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Beloved Unloved 11: Success

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Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive September 14, 2002

        The second I see Max's broad smile, I'm glad I took the day off. He must have aced his exam and he's ready to celebrate. We kiss and the fire is scorching. We tear our clothes off and somehow make it to bed. His hard body against mine is the closest to heaven that I've ever been. I taste every inch that he allows me. His mouth, tongue, wisdom teeth, the mole on his pec, his nipples, every ridge on his stomach, the delineation of his muscled thighs, the skin under his balls, the veins in his cock, god, how is it humanly possible for someone to taste this good?

        His hands pull at my hair and I want to kiss him but I know if I kiss him, I'll hand over all the control and that's not what I want right this second. Kneeling on the bed, I straighten and look him over. Head to toe. Wild amber eyes to squirming hips. Today is the day. I run my hands up this thighs and slide my fingers from his hipbones to the back of his balls and then, behind.

        "Shit!" He screams and spreads his legs wider, letting me see what I want and will touch. I caress the ring of tissue and watch him squirm. Then he's off across the bed and digging through a nightstand drawer. When he hands me the tube, I realize how long he's been wanting this too. At first, he starts to turn over but I stop him. I've been doing my research and rather than have a repeat of last time, I want to do this right. I'm going to have to see his face, watch him when I take him.

        Quickly, I slick myself up and then work at getting him ready. As soon as my fingers are inside him, working slowly, he's forgotten all about his confusion. Leaning down, I kiss his erection, sucking just a bit before I rise up to position myself to enter him. I push just the tip in and he gasps, loud. "Ah! Whoa!"

        "What?" It's taking all my control not to just ram into him and he's gotta slam on the brakes? His hands clutch at my chest and he arches in front of me. He shifts a little and I slide further in and he stops, breathing hard. Then I realize what he's doing. "Stop that."

        "Stop what?" He asks.

        "Stop taking control. I'm the one with the control here, Max." I pull out and he's reaching for me, pleading with me. I take his cock in my mouth and suck, hard. Before he can cum, I pull off and lift his hips so I can try again. I move slowly and he's going insane. I work myself in an inch at a time because he is just so damn tight. My hands grip his legs tightly as I go deeper, listening to the litany of curses streaming from his lips, watching his face contort and his body writhe, feeling his body around mine.

        Once I'm finally all the way in, I have to stop or risk losing it right then. Max pleads with me to move. He's begging but I have to stay still for just a moment. I've pushed him to the edge and I want to keep him there for awhile. The first thrust makes him bark out a harsh cry. The next succession of thrusts makes him arch and hiss. A few more thrusts and I've lost any control I had.

        I cum in a blind heat that blocks my vision until it's over. I lean over him trembling and I don't realize that I cried until I feel that my throat is hoarse. Max is taking deep breaths and rubbing my stomach. I look down at him and his eyes are closed, his chest heaving, his stomach coated with his own cum. God, if I wasn't so spent, I'd take him again. Gently, I pull out and he makes a little cry.

        I lie next to him and he's got his eyes shut still. I watch him carefully and he hisses when he straightens his legs. I can't stop the stab of pride. I did that.

        "Shit," he mutters. He turns his head to me. "Was it this uncomfortable for you, afterward?" I laugh. "You bet it was. That's not a pencil you got there." He actually has the nerve to blush.

        Just then the door opens and we're blinded by afternoon light.

        "Well, I guess I'm not in a bad mood anymore." Liz's voice reaches us as she shuts the door. "Look at the two of you. All naked, hot and sweaty, did I mention naked?" Then she takes a really good look. "Messy and naked."

        "I was going to clean it up but if you're still on your protein kickŪ" She hits me and then leans over me for the wipes in the nightstand. She cleans him up and then looks at me, looking for something to clean up. "I'm just sweaty, Liz."

        "Huh." She stares at me, then I see her head tilt as she pulls another wipe from the package. I gasp when the cold wipe hits my cock. "Just cleaning everything up." She weasels her way between us and practically begs for attention.

        Max picks up on his cue and curls around her, head against her shoulder. "So, why the bad mood?" "I failed today's final, too." Liz pouts and I have to kiss her pretty lips. She pushes me away. "mm. As tempting as this is, I have another test today."

        "You did fine on your finals." Max hugs her tightly and I try to offer her a little comfort but she doesn't let me. I look at Max and he shrugs slightly. This is a strange development. Max sits up.

        "I actually have one in about an hour. I should shower and go."

        "I see how it is." I tell him. "You come home feeling good, use the stud for some good times and then you're off again."

        "Cut it out, stud. I have one more test and then I'm all yours." Max laughs and kisses me. "I'll be back."

        After he disappears into the bathroom, I turn to Liz. "So, what's wrong?" She stares at her hands. "Liz. You were in a good mood when you walked in. What's the deal?" More silence. "Liz." Silence. "Did I do something wrong?"

        "No." But I heard the 'not yet' in her voice. It feels like a stab in the chest. I have to get out of that bed and put some clothes on. "Michael." I pull on my jeans and a shirt. It's uncomfortable because the sweat hasn't really dried yet. "Michael."

        "Liz, what is it?" I bark at her. I can't help it. I do that when I'm scared. I sit on the edge of the bed and then I feel her arms come around me.

        "Michael." She sighs. "I'm sorry."

        "If this is about the protein crack, I'm sorry."

        "It's not that." That knife twists a little deeper. I know what this is about. She squeezes me hard. "He won't be able to take it if you stop talking to him."

        "I'm going to stop talking to him." I tell her. "I promise."

        "Do you really promise?" I turn to her to look her in the eyes and she just kisses me. "I'm sorry for the attitude. I guess my mood didn't improve as much as I thought it did."

        "Don't start taking your bad days out on me. I don't mix well with displaced anger. Did you really think I was going to take off?" I can't help it. She's made me just a little mad.

        "I'm sorry." She slips around me and into my lap, pressing kiss to my neck in that spot and it's just not fair. I try to stick to my guns but she's playing dirty now. And when her hand slides into my pants, that's just plain cheating.

        "You're leaving in a little while to take a test. I'm going to be really mad when you leave me hanging." And I will be. It's not fair. She apologizes with her feminine wiles and I get stuck with a hard on when she takes off. She'll only laugh and promise to make it up to me but that's not good enough.

        "Ah, look. You made up." Max throws his towel at me. "And I can't walk straight, thank you."

        "No problem." I tell him with a grin.

        "Oh!" Liz exclaims, bouncing on my lap a little harder than she should. "Is that what I had just missed. Congratulations."

        "Thanks?" I shoot Max a look and he just shakes his head. "Go to school. Both of you. You're both teases."

        "But I always follow through." Liz takes that opportunity to shove her tongue into my mouth.

        "Eventually, you do." I tell her when I catch my breath. "Meanwhile, the two of you go off and you're all intellectual and I'm waiting, alone, thinking of you, and what I'm going to do to you when you get back."

        "What's that?" She's excited.

        "Unlike you, I don't tease, so I'm not talking." She's not going to like that.

        "Fine." She climbs off my lap and stomps over to gather her books. "I'll see you later."

        When she slams the door, Max turns to me. "You know she's going to come home hornier than ever, don't you?"

        "Yep." I have to smile. I love pushing her buttons. When Max leaves, I change the sheets on the bed and head off to shower. I figure I'll clean up and take a nap and be supercharged for the Tempest Liz when she gets back. I drift to sleep on the clean sheets and realize why Liz insists on it. It feels good.


        Just in my boxers I go to answer it and wish I had checked the peephole first. My eyes widen for a second but then I recover. "Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker. How's it going?"


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