer to lose my virginity to a woman, but not just any woman. "When?"

        "I turn 18 tomorrow and Max wants to take me out and who knows what else." Liz's smell is getting to me. It's not just the perfume, it's the smell of her and the perfume and her shampoo and her lotion all rolled into one. I like it.

        I start to realize why Liz brought up the subject when her mouth brushes against my neck. I've seen how far Max and Liz have gotten. I've seen their beautiful skin touching in the moonlight. I've seen Max... how and where he's touched her. Liz's body is not exactly a mystery to me... I've just never experienced it for myself.

        I bend my head and kiss her with extreme caution as I bring my arms around her. I test her and pull her up my body by grabbing her ass. She deepens our kiss and grips my arms with urgency. Our tongues slide in and out of each other's mouths. It's at this moment that I realize I haven't just gotten used to kissing Liz... I enjoy it.

        My sudden urgency in kissing her, causes her to gasp. I'm trying not to push her until she lets me know that I'm not. I slide my hand inside her shirt and up her back. Her body presses into mine. We've achieved the full body kiss and never realized it.

        After fumbling with the back strap of her bra, I find out the clasp is in the front. She lets me roll us so I'm hovering over her body so I can touch her. Kissing her neck, I unhook the clasp and slip my hand between the satin her warm flesh. She lets out little whimpers and cries as I explore the textured flesh in my hand.

        "Michael..." She whispers as I find that stroking her nipple between my fingers, hardens it and makes her back arch. I stop kissing her so I can concentrate on what I'm doing. I suddenly need to see what I'm doing.

        Liz whimpers when I pull away but immediately lifts her arms when I tug on her shirt. Together we toss the shirt aside and she lets me slide her bra down her arms, pressing kisses to each other's necks and faces. When I pull back to look at her she stops me. "We have to be fair."

        She takes off my shirt and I feel a little self-conscious with her perusal of my body. She tips up my chin and looks me in the eye. "You're gorgeous, Michael. I know I'm just inflating your ego by saying so but it's true."

        "I'm not Max."

        "No, you're not... and he's not you. You're Michael and he's Max. Apples and oranges and I'm not allergic to either." Liz has this way of just making sense without forgetting there are feelings involved. She lifts my hand to her chest and lays back. I look her in the eyes and I caress her bare breast. I see her eyes darken and know that I did that. Finally, I look down at what I'm doing. Cupping her full breast in my hand then just touching the dark nipple.

        Slowly, I lower my head and I kiss her chest. A hand on my chest lets me know this is as far as we're going tonight. It's fine, we're finally making progress with our practice sessions. It's my turn.

        I lay back and Liz takes her turn to explore me. Her tiny hands run over my chest and she flicks my nipples. I didn't think that would feel good but... mmm... And then she started kissing on my neck again.

        When our mouths return to each other again, I roll her beneath me. This is finally natural and all that. We're so caught up in exploring this territory we've charted today that the door opening doesn't register.

        I feel his heat first. Max is here and he's already taken off his shirt to join us. Then I feel his bare chest against my back only seconds before his lips touch my shoulder.

        "Hey." he whispers into my ear and I see his hand reach out to touch Liz's face. She turns her face into his palm in an expression that I can only describe as coming home.

        The three of us kiss. It's something we've practiced. It's difficult to master right away but it's worked. We kiss and then I get off the bed to let Max properly greet Liz.

        We're finally up to speed and tomorrow everything's going to change again. They'll have this piece of each other that I won't be a part of and... it's still right because I'm not ready to jump into that... with either of them.

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