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A Journey to the Center of the World, Part 3: Flight Information

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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive January 4, 2003

TITLE: Flight Information (Part 2 of Journey to the Center of the World)›
AUTHOR: Dane ›
FANDOM: Roswell/ Smallville›
ARCHIVE: Roswell Slash, Smallville Slash›
PAIRING: Max/ Kyle, Clark/ Lex›
SUMMARY: Old Habits and New Situations.›
NOTES: I've been a fan of Roswell like forever but only gotten around to writing a story for it when I started watching Smallville. It seems fitting somehow that this story combines both my favorite shows. Hope you guys like this.
DISCLAIMER: Roswell belongs to Mertz and Katims. Smallville belongs to Tollin/Robbins and Millar/Gough Inc. ›
FEEDBACK: As welcome as hot chocolate on a cold winter's day.

        It was 2 A.M. and Max was just a few more blocks to Lowell County Hospital. ›

        Guilt had been nagging at his brain since the accident. After arriving at the farm, Max called Jim Valenti to tell him that he found his son. He was told in return that he was going to take the next flight out of Roswell bound for Metropolis, then to Smallville. One tense time at dinner and one major explanation, Max bounded up the stairs for sleep, which to his relief did not come because he was still agitated by all of his nightmares. So, not wanting to wake anyone, Max snuck out of the house after he felt it was safe.›

        As he walked on to the County Hospital, Max could not help but feel somewhat overwhelmed by the town. At the late hour, his instincts told him that things were okay but that could change the next minute so he kept his guard up. Like his hometown, Smallville wasn't what it seems. Moments like these, he was mentally cursing Michael for all of those 'Children of the Corn' movies that they watched when they were younger. Why the hell does a field of corn look so damn spooky at night? His apprehension didn't waiver as he got to the town proper. It may have ordinary stores and houses, but there was still that eerie factor that you get from reading Stephen King and Thomas Harris novels. So, after about an hour and a half of walking, he finally got the right directions after asking a few odd characters who looked weird, even by Roswell standards. Max thanked whatever God out there the hospital was brighter than the town after midnight.›

        It was easy finding Kyle's room since the skeletal midnight shift always had the most of the nursing staff distracted by one thing or another, so Max managed to check the patient list and found Kyle's room. Max's heart broke a little when he saw his friend and sometime rival laid out on the hospital bed. He looked like he was a victim of a beating with bruises all over and bandages covering the exposed wounds. There was a cast on his left arm since that was where Kyle landed on the concrete. From what Clark managed to gleam from his phone conversation with Lex earlier, the doctor's diagnosis was that he fell into a shallow coma due to the trauma he suffered. The original swelling on his head had already shrunk and they expected him to wake up soon. Despite the optimistic analysis, Max felt he should do more. ›

        Entering the room, he heard the beeping of the monitors beside the slightly elevated bed. Max approached carefully and studied Kyle's battered form. He frowned, knowing that Kyle would probably get him if he ever admits that he saw him at his most vulnerable. With the last fleeting emotion of hesitation, Max placed his hands on Kyle's chest and allowed his healing powers to work on him again. From his down-turned palms, silver light emanated and poured their power to restore.›


        Lex would have left the hospital earlier if only he didn't nod off after talking with Clark. The doctors said that Kyle would recover after his system had time to convalesce. Hearing that piece of news would have been enough reason for him to leave, if only he didn't feel so tired. The past few days had finally caught up to him and he settled into an uncomfortable chair in Kyle's room to nap. When he woke, he muttered a light curse seeing that the time was after two in the morning. He had been asleep for the past four hours. Not wanting to spend another minute there, Lex went to the adjoining bathroom of the room to wash up. ›

        Contemplating on it, he wasn't even sure why in the world was he doing this for Clark. Lex washed his hands and splashed his face with the cool water, hoping their temporary effect to keep him awake will stay until he got home to the Manor. After he threw away the tissue, he walked out of the bathroom and saw Max standing over Kyle's prone body. Not entirely sure of what was happening; Lex stilled his body and waited for Max's next move.›

        What Max did next made Lex's eyes go wide. The younger man placed his hands on Kyle's chest and an eerie silver glow radiated from them. The expression on his face went from serene to struggling in a few seconds. Sweat started to pour down his brow as Max continued with his undertaking. After what seemed to be hours, in actuality a few minutes, Max let go and clung to the wall behind him, breathing heavily like he just did fifty laps around a football field. When he fell to the floor, Lex went to the tired teen and helped him to a better position. Whatever Max did made him alert and awake.›

        "You okay?" he asked, clearly seeing Max's frightened _expression. Obviously, the young man did want anyone to see what he was doing. Lex decided to file questions about it later. "Look, I won't badger any questions about it now. You look like your about to collapse. What do you say I drive you back to your Uncle's farm and we'll talk later? I'm sure whatever you did helped Kyle but I still want to know whatever you did. Besides, Clark would kill me if I didn't take care of his cousin."›

        A minute passed and Max nodded reluctantly, wanting to stay beside his friend. ›

        With one last look over Kyle's injuries, Lex already noted that most of his bruises were healing before his eyes. Satisfied that Kyle was going to be all right, he supported an exhausted Max Evans and brought him to his car. Without wasting any more time, Lex stepped on the gas and left the hospital parking space.›

        During the fifteen-minute drive to the farm, Max never said a word. Lex gave sidelong glances at him and carefully refrained from asking anything. The drive gave him ample opportunity to examine his young passenger. The boy had so much of Clark in him, down to the slight melancholic and unobtrusive presence that could get under your skin and you'll end up liking it, if you let it. If he weren't satisfied with his relationship with Clark, he would probably make a call on his cousin. ›

        Lex sighed and saw that Max drifted off to sleep. Five minutes later, he drove up the Kent Farm driveway and saw Clark sit up from one of the porch chairs. From the rumpled looks and the threadbare shirt, Lex could tell that he hasn't been waiting long.›

        "Hey Lex, what brings you here this late?" Clark asked as he approached and landed a small kiss on his boyfriend's lips. "I hope it's not for some snuggle time because we seem to have another crisis in our hands."›

        Lex smiled and hugged Clark. "No, I fell asleep in the hospital after I called you earlier. As I was about to leave, I found this. I believe he belongs to you." He pointed to the passenger side of his Porsche. Clark twisted around and relieved a sigh of relief.›

        "Well, at least you found him. Mom went to check up on him 30 minutes ago and found his bed empty. Since there wasn't anything we could do, we decided to wait until a decent hour to look for him." Clark took another peep at his cousin. "I guess he didn't want to wait until morning to visit his friend. From what Mom's been telling me, he's been having a hard time sleeping." Opening the door of the Porsche, Clark then gently lifted Max out of the car so he wouldn't disturb his sleep. "I'll take him in. I don't think he'll be pulling any more acts tonight."›

        Somewhere in the front Lex's mind, he seriously doubted that. Leaning in, he gave one last kiss to his boyfriend and made sure he was inside his house before revving up his car to go. He somehow got the feeling that this was only the beginning of something big. Let us just hope it isn't another tornado.›


        "Has Max come down yet? Kyle just called and said the hospital was going to release him. They said that most of his injuries have mysteriously healed overnight and they saw no reason to keep him there. He's coming over with his Dad since he arrived at six in the morning."›

        Martha gave his son a troubled face and then looked towards the stairway. "No, he hasn't woken up yet. I'm really worried. I tried waking him up for lunch but nothing seems to work."›

        Clark's _expression mirrored his mother's. He checked the wall clock and noted the time. "It's close to 4 P.M. now. He's been sleeping more than 12 hours now." Wordlessly, he went up the stairs two steps at a time and quietly entered the guest room. Even from the doorway, he could tell that Max wasn't well. His face was pale and his shirt was well soaked with his sweat. When Clark touched his forehead, he recoiled at the heat of his skin. He rushed back to the door and yelled for Martha. "Mom, you better get up here. I think Max is really sick."›

        Martha came in the room toting her handy bag of medical essentials. She ordered Clark to open the curtains to allow the light in and she got to work examining her nephew. Her grimace became more pronounce as she ticked off Max's symptoms. As she looked at the thermometer's reading, Clark heard two vehicles approach the house. Seeing that his mom had everything under control so far, Clark raced down to see who arrived. Once out on the porch, Clark saw Lex's Aston Martin and a rental truck with Kyle in the passenger side. The older man driving the truck must be Mr. Valenti, thought Clark.›

        "Clark, what's wrong?" asked Lex, seeing the distraught appearance. He slammed the door and rushed to Clark's side. Kyle and Mr. Valenti, noting that same thing that Lex saw, joined them.›

        "Max is really sick. He's been sleeping the whole day and hasn't woken up yet." The two didn't really notice the anxious emotions that the Valenti's were feeling. "When I went up to check on him just now, he was burning up and his breathing was shallow. If it's worse than we think, then I think we'll have to take him to the doctor, or something."›

        At that, both Jim and Kyle spoke up, or rather shouted up. "NO!"›

        Lex and Clark faced the two in surprise. Collecting themselves, Kyle looked at his dad; he nodded, and tried to talk. "Max is a special case. Regular doctors can't diagnose him but a specialist in Roswell can. Also, Max has a hard time with doctors since he rarely gets sick."›

        From that, Mr. Valenti took his cue. "Since I'm familiar with the doctor, I'll give him a call. Would you please lead me to a phone?" Not so sure about the whole situation, Clark led Jim inside. ›

        Already curious since the display he saw last night, Lex eyed Kyle carefully, who tried not to squirm under his gaze. "So, you seem a little to eager to help Max now. Why the complete 180 from yesterday?"›

        Kyle relaxed a bit. "Well, when I left Roswell to travel around, my friends and I left a lot of things unsaid. I also left a note saying not to go after me. I knew they were eventually going to find me, but I wanted them to leave me alone until I figure some things out. When I saw Max at that coffee place yesterday, I snapped because I thought he came here to find me. I know better now because Clark told me that Max's just visiting relatives. Being here is making me think about all of the things that happened in the past 3 years. One of my best friends died, at the hands of another one who I considered a sister, no less. My girlfriend was stolen from me by Max, and now they have this soulmate-destiny thing going on. My other best friend got married so she hardly has anytime for me. The rest I can't talk to because they live in their own little world. So, in the end I'm alone to figure things out." Kyle sighed heavily and sat on the stoop. "I'm not mad at Max. Me and Liz were going to break-up eventually but he just accelerated the process. I just wasn't ready to let go. He saved me once, but I felt like such an ass for not thanking him properly. I don't know. I'm fucked-up!" Kyle placed his hands on top of his head and brought his arms closer to his knees.›

        Lex place a reassuring hand on Kyle's knee and shook it. "You've been jilted, betrayed, ignored, and left behind. I know how it feels. Story of my life, in fact." Smiling wanly, he continued. "I won't say that things will get better because I would be lying. All you can hope for, in my opinion, is that you will have a better set of options in the morning after an evening full of drinking and an awful hangover." That brought a grin to Kyle face.›

        A few minutes later, Clark joined them and reported that Jim managed to convince Martha not to call a doctor. Max's fever was at 101.7 degrees and was fluctuating. He was still out like a light, so both adults decided to leave it alone for the time being against Martha's better judgment. Kyle excused himself so he could talk to his dad inside and left the two along. Clark then sat down with Lex sitting between his long legs.›

        "So, has my alien boyfriend come up with any theories to what's going on?" asked Lex, reveling in Clark's embrace. Clark chuckled and placed his chin on top of Lex's smooth scalp.›

        Clark was surprised that Lex didn't freak when he finally admitted to him about his origins. He severely underestimated the man's genius as he was told that he already knew. Lex knew he was different from the other mutants that plagued Smallville from time to time, when he placed all the clues together after seeing a glimpse of the ship that brought Clark to Earth from a piece of burnt photo that came from Nixon's car. Needless to say, Lex had to spend a huge amount of time to comfort Clark about the guilt of lying and telling the truth after scaring Clark off with his deduction abilities. ›

        "I think something is up," Clark admitted his suspicions. "Despite my limited knowledge of getting sick, I really don't think that Max's illness is typical. And the way Kyle and his dad are covering up Max's problem, I could swear that they know something. Add the fact that they all live in Roswell, New Mexico, it does start to feel like there is a bigger picture that we haven't seen yet."›

        Lex looked at Clark from over his shoulder. "Don't tell me you're channeling Fox Mulder in that pretty little head of yours." Checking first the locations of the Valentis, Lex quickly dragged Clark to the loft to talk to him in semi-private. He then suspiciously looked about to make sure that no one was around and looked at Clark with a serious face. "I saw something while I was at the hospital. Max did something to Kyle. He healed him." At this, Clark raised an eyebrow and waited for Lex to continue. Lex's account had been very vivid to Clark's mind, making the incident seem longer than it was actually was. "Before my eyes, all the apparent damage was being repaired. His discolorations turned back to normal. The scrapes smoothed over and the scars disappeared as if they weren't there in the first place. I think whatever powers that cousin of yours has just accelerated the healing processes in Kyle's body. The silver light from his hands must have triggered it. I think...." Clark placed a hand over Lex's mouth to stop him from babbling.›

        "Stop! I get the picture," Clark said, responding to his lover's overzealous ranting. "I think we should allow Max and Kyle and Jim to figure this one out. The way I see it, if Jim and Kyle are doing this to protect Max then I say we let them."›

        Not letting Lex get another word in edgewise, Clark sat him down on his ratty old couch and managed to silence him further by kissing him speechless. Not that Lex didn't enjoy the distraction.›


        "Son, do you think this is a viable option here?" asked Jim Valenti, who was helping Kyle get comfortable on the Kent's living room sofa. ›

        Kyle sighed in exasperation. Both of them discussed that the only way to help Max was to call up Isabel and Michael. Since both aliens were not reachable at the moment, Kyle thought of going to sleep and then 'dream-walk' to look for Isabel. He done it before and Kyle was positive that he could do it again.›

        "Dad, it's the only way. The Evanses don't have a number yet for Isabel's new place in Texas and Michael is missing in action. I dream-walked before so it's a big possibility for me to find Isabel, and maybe Michael, if I do this and tell them to get here."›

        After a few more minutes of getting comfortable, Kyle prepared and relaxed himself to a special zone where he knew that Isabel was going to be. Letting the last of his consciousness slip away, Kyle entered the dream world.›


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