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Come to My Window

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 2, 2000

Title: Come To My Window
Author: Courtnay
Disclaimer: I don't own. it all belongs to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and all the other wonderful people over at The WB, 20th Century Fox, and Regency Television.
Category: Liz and Tess (Catfighter)
Rating: PG-13? maybe R.
NOTES: Sequel to my untitled Liz and Tess fic. Liz's POV.
SUMMARY: What happens during the rest of the day after the end of Untitled.
Distribution: If you want it, ask.
FEEDBACK: Yes, please, but be nice.
DEDICATION: to Ivy, Ash Jay, Whiteotter, Sara, and everyone else who encouraged me Thanks guys.

Tess and I didn't see each other for the rest of the school day after our little...makeout session, I guess you could call it, in the washroom. Not that we were avoiding each other or anything, our paths just didn't cross is all. Which was probably a good thing when you stop and think about it.

That however is part of the problem. --- I cant stop thinking about what happened. I don't regret it, not really even a little. The feel of her soft full lips pressed against mine. Our hands roaming over the other's body like they had every right to do so, be there --- to touch whatever they want. I never want to forget that feeling.

The one thing I have to wonder, though, is does this --- whatever this is --- mean as much to her as it does to me? I can't even bring myself to imagine that she just did it because she was like, I don't know, horny or one else wanted to show her any sort of affection, so why not? Oh, God, what if that's why she did it? At least I still have Max...for now...

Stop it. Just stop it, Liz. All that negativity wont get me anywhere. I really need to get my mind off of this, concentrate on getting through my shift.

I walked into the back room of the Crashdown and saw that Maria was already there locking up her stuff. "Hey Ria." I greeted her. Ria? Where'd that come from? I hadn't called her Ria since Middle School.

"Hey Chica." She replied as she turned around to face me. "You okay? You seemed kinda out of it at school?"

Great, she noticed. Of course she did. She knows you better than anyone in the entire world. Now what? "Yeah, I'm fine."

She just looked at me. That look she has, the 'You may as well just 'fess up, cause I'm gonna find out anyway.' one. Its not like I don't trust her. I do. I just cant tell her what's bothering me if I'm not totally sure myself what it is. "Um...okay, I'm still a little upset about what happened with Max and Tess." I told her. It was almost the truth. I was more confused than upset and it did have a lot to do with Tess...

"Just forget about her, you know. She's not important." she told me. If she only knew. "Max loves you. I know that. You know that. The whole town knows that."

As she finished my dad stuck his head in, interrupting us. "Are you ladies planning on actually working today?" He asked us.

"Yeah, sorry Mr. Parker." Maria said.

"Sorry Dad. I didn't notice the time." and with that we started our shift.


The shift was pretty average. Families coming in for dinner, tourists, et cetera. Max and Isabel stopped in, but I was in the middle of the dinner rush, and Maria was on her break, so I didn't stop to talk with them. Not that I entirely wanted to.

I was up in my room now, and had just started to undress to have I shower...I smelled faintly like the deep fryer and I didn't really want to sleep like that. I had just removed my shirt and had started to undo my bra when I heard someone on the ladder. Gotta be Max. It's always Max.

I pulled my shirt back on quickly and went out on the roof. I walked over to the ledge and almost gasped when I saw Tess's wavy golden head. "Tess?" I asked quietly almost as if I spoke at normal volume she'd vanish. "What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to see you." she told me as she climbed up on to the roof. I reached out my hand to help her. Neither of us released our hold once she was up. We walked over to the lounge chair and sat down next to each other, almost sowe facing.

"So..." I said.

"So..." she echoed, half shrugging, half nodding.

"About today...was it like some one time thing or something more...what's the right word...MEANINGFUL?" I asked her, almost fearing the answer.

"Liz." she said softly as she raised her free hand to cup my face. "We spent over an hour locked in that stall. I'm here now. What do you think?"

"Well, I was hoping for the more meaningful, but I ---" She cut me off by leaning in to kiss me. It was soft, gentle, loving. So different from Max's, but in a good way...almost better somehow, yet in a way almost incomparable.

"Wow." I whispered when we finally broke apart. Then I noticed where our hands were...where we were in general. Somehow I had moved so that I was basically straddling Tess's legs, one hand resting just below her shoulder, the other cupping her breast. Tess had one of her hands on my breast, the other on my butt, pulling me closer to her.

For a few minutes we just looked into each other's eyes. She had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. "So what happens now?" She asked, breaking the trance we both seemed to be in.

"What do you want to have happen?" I asked. "I mean, you're the one who insists you're supposed to be with Max, and now you're here with me. So I assume that means you must have similar feelings to mine. I hate to even bring this up---"

"Then don't." she said softly cutting me off.

"I have to be sure." she nodded, so I continued. "What's to stop you from just, like, leaving me to be with Max if he suddenly decides he wants?"

"I guess that sorta answers my unasked question about you and Max." she paused. "I've never felt about anyone the way I do you. I was raised to believe that was only supposed to be with him, no one else. I move here thinking we will finally be together, but then I met you and something clicked. I know you felt that too."

"Yeah." I whispered.

"You care about me, unlike everyone else in this place, especially Max. I know that they wouldn't care if I disappeared tomorrow. You would, despite of what I am. No, Liz. I'm not going to just leave you for Max."

"Ditto." I smiled and she laughed. She looks so beautiful when she laughs. Something tells me, though, that she never got much of a chance to do that growing up.

We just sat there together, looking up at the stars and enjoying the quiet for a while. Then I started feeling the effects of the night air. "Its getting a little cool out here. Do you want to come inside for a while?"

"I'd like that." she said as we leaned in for another kiss. It was shorter than the last, but just as enjoyable.

I took her hand as we stood and lead her to my window. "You know, when I heard you onthe ladder, I was sure you were Max." I told her as we stepped into my room.


"Yeah, whenever he wants to talk to me about something, he comes up here. Probably easier than dealing with the disapproving looks from my mom." she looked surprised by that comment. "I don't think she trusts him much."

She kinda smirked, and seemed amused by that. "Someone doesn't trust St. Max." she said smiling.

"Amazing, huh?" I asked as I sat down on the bed and patted the spot beside me, inviting her to sit down.

"Yep." she said, still smiling as she sat down and took hold of my hand again. I think that simple act of hand holding is very comforting for both of us.

The sudden urge to hold her, to kiss her overwhelmed me. "Enough about him for now, 'kay?" I said as I kissed her again. She kissed back and it quickly increased in intensity.


I'm not sure how long we kissed this time, but it felt longer than that morning. Tess pulled away first.

"Lizzie..." she said tentatively. I couldn't believe how magical the sound of my own name sounded me when she said it.

"Yeah, Tess? I asked.

"It's getting pretty late. I should probably get going now."

"Do you have to? I mean you could stay here if you want." I paused. "To sleep. I would feel better if you did anyway."

"You would?" she questioned.

"So I wouldn't have to worry about you walking home all by yourself." I told her. "I've got some extra pajamas you can borrow if you want."

"Sure. Thanks." "No prob." I said walking over to my dresser and pulling open the drawer with my pjs in it. "You can pick out anything you want. I'm just going to go wash up, then you can."

"Liz?" she called to me as I finished putting on my boxers and picked up my tank top.

"Yeah, hon?" I called back. It felt so good to say that for some reason.

"The sleeping arrangements..." she trailed off.

"Its a big bed Tess." I replied as I came out of the bathroom. She was wearing one of my shorter nightgowns --- an old-fashioned slip I used as a nightgown really...and it looked beautiful on her.

"RIGHT." she said smiling.

"You can use my toothbrush if you want." We'd just basically spent hours with our tongues in the other's mouth. I didn't think it would make much difference now.

"Okay. Thanks."

I switched off the rooftop lights and had turned on my bedside lamp by the time she came back out of the bathroom. She looked almost embarrassed. "Tess, its fine, really. Maria and I have shared smaller beds than this before."

"It's just...I've never shared a bed with anyone before, ever."

"Oh..." I said dumbly. "Okay. I'll stick to my side, and you yours unless you say otherwise."

"Okay." she agreed.

I reached across the bed so I could pull back the covers the whole way across the width of the bed at once. I could feel her eyes on me the entire time. I smiled and commented, "That looks really great on you."

It was an innocent comment, but she proceeded to get even more embarrassed.

I walked over to her and picked up both her hands in mine. "Tess." I said softly, "You really have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?" she just looked at me blankly, so I walked her over to my mirror. "Now look at yourself."I instructed.

"I look the same as I always do. I'm too short, my eyes don't fit my head right ---" I silenced her by putting a finger softly against her lips.

"And you are one of the most phenomenally beautiful people I have ever laid eyes on." I finished for her. She didn't even try to argue, she just leaned in and kissed me softly. "Thank you, Lizzie." she whispered.

"I didn't do anything." I told her as our lips met again.

We continued kissing for a while, each passing moment, each kiss, getting more intense. We moved towards the bed and collapsed on it together. I pulled away first. "I think we'd better cool it, before we go too far." I told her regretfully. I know she was enjoying being so close to me as I was her, but things were moving a bit fast.

"Yeah, you're right." she agreed softly, trying to catch her breath.

I glanced over at the clock and was shocked. "We should get some sleep anyway." I said,"Its four o'clock in the morning, and there's school"

"Oh..." she sounded surprised. "I didn't think it was THAT late." she gave me a quick kiss and settled under the covers.

I reached over and turned out the light, and climbed under the covers myself. "'Night Tess." I said.

"'Night Lizzie." she replied.

I closed my eyes and had started to drift off to sleep. Then I heard Tess's voice.


"Yeah, Tess?"

"Come here." she said softly. I slid over and she put her arms around me. I settled my head by the crook of her neck and we fell asleep in each other's arms feeling completely safe and loved.

The End.

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