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Beloved Unloved 2: White Roses

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 30, 2002

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Metz, Katims and UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: NC-17 (Pure Smut)
Category: U.C.
Summary: Max has just walked in on Michael and Liz having sex on his bed. Sequel to Rain.
Notes: Mirror idea came from American Psycho. I won't turn them psycho on each other though... heehee

        Max just stands there. For a minute I think he's angry that I have just ruined his day but then I see the bulge in his pants. I shouldn't be here but now I know I will stay a while longer than I had planned.

        I pull out of Liz and lie back on the bed. She rolls into my arms to see him like I do. Max repeats the process that I did upon entering the room. He undresses and folds his clothes, much neater and drier than mine.

        "I thought you said you were going to be working." Liz accuses him, resting her head on my chest.

        "Like I was going to get any work done today. I passed on Liv Tyler's ass to be here." He smiles as he climbs onto the bed, handing Liz the roses. They kiss. "Happy 10th."

        "Happy 10th." She whispers back, sniffing the roses before tossing them off the bed.

        "Happy anniversary guys." I mutter.

        "Been a long time, Michael." He tells me.

        "I know." I sigh. I really shouldn't be here. I shouldn't have come in the first place. I've ruined any plans they had. I'm forever screwing things up and they act like that's what they had planned all along.

        "Now, have you completely worn out my wife?" He asks me, even as they kiss again.

        "I just need a while to recharge for round three." She tells him.

        "Round three? My, my, have we been a busy boy, Michael?" He's got that twinkle in his eye, completely amused. Then he lies back. Liz kisses him and I watch as her tongue thrusts into his mouth the way he likes. I can't stop myself. I slide off the bed.

        Then I crawl back on between his legs. I'm not gay. I can't be gay because this is the only cock that I ever even want. His soldier stands straight up before me. I remember how he tastes, how he feels in my mouth. Like he knows what I'm thinking, his cock twitches and reaches for me. I can't hold back any longer.

        I take him in my hands, stroking his long, thick cock. I cup his sacs and just fondle him for the moment. I wonder how Liz can still be so tight when she has this every night. I may be impressive but Max is just... huge doesn't cover it but it will have to do.

        I take him in my mouth, just running my tongue around him. That vein along the bottom throbs against my tongue. I suck him lightly. My hands rubbing those muscular thighs that clench while I suck him.

        My mouth runs up and down his cock, I suck harder. In the back of my mind I hear his moans through his kisses from Liz. I glance up and I see them tasting each other's mouths, fondling each other's chests. They are so beautiful together. I have no clue why they allow me to be a part of this.

        I return my attention to the prize in my mouth. I drag my mouth from the base of his cock to the tip, lapping up the droplets of precum that leak out. He tastes salty, addictive.

        I stop. Max's whimper pleases me. He likes what I have been doing. I hold my hand out and a rose flies into it. I pull off the petals and let them fall over his aching cock. Tossing the stem onto the floor, I use the petals to aid me while I stroke him hard. The bruised petals release their fragrance into the air, mixing with the ozone, 'rain,' and sex.

        Max's hip buck upwards. He's attacking Liz's mouth now. He's almost ready. Quickly I peel the flowers from his cock before taking him back inside my mouth. The sweet taste of the rose and the spicy taste of him... makes me drool. Adjusting my neck, I take him far into my mouth. My head bobs up and down as he slips in and out of my mouth. Fast is the pace as I suck him with vacuum force. I need to taste him.

        It's time, relaxing, I stop moving but he keeps thrusting up into my mouth. Their hands tangle in my hair. I close my eyes and wait while his thrusts become more frantic. Max is on the edge. The very best place for Max to be is on the edge.

        There he goes, all the way into my mouth and into my throat, jizzing down my throat. It's hot and salty, the very best of Max. I swallow everything he gives me. His hips still and his cock goes limp in my mouth. I lick him clean and then look up.

        The expression on his face is priceless. He's relaxed and sated for the moment. His eyes are closed and his mouth is open, his chest is heaving, his body limp.

        Liz is kissing on his chest and lying on his right so I slide up and lie on his other side. Her lips meet mine over him. The both of us are so tired and we know it will be a while until Max will be mobile again.

        Max pulls on me until our mouths meet. His kiss is gentle and transmits how much he's missed me. Now I know that I shouldn't be here. I should probably go now. If I don't leave now in this moment... I will never leave again.

        I get up and I hear him sob. Liz is holding him but it's not a great comfort. They have never asked me to stay and maybe that's why I didn't that last time.

        I just don't know if I can stay. I know that I shouldn't be here. Maria is two towns over upset because I left. She doesn't know where I am or that I have been here before. She and I are like oil and water. We don't mix and it's futile to even try. She wants what Max and Liz have but she doesn't understand.

        It's never been just Max and Liz. It's always been Max, Liz and me. The three of us. She wants what they have. 10 years of marriage following nearly 6 years of dating. She wouldn't understand if we told her where I fit into the equation.

        It's been two years since I was last in their presence and I'm on the brink of leaving again. I hurt them last time I left. I said things that hurt us all.

        "Michael... I love you. Don't go. Please?" Max whispers. My back is to him but I see his reflection and they can't see mine. I stand here in front of my stack of wet clothes, debating if I can go back to Maria. Liz pleads. "Please Michael. We love you. Stay?"

        "I can't do it." I whisper, again forgetting to make sure the filter between my brain and my mouth is in place. I bent over to pick it up and I hear the sobs. They misunderstood.

        I pick up the champagne and I return to them. I surprise them both. "I can't do it. I can't leave."

        Their arms come around me. I share kisses with them both. I know what kept me from picking up my clothes and leaving. They asked me.

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