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Beloved Unloved 10: Cramped

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive June 30, 2002

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Metz, Katims and UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: NC-17
Category: Max/Michael/Liz
Series: Beloved Unloved

        The apartment is really small. It's all we can afford. It's one room, bare walls, uniform sink, non-descript bedding on the queen size bed. Nothing with any personality... because Liz didn't tell her folks that she was moving in with two guys. Because Max didn't tell his folks that he was moving with Liz and me. They wanna keep the apartment looking like there was no time to personalize it.

        I told Maria that we should spend time apart, that it would prove the reality of our situation. She agreed. Hopefully we won't have to say much more. I told her I was coming to Albuquerque with Max and Liz and she shrugged. I'm just praying that's over. The past six months have been hell with her demanding more time of me while I was trying to prove to Max and Liz that I love only them.

        Sleeping with them is a new experience. Max is a bed hog and Liz steals all the covers, leaving me cold and on the edge most nights. I actually slept on the floor for the first two weeks... I wasn't sure where they wanted me. Another thing, I can't come home from work at the auto shop and fall right into bed. I have to shower first or else Liz throws a fit about dirty sweaty sheets... to which I said that there were plenty of ways to make dirty sweaty sheets and she didn't mind most of them.

        Living here isn't really too bad unless one of them is having trouble in class and then it's absolutely silent. I hate that. I hate the silence. Like now.

        Liz is asleep at the desk where she was studying for a final. Max is practically on top of me. We really need a bigger bed. It's not that I mind Max being on top of me but he weighs a ton when he's asleep. I slide out from under him to retrieve her. She and I can sleep on the one foot of bed that Max isn't sprawled across. She doesn't weigh much to begin with but now she's lost like 10 pounds since she started classes. She's rail thin but still beautiful.

        "God... Michael..." She whines, her eyes still closed. "I have to study."

        "You need to sleep." I tell her as I take off her shirt and skirt. "You can conquer Bio 101 tomorrow." She snuggles against me when I lie back... on Max's arm that moved in the time that I wasn't looking. So I have to reach over and pinch his armpit to make him yank it back and roll over. He's... adorable to watch sleeping.

        "Thank you... I love you." Her voice is all breathy and sleepy. I like it. "You take good care of us."

        "You need to eat tomorrow." I tell her and pull the sheets up over her nearly nude body.

        "No time."

        "I think your boobs are shrinking." I warn her. She's got this thing about her boobs. If I mention that, she eats.

        "Fine. I'll eat something..." Her whole body heaves with her sigh. "Tomorrow."

        I rub her back until she goes back to sleep. It's weird when she says things like I take care of her good. I've never seen myself as domestic or anything like that. It's a miracle I get to sleep with the thoughts racing around in my head.


        I've finally managed to budget my time. I work the morning shifts at this grease bucket down the street so that I don't miss the games at night. It also means that I have to be careful about not waking them up when I leave. Sometimes when I get home about noon, one of them is asleep before their next class. They should have just gotten one of those honor dorms with quiet 24/7... but then... I couldn't live with them.

        I'm surprised to find Liz home and awake when I get home. She's just laying on the bed in practically nothing, staring at the wall. Her tank top is practically around her shoulders and her little panties don't cover much. It would have been sexy except for that blank look in her eyes. "I failed."

        "No, you didn't." I tell her. I grab my things for a shower and motion to the refrigerator. "Eat something, will you?"

        "Yeah." She whispers.

        When I get out of the shower, she's eating a hard-boiled egg. Protein. She's been doing that. If she eats anything, it's high in protein. I'll bet you anything that it's some old wives tale about boobs. Sure enough when I sit next to her, she's eating carrots too.

        "You talked to Max?" She asks me, pulling at the edge of my boxers that she liberated from my section of the closet.

        "About what?"

        "Reversing the roles?"

        "How do you mean?"

        "I mean that he wants you to... make love to him." She chomps down on the carrots and just stares at me.

        I think about it. There's no doubt that I want to. The thought of making love to Max the way he makes love to me is exciting. I just don't want a repeat of what happened with Maria.

        "Michael? What does it feel like?" Her eyes bore into my face. "To have him inside you like that?"

        "How does it feel to have him inside you?" We stare at each other for a moment. "Have you asked him?"

        "No." She shakes her head. "I think it's too different, him being inside of me as opposed to having him inside me. You know?"

        "What was it like your first time?"

        "Kinda uncomfortable." She admits slowly. "I was just really full once the... pain went away." She looks down to her food. "Did it hurt for you too?"

        "Yeah, a little... more than I thought it would. But once he was in... we could relax. Like... some threshold had been crossed. Like, we made it this far and the rest is a breeze." I shake my head and steal a carrot stick from her plate. "I have a question that you've never answered."

        "What's that?" She waits expectantly. Like she knows what I'm going to ask.

        "We don't use condoms. You started to tell me the first time you and I got there and then stopped to pursue the activity at hand." She blushes a little and I just stare at her harder. I just gotta know that we won't complicate things by having a kid. "What do you use?"

        "Max and I... forgot to use them when we first started making love. We didn't think." Liz looks away from me. She's embarrassed. "I... I went to my doctor and he confirmed it. I can't have children. Not human or alien."

        "Oh." It hits me kinda hard. Kids would be nice but with three parents... we'd screw the kid up. "Wow. I guess that's a lucky break then, huh."


        I did it again. I had myself a foot sandwich. "I just meant that... I don't know. It sucks for you... for us. It sucks but we can't even figure out who we love more much less get ready for parenthood."

        "Love more?" That tone. I hate that tone. "What's that mean? Are you trying to choose between us?"

        "No." I didn't mean it like that. I love Max and I love Liz. I can't choose. But that's why we're a threesome. I don't want to make a decision, they don't want to make a decision and so we got some pretty tasty cake. "Liz... this is a really weird situation."

        "That's it? We're weird?" She shakes her head at me. "That's your excuse for being glad I can't have children, for not being able to decide if you love Max more than you love me?"

        "No. It's not an excuse." How am I going to get out of this one. "Liz, I... am sorry you can't have kids. In fact, in the long run, it sucks for me too... and for Max and ultimately for you. If this was a matter of confusion about my sexual desires... I wouldn't have to be here. I could easily find another woman ... or man..."

        "So what are you saying?" She has that look in her eyes. She wants me to say it. She's practically begging that I say it.

        "I want to be here." I get up and start moving things around the kitchen. "I said it. You win." There's a bag of marshmallows on the counter. I take them over to the table and dump them out. "Wow. There's 58 left."

        "Oh yeah?"

        I take a seat and pop one into my mouth. She sits across from me and throws one at me. I catch it in my mouth and toss her a smirk. She throws another one and hits me in the eye. "Ow."

        "Poor baby." She is not one bit sorry. So I have to throw one at her. It lands in her shirt... so maybe I aimed it. "AH!"

        "Want me to get it out?" I raise my eyebrows up at her. When she looks up I wiggle them a little.

        "Wouldn't give you the pleasure." She glares at me.

        "Hey guys." Max tilts his head at me. When did he get here? Who are these guys? There are two nervous looking men standing in my living room staring at us. I ignore them and lick a marshmallow... and throw it at Liz's head. It, of course, gets stuck in her hair.

        "Michael! You bastard!" Liz tugs at it but it just gets more stuck in her hair.

        "Liz, it's okay. It's just sugar." Max sighs and shakes his head. He pulls most of it out and gives her a kiss. I can hear the other two guys ask each other why Max didn't kick my ass for asking if Liz wanted me to retrieve the marshmallow from her shirt. I'm still ignoring them. When Max releases her, he looks at her head. "Just go rinse it out."

        "Max." I nod to him.

        "Hey." He tells me and before I know it, he's kissing my brains out. This is the first time that anyone but Liz has seen us kiss. It's... freeing, actually. He's ready. I know he is and that just turns me on.

        When our lips part I have to let him know. "You're getting lucky tonight."

        "Oh I am?" Max laughs and lets me get up just as Liz is coming back, she's switched from my boxers to Max's sweats. "Liz, Michael, this is Steve and Jeremy. They're from my Intro Bio class."

        I just stare at them. Liz has to be amiable though. "Hey. How's it going?"

        "Good." Yeah, those guys are nervous.

        "These losers live on campus." Max points at them. Gee the air is really tense about now.

        "I never did find out how you managed to escape the mandatory Freshman in the dorms law." Jeremy guy says.

        "It's what happens when you forget to apply for housing." Liz bites her lip and elbows me to keep me quiet. "Michael got this great apartment and lets us stay here."

        "Yeah... sure... long as I get my sex, I don't care." She of course elbows me again and Max smacks me upside the head. "Meant my payment." I think I bit my tongue. Those guys keep staring at us. "What's the deal? Do I gotta make more food or what?"

        "Um... well... I was just going to order us a pizza." Max starts up. "But if



        "No. Order the pizza." I tell him. I'm not going to feed his friends without major incentive. "Don't forget to order Liz's with just pineapple."

        "What about you?" Max picks up the phone and motions for the guys to take a seat and open their books. I clear off what I can from the table. "Michael?"

        "Jalapenos are all I care about." And it's true. "You guys going to be here all night?"

        "Most of it. We are so going to fail if we don't get to studying." Steve cleared his throat.

        "I'll be just a second guys." Max hit the speed dial and shot me a look. Don't know what that's all about. So I go over. "Do you think you could help? These guys are really bad off and I know you know this stuff."

        "If they ask. I'll help." I'm not going to just jump in and tutor these guys. Not my fault they're slackers and can't read a damn book until the night before the final. But I help regardless. These guys really are clueless but they still think they're better than me. Just because I'm not in college doesn't mean that I can't learn. I hate college guys.

        This place is getting very claustrophobic.

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