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Hidden Desire, Part 1

Reply to Diana

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 5, 2002

Title: ~Hidden Desire~ (1/?)
Author: Diana~
Category: Maria/Isabel
Rating: NC-17
Distribution: Please just ask me.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything belonging to or affiliated with Roswell, Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, or UPN.
Summary: Maria and Isabel become 'very' close.

        "Isabel the bell is going to ring any minute," Maria DeLuca murmured as Isabel continued to roughly suck on her neck. She said this in hopes of trying to get her to stop even though she wanted the exact opposite.

        "That's nice," Isabel replied, continuing what she had been doing for the past ten minutes. She was in no mood or position to stop or pull away so she opted for the later version of doing neither.

        They had been in the eraser room ever since lunch had begun, which was almost 2 hours ago. The final bell was about to ring, but they just couldn't bear to pull themselves away from what they were doing.

        Their tongue's battled for dominance as their hands roamed the other's body occasionally stopping to do a more thorough examination. When they really began to get at it again the bell rang, but they were quite oblivious to that fact.

        Maria reached out to grab one of Isabel's exposed breasts and gained a hiss of pleasure from her. She slowly began to twist and pull at the taunt, pink, hardened peek. Then she slowly brought her lips to Isabel's right nipple and slowly began to lick it and then shoved the whole thing in her mouth while she continued to twist and pull at the other nipple. After a few moments she slowly lifted her mouth to the other one and began to suck on it while she twisted and pulled at her slightly wet stiff right nipple.

        When she was sure that she had done a good job of pleasuring Isabel she pulled away and looked at Isabel with desire filled eyes. Giving Maria a similar look Isabel flipped her over so she was on the bottom and began to swirl her tongue around Maria's hardened peaks until she got to the tip of one and plunged in.

        Hearing Maria's moan of pleasure Isabel began to suckle at her breasts as hard as she could stopping to pull Maria's left nipple in between her teeth and bit down hard. Both of them found it very hard to wait any longer and their desire was getting very hard to contain. Isabel began to rub her crotch on top of Maria's making then both even wetter than they already were.

        "Oh god baby I want you so bad," Isabel said moaning loudly, both forgetting that they were still in school. "I want you too Isabel, but we should really stop this now," Maria said coming to her senses. "We don't wanna be caught fucking on school grounds, especially in school no less," Maria said pushing Isabel away and standing up to get dressed.

        When she turned toward Isabel they were both fully dressed and ready to go. Maria picked up her bag and gave Isabel a chaste kiss on the lips and moved away from her, straightening out her clothes as best as she could.

        "I'm so glad that the weekend's finally here," Maria said looking back up at Isabel. "The week seemed to go by so slowly. I guess it was because I just couldn't wait to be alone with you for the whole weekend," Maria said dragging out the word 'whole' when she said it. She was unsuccessful at containing the huge grin on her face as she looked lovingly at Isabel.

        "Yeah I'm glad that the weekend's finally here too," Isabel said reaching out her arms and grabbing Maria by the waist, as she pulled her towards her body. "So we're still on for this weekend at your place right," Isabel asked tightening her hold around Maria's waist and nuzzling her face into the shorter blonde's vanilla scented hair.

        "Yup. We have the place all to ourselves for the whole weekend," Maria said raising her eyebrows suggestively. "Mom's off at some convention in Albuquerque again."

        "That's exactly what I wanted to hear," Isabel said moving in for another kiss. Before their lips meet Maria used the last bit of her self control to quickly pull away from Isabel's warm inviting touch and reached for the doorknob.

        "Come on we should really get going now. We can continue this once we get to my place. So if we leave right now we can get to my house in oh say about 10 minutes. I think that we both have enough self control left not to jump each other until then," Maria said with a smug look on her face.

        "Maybe you can control yourself for that long, but I on the other hand don't know if I can. I mean you look awfully sexy today," Isabel said smiling back at her. "But if you insist I guess that I can try to wait, but we better hurry. I'm not a very patient person as you have learned from past experiences."

        "Well what are we waiting for then," Maria said turning the doorknob and pushing the door open into the dimly lit corridor of the West Roswell High hallways. She was just as eager as Isabel was to get home and have some more fun.

        As they exited the eraser room they were so caught up in their own thoughts that they didn't notice the person who was watching them from the opposite end of the hallway in complete awe and understanding.


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