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Beloved Unloved 12: One Year

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive March 28, 2003

Beloved Unloved Series (NC-17) M/Mi/L
Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Metz, Katims and UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: NC-17 (Pure Smut)
Category: U.C.
Summary: sorry you'll have to read it.
Notes: I just had to get this out of my system. I was watching some American Psycho but don't worry it won't get like that...

        "Michael?" Nancy blinks at me. "What are you doing here?" I can see the cogs in her head working. "Where's Liz?"

        "She's taking a test, I think." I tell her without moving from the doorway.

        "Nice to see you, Michael." Jeff tells me and then looks at my shorts. "There a reason you're in your underwear in my daughter's apartment?"

        "Oh." I pretend to have just noticed my state. "Right. Liz's place is closer than mine and Max's to where I work. She lets me shower here, take a nap when I have two shifts real close together." I finally step back and let them in. "Just hang on a minute."

        I grab the clothes I had been planning to wear from the table and grab the phone. I duck into the bathroom and dial quickly while I jump into my pants. "Liz, your folks are here. When you get this message, they'll have been here for a while. Hurry."

        I leave the same message on Max's phone and then step out into the apartment. Nancy is inspecting for dust and Jeff is hunkered down in front of the TV. "Michael, does she get any channels?"

        "She only cares about PBS." I shrug and help him adjust the rabbit ears. "If I fiddle with this stuff, I get hockey once in a while. Our set sucks."

        "Were you sleeping?" Nancy asks casually.

        "Yeah, I was. Early shift at the diner." I lie and rake a hand through my hair. "I've got a shift at the body shop down the street in about two hours."

        "Have you eaten?" Jeff turns to me. "We were going to take Liz to lunch. We're in town for a convention. Don't think we'll stick around though. How far is the campus from here?"

        "Not far, actually. There's a bus down the street. Every hour on the half hour. She takes that straight to the college and back." I nod and pretend this stuff is common knowledge.

        "Was that Max's jeep in the parking lot?" Nancy crosses her arms.

        "He parks it here during the day, parking on campus is killer. They're obsessed. His last class is after hers. They do the lovebird thing for a while and then he heads home to study. Like I said, this place is closer than ours." Where is this stuff coming from? I am totally pulling it out of my ass. The stuff about the parking being killer and the bus route is true but everything else is really hot air.

        "Isn't Liz a sweetie?" Jeff smiles broadly.

        "Oh yeah." I'm going to be sick. Half an hour later, Liz waltzes into the apartment about to say something monumentally stupid, so I prevent it. "Humanoid, the parental units have been waiting."

        "Shut up." She glares, immediately stepping into role. We don't have this choreographed or anything but we do have a code. Liz is Humanoid. Max is Studmuffin. Hey, Mr. Evans thought that was a riot when Max's ears turned pink. IÖ well I have no one to answer to but assuming Maria pops up and Liz is the one who's home, I am Static Klingon. I can't even remember who made that one upÖ or why but later someone's getting an ass kicking for it.

        Max must have gotten the message because here we go, off for lunch, without him. It's not really comfortable. Mrs. Parker keeps giving me this look that says she hasn't forgotten that kiss last spring. Liz and I are irritating each other for her parents' benefit. Thing is, it's getting to me. Bickering with Liz turns me on and I can't take much more of this. I'm never so glad when my 'shift' rolls around and I take off. So much for my day off. I can't even chill by myself at home. I don't know what Max is doing but I'm doomed to wander the neighborhood in search of something to do.

        I visit the music store, Liz is always trying to get me to expand my musical tastes but the guy behind the counter annoys me and I can only take so much before I gotta leave. I head to the library but I've got too many overdue books to even think about checking anything out. I go to that stupid pizza place near campus to get something to drink and those assholes that Max knows are there and they want to chat. I knew I didn't like those guys. I know that finals are officially over or whatever but it's four in the afternoon and they are all drunk.

        "Mikey!" They yell. "Come on over. I gotta ask you something." One of those guys that was at the apartment before.

        "What?" I ask, refusing their beer and sticking to my coke.

        "You gotta tell me the deal with the hottie you live with." What was his name? Steve?

        "What about her?" I don't like this. I already know that I don't like this.

        "So uhÖ she the free-lovin' type or what?" See. I knew I didn't like this. But I didn't foresee my fist meeting his nose either.

        "What the @#%$ you do that for?" His nose is spurting blood into his beer but I am beyond caring.

        "You know what. You aren't welcome in my apartment anymore. Max invites you over again and you politely decline. You are not to look at Liz, speak to her or even think of her, you got that?" I'm pissed. I hate these @#%$ college preppies.

        "God, you don't gotta punch me because the girl is a slut." You think the guy would learn. Gave him a black eye to match his nose. I love it when the manager pretends he doesn't see anything. Max said the guy was cool but this is awesome. "@#%$!"

        "I don't know where you were raised but I was raised to treat and talk about the ladies a little different. If you call her a slut againÖ I'll blacken the other eye."

        "Fag." He thought he muttered it, didn't he? I hit him again.

        "Two black eyes and a broken nose. You want a busted lip to go with that?" I ask him. I really hate this guy. His buddies are just watching in stunned silence. "I think you're going to keep your mouth shut from now on. You'll realize you deserved this."


        I make my way home after nightfall and just pray that Liz's parents are gone. Max and Liz are lying on the bed, barely clothed. They're doing that thing where just being is good. "Where are the parents?"

        "Hotel." Liz answers and rolls to face me. I feel her eyes on my body and I gotta admit, I like it. I sit on the bed and touch her face. Then I realize my mistake. "Michael? What happened to your knuckles?"

        "Nothing." Then Max joins in. He looks my hand over and then looks up at me. "Ran into a couple of your friends from school." He nods. I knew he knew they were jerks. "No big deal."

        "Did you get into a fight?" Liz glares.

        "Is there something wrong with defending a lady's honor?" Then she gets it. She kisses my bruised knuckles. "And a man'sÖ" I look at Max and he looks away. "What were you thinking?"

        "I was thinking it'd be nice not to hide. Steve is justÖ"

        "So you knew it was Steve." I can't believe Max sometimes. Yeah, it was kinda nice the other night to be with both of them and not worry about hiding it. He just didn't pick the right guys to out us to.

        "He was not so subtle about it at last session." Max shrugs a little. He reaches over and tugs on my jeans. "Too many clothes. Come to bed."

        "It's early. I was gonna watch the game." They groan. "What?"

        "Come on. Lay with us." Liz pleads. "One rule. Underwear only."

        I don't know what they're up to but I do as told. I just want to watch the game until I fall asleep. The way we just lay there reminds me of that motel so long agoÖ but was it really? A year. It's only been a year that the three of us have been together. Liz is between me and Max, her hand curled around my thigh, leaning against me. Her other hand is intertwined with Max's and he's just staring at us. It feels good. Better than I have words for. I guess this is how we spend our anniversary. Just being. No worries about jerks like Steve, rent, tuition or what to do tomorrow to dodge the Parkers. Here's to Year One.

        The End

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