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Ante, Part Nine

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Posted to the RoswellBDSM mailing list April 4, 2001

Title: Ante 9/?
Author: CJ
Disclaimer: If you turn on Roswell one day and Lonnie is taking Maria with a strap-on, then I own Roswell. Otherwise, I don't.
Feedback: Thanks to those who've feedbacked. Thanks to RSA for hosting it. Thanks to whoever nominated Ante for a Deep End award.
Authors Notes: Thanks for hanging in there. We're getting near the end.

        Maria awoke in the dark room, to see the gleam of eyes staring at her. She shrieked, only to have a hand come over her mouth and stop the sound.

        "Shhh, it's me, tiny girl." Lonnie's low voice calmed her instantly.

        "Lonnie? Where have you been? I was waiting and waiting..." Maria groaned inwardly as she realized how childish and needy she sounded, but damn it, she had been waiting. Her mother would be home tomorrow, severely limiting their time.

        "I had to see some people, make the rounds. Check on the usual suspects. Your little pseudo-Rath was confessing his sins to his fearless leader. Isabel's sleeping the sleep of the wicked."

        Michael had already confessed her sins to Max, Maria knew. Max came up to her today and stood in silence, waiting for her to fill it up. She'd remained silent and studiously avoided everyone but Liz and Alex all day.

        "You watch us...I mean, them?" Maria was surprised. She knew she probably shouldn't have been, but if pressed she'd have to admit she imagined Lonnie's days to consist of 'business' dealings and casual violence to kill the hours before she got to be with Maria again. Maria flushed. Why would she believe that she, Maria, was so intoxicating that Lonnie spent her days obsessed with thoughts of her? Lonnie probably barely remembered her when she wasn't around.

        Lonnie swore inwardly as the shame filled Maria's eyes. Damn, she could never figure out what was going to set it off. Shame was an excellent tool, but in Maria's case there never seemed to be a cause and effect. Lonnie wanted to have a long talk with Amy DeLuca. With pliers.

        Lonnie forced herself to answer Maria's question. "Yeah, I keep track of the lesser four. I just wanna be pre-warned of any particular intergalactic incidents they cause."

        "Do you watch Alex and Liz too?" Maria asked. Maybe Lonnie's spying on the Evans was just an excuse to see Isabel.

        "The humans? Nah. They're fucking harmless." Maria flinched, and Lonnie paused, puzzled. "Look, I watch the four because they tend to do things that disturb my world order. The rest of the time I spend watching you," Lonnie leaned close, "and thinking about you...and other things involving you too filthy to mention in front of the children. Tonight I didn't even check on Tess because she's such a pathetic little human wannabe...and I wanted to see my own little sexy human ASAP. Now, are you done with the interrogation?" Lonnie slowly slid the blankets off of Maria, impatient and ready.

        Yeah...Maria wore a half shirt with little green alien heads on it and light pink cotton high-thighed underwear. A thin silver ankle bracelet. Sweetly delectable, and all the more so for being so unexpected for a girl that had been worked over so thoroughly less than 24 hours ago. Pulling Maria over her lap, Lonnie reveled in the feel of Maria's skin, and of the blood skimming underneath it. She slipped her sexy bitch's underwear down. A brief spanking, she thought, just enough to allow Maria to enjoy the subsequent pleasure. Lonnie pulled her hand back and began.

        And stopped before the first slap landed. Maria's ass was already bruised, with the cuts Lonnie's belt had given the night before standing as red, raised warning signs: Here be dragons. A few light slaps would be enough to re-anger the neurons, and send Maria where she needed to be. Lonnie knew that a lifetime of submission could be created by one solid beating and then thorough follow-up. Khivar had had patterns whipped, so the most recent new cuts and the fading oldest ones and all the ones in between were a symbol of continued enslavement as well as decoration. Using what had gone before was a time honored tradition.

        It was also a chickenshit way to top.

        Lonnie reached out and started to heal Maria's wounds so she could begin again. Again, she stopped. While Lonnie prided herself on her lack of introspection when it came to lust, healing only to rewound seemed too perfect a metaphor for other's treatment of Maria for her to ignore. Shit.

        Alright, improvise.

        Lonnie rolled Maria roughly over her bed, grinning as Maria took the opportunity to grind her bruised rear into the bed. Lonnie climbed in after her, leaning against the headboard.

        "Sweet little whore, why don't you show me something I haven't seen before?"


        Maria paused, considering. Then a wicked smile flickered over her lips, as she crawled out of bed and leaned against the wall, staring wide-eyed at Lonnie.

        "Lonnie...," the voice was soft, breathless. "I don't understand what you're doing here. What do you want from me?" Maria figured Lonnie'd never seen her as a sugary virgin. Maria didn't feel as if she'd ever been all that innocent.

        "What do you think I want?" The voice rough, cold.

        "I don't know..." Maria looked up at Lonnie from underneath her lashes.

        " Think I want to fuck your little innocent self, make ya swear off boys forever? Think I stay up nights and dream about hearing you wail as I bust your cherry? I bet you think you're just the purest, most enticing thing on earth."

        Maria smiled kittenishly, trying desperately to remember how girls like Liz flirted.

        "You'd be wrong. Virginity shows lack of ambition, not presence of character. And the whole 'show me the error of my heterosexual ways' bit, it's tired. You think managing to be more alluring than your average pretentious 17-year-old male is a worthy challenge for me? You think just overriding the feeble protests of a shallow and confused little cheerleader is any harder? Is there anything about you that could possibly interest me?"

        "Please." Maria slowly stripped her T shirt over head and looked at Lonnie. "I can make it good for you. You'll be the first and I'll be so soft and succulent and pliable." She crossed one arm over her breast, and let the other drape down to hide her cleft.

        "Been studying for the SAT's? I've never had someone seduce me with their vocabulary words before." Lonnie laughed briefly. "OK, you want me to be your power broker? I don't think you're worthy but why don't you go ahead and do it."

        "Do what?" Maria lulled into a trance by Lonnie's harsh cadences, snapped to attention and wished she had taken notes.



        Maria slowly dropped her arm from over her breasts, and watched Lonnie's eyes. No interest reflected from them, just amused contempt. Lonnie was playing well; she had never shown disinterest in Maria's naked form before. Maria ran her fingertips over the plum tips, scraping her fingernail over the nipple. She snuck another look at Lonnie, who might as well have been watching infomercials, she looked so bored.

        "Oooh" Maria whispered silkily as she gently pinched a nipple. She moved her other hand up over her mouth to muffle herself as she again used her fingernails.

        "We have to be quiet," Maria whispered, "my parents are down the hall."

        "Afraid your daddy'll see you like this? Afraid you won't be his good little girl anymore?"

        "He can't know! He thinks I'm so perfect."

        "And you want to be good for him?"

        "I want to be good for you," Maria gasped as she twisted her breast, aware that maybe she needed brushing up on on 'virginal'.

        "I'll give you a hint then, rough it up some. Don't be so reverent with your little self."

        Maria brought both hands up to her breasts, pretend modesty forgotten. She pulled them roughly, twisting the base and pinching the tips. The pain started to swim around her, egging her on, and she let one hand descend downward, nails dug in, scratching all the way. By the time she reached her slit, three angry red trails formed a roadmap down her torso. She forced her eyes back open to look at Lonnie, whose hands were now running up and down her thighs and whose breathing had suddenly become very, very steady.

        Fingers pushed hard and quick inside her, palm pushed against her clit. Her other hand still assaulting her breasts. She was already desperate, knowing that it would be quick and unsatisfactory but needing to move ahead anyways.



        Maria moved her hand off her breast and around her side to smack her bruised behind a few times, triggering memories of last night's slow procession. Her hips were rocking.

        "Are those footsteps in the hall?" Lonnie asked, causing Maria to remember the imaginary dad.

        "Lonnie...can I?" Maria begged.

        "I don't care what you do." Lonnie smirked at her.

        Maria sobbed. It would never have occurred to a good girl to have even asked, but Maria DeLuca needed permission. "Please, Lonnie..."

        Lonnie nodded once, and Maria let herself go. As the spasms started, she heard a deep voice exclaim "What's going on here?" She would have sworn it was Jeff Parker. She'd deny to the end of the world that that had made her come harder.


        Maria blinked back the tears in her eyes, and looked desperately around her room. It was empty except for Lonnie. "Was that you?"

        Lonnie smiled. "Yeah."

        "I didn't know you could do that."

        "It's difficult. Sometimes I get...inspired. Get your ass over here." Lonnie was kicking off her boots and jeans.

        Maria traced the harness straps with her fingertips, before tracing over the plastic phallus. "I didn't know you were packing."

        "I had plans." Lonnie smiled but her eyes were shuttered. "Plastics- wave of the future, deflowerer of the new millenia. Take a ride, little girl?"

        Maria waited, uncertain as to who she was supposed to be now.

        "You wanted your first time to be with me, right?" OK, still the virgin. "I'm not working up a sweat over some simpering former girl scout. Hop on."

        Oh. Maria paused. The strap-on was big, and while Maria was wet from her earlier exploits and Lonnie's presence, she wasn't warmed and ready. If she'd actually been a virgin, this would have been incalculably cruel.

        She reached down to stroke herself, knowing even before she started Lonnie would stop her.

        "I don't think so." Lonnie grabbed her wrist. "You wanted this, so come on, I have shit to do."

        Maria took a deep breath and rose up on her knees, straddling Lonnie, positioning the cock just below her entrance.

        "I knew a girl just like you once, " Lonnie remarked, stroking her cheek. "She was so impressed with her social position, and her sweet self, and resources," Lonnie gestured at Maria's naked body, "she just wanted everyone to pay tribute to her venerated person. Sucking up to those with power and shitting on those without. "

        Lonnie's eyes were unreadable as she caressed Maria and continued. "Here on Earth, all of ya 'good girls' probably want to be Helen of Troy...causing thousands of deaths in your name, but you have to settle for batting your eyelashes for extra credit points and catty remarks in the girls bathroom. Vilandra, though, she hit the fucking jackpot. A pretty thing caused the destruction of an entire planet and millions of deaths, including her own. And the killer thing is...she thought it was a goddamn victory."

        Maria hypnotized by Lonnie's voice, was startled when she realized that she had slid herself down over Lonnie's cock without realizing it. Had hearing about Vilandra really caused her to spread? She ran her fingers over Lonnie's armband, tracing the letters of her name with trembling fingers.

        "You want to know what that's all about?" Lonnie asked her. "It's a gift from my love, my queen. The girl I'd kill millions for."

        Maria had to bite down on the joy to keep it from escaping. "So, do you treat her like you did me? Hurt and humiliate her for your amusement?" Maria thought that sounded pretty good, stuck-up and snotty, like a girl who had never felt second best.

        "Humiliate her? She's so goddamn sublime, and she doesn't even realize it. I don't want to degrade her ever again." Lonnie let the words escape.

        Then had to pretend she didn't see the disappointment that rose in Maria's eyes at her words.


        Lonnie held Maria close and stood up, forcing Maria to wrap her legs around her while still impaled on the cock. Lonnie pressed Maria's back against the wall roughly, and stood there.

        So, Maria thought she was getting weak? They'd see about that.

        Part of her brain screamed at her that it was stupid to do it this way: she didn't have the upper body strength, she was going to suffer in comparison to Guerin, she would have to stop before Maria was finished. Fuck that. Maria kept putting it out on the line for her. She could do the same.

        When she had Maria pushed to the wall, holding her with her hips it wasn't so tough. Of course, it also wasn't the hard fuck that Maria craved. Lonnie gritted her teeth and lifted Maria up, ready to start pistoning her hips.

        As Lonnie moved, Maria's head rolled back and she gasped as she slid deep over Lonnie. Maria had always loved this; being suspended in air, gravity a willing partner in the violation. It removed any responsibility she had felt for the proceedings: she was the fuckee, and it was what she craved. She felt Lonnie hold her up higher. Shit, she felt like she was flying.

        All Lonnie could feel was the screaming pain in her biceps. She had held Maria aloft for three or four minutes and had no idea how she had lasted that long. Surely, it was now enough. She looked at Maria, sweating and mewling.

        No, she had to keep it up. The first time she'd seen Maria take it, it had been up against the wall at the Crashdown. Lonnie had been spying and Maria had been in ecstasy. He had kept it going for what seemed like a millenia.

        Maria's nails scraped Lonnie's back, and in her surprise, her grip slipped. Maria came down hard, only to be caught by Lonnie's hips. She screamed long and hard. Shit, Lonnie wondered, had she torn her up?

        Oh, God. Maria breathed. That had been almost too rough. What was she saying? That had been the fucking ultimate. She opened her eyes to stare at Lonnie. "Again. God, do it again."

        Lonnie promised silently to sacrifice a few minor annoyances to any deities that might be present. She somehow managed to lift Maria again, and again drop her, albeit more gently this time.

        Holy. Fucking. Shit. Maria was lost in a haze. She felt like she had been coming for a half an hour. The drop...she felt like Lonnie had fucked up into her brain. How had she ever lived without her fierce girl?

        Lonnie tried to lift Maria once again and failed. She needed to finish it, make it decisive, not a slow petering out. She tried to reach in between them to pull at Maria's clit, but that removed the bracing support of her hips and Maria would fall. Maria's screams were still continuing, her skin shining with sweat. Lonnie took a deep breath, and backhanded Maria as hard as she could. Silence descended, and then Maria clamped down so hard on the plastic phallus that Lonnie would have sworn she could melted it. Lonnie fell backwards onto the bed, taking Maria with her.


        Maria's arms were around Lonnie's neck, kissing her face over and over again. "I love you, oh my god, I love you. I could stay here forever."

        So could I, Lonnie thought, especially if I never have to move my arms again.

        Maria was bouncing on top of her, giddy, and Lonnie was completely wiped out.

        "Hey, I thought people wanted to get to fuck virgins." Lonnie heard Maria ask her teasingly.

        "Only if they're afraid they'll suffer in comparison." Lonnie joked, while her stomach clenched, awaiting Maria's reply.

        "Who could be better than you?" Maria whispered low in Lonnie's ear. "Lonnie, stay with me forever, OK?"


        "What about if you have to go to Antar?" Maria questioned.

        "You'll come with me." Lonnie replied.

        "OK..." Maria's voice was childlike, uncertain. "Do you want to go back to Antar?"

        Lonnie had to laugh. "Maria, who is in charge of the Roswell Fab Four?"

        "Max is the leader. Why?"

        "Why is he the leader? Because he's so competent?"

        "Well, he's supposed to be the King, I guess."

        "And who is second in command?"

        "Michael, because he's the other...Oh."

        "Yeah, life on Antar, power decreed by heredity and position with the other stipulation that the males rule. I'm really jonesing to go to a place where I'm not only a mutant freak, but every single male gets to boss me around. No wonder Vilandra was such a lunatic."

        "So you were third in command with Zan and them?" Maria asked, unable to ever conceive of Lonnie taking orders.

        "I was supposed to be fourth. As Ava was the wife of the highest ranking member, she outranked me."

        "You were fourth in command?"

        "No! Look...I was supposed to be fourth in command. But Ava...Annette Funicello could top her. And Rath, you just needed to wind him up and launch him at unsuspecting others. He was happy to get bossed around as long as he got"

        "So you've never wanted to go back to Antar?"

        "I used to just because I figured out of the millions on Antar, none could be as irritating as the three they stuck me with. Plus, it gets tiring on Earth hiding from other aliens, the FBI, etc. Always having to steal other people's identities to get plane tickets or a freaking cell phone."

        "But now you don't want to go?" Maria was genuinely anxious. She loved Lonnie but the idea of being trapped on a foreign planet would be...just what Lonnie dealt with every day.

        "Look, Maria. I don't want to go to Antar. If I have to go, you'll go with me. You have no say, aiight? If we have to go, I will get us back here eventually. As for the other Earth crap, I'll figure out a way to make it work. I'm in charge."

        "Now that Zan's gone?" Maria knew she was pushing it but she couldn't stop herself.

        Lonnie looked at her, eyes dark. "I'd like to think there was a moment just before the end, where Zan realized who really was in charge. I always win, Maria, because I'm never weak, understand?"

        Maria snuggled into the crook of Lonnie's arm, aware that she should be disturbed by what Lonnie said, but unable to be so.

        She fell asleep almost immediately.

        Lonnie stayed awake for a long time.

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