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Ante, Part Seven

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Posted to the RoswellBDSM mailing list March 25, 2001

Title: Ante 7/?
Author: CJ
Disclaimer: If I owned Roswell, I'd know what a 'granolith' was. I so don't. Ergo, I don't own Roswell.
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Always really appreciated. Thanks to the great people who have written. I won't 'out' you here, but thanks! Criticism is fine as well.
Synopsis so far: Lonnie and Maria meet and have lots of sex. Michael is around but only got to have sex in the last installment. That's what passes for a plot in this fic. Perhaps others will have sex later. That's called foreshadowing. Marvel at my writerly knowledge.

        "Look, I'm just saying that this whole 'stranger in a strange land' vibe you're trying to keep going is diminished by the fact that you won't leave your living room when the Coyotes are playing."

        "Hey, I operate on two planes, the mythic and the secular. Hockey is separate from destiny."

        "I still find it hard to believe that anyone who once wrote 'Jeremy Roenick kicks ass' on their history notebook could be the savior of an entire civilization. Wait a minute. 'The mythic and the secular?'"

        "I saw it on an infomercial."

        Maria DeLuca laughed and pushed open her front door. For being totally heartbroken, she was doing OK. Maybe it was something that got easier with practice. Hey, gorgeous alien mistresses were probably a dime a dozen in this town. And if by some rare chance they weren't, she could devote her life to good works and waitressing at the Crashdown. Maybe she could combine the two: galaxy subs for orphans! Oh, God, she was going to cry again.

        "Do you want me to stick around?" Michael looked down at her, concerned.

        Funny, a show of solicitousness from him would have made her giddy a few weeks ago. Now, she just wanted him to go, so she could get on with the business of weeping and imagining a distant future where she couldn't feel Lonnie on her skin.

        "I'm all right. Thanks for tonight." She smiled up at his chiseled features, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Go ahead and go."

        "Do. As quickly as possible."

        Maria and Michael whipped around and stared into the darkened living room. Lonnie was slouched in an armchair, staring at them.

        Michael quickly stepped in front of Maria. "I'll go once you're out of here."

        "Nah, I'll be sticking around." Lonnie smiled at Maria. "I got an offer I couldn't refuse earlier, so I'm here to collect." She slowly rubbed a scrap of satin against her cheek. Maria recognized it as the panties she left on the floor of the warehouse, and blushed.

        "It was a limited time offer," Maria stated boldly, "and subject to certain restrictions: like you NOT fucking other women."

        "Angel girl, I haven't fucked anyone else." Lonnie crossed the room to Maria. "I haven't even thought about fucking anyone else." She reached up and tangled her hands in Maria's hair. "Why would I want to fuck anyone else," a quick, soft kiss, "when I get to fuck you?" Lonnie rubbed her thumb slowly over Maria's full lips.

        Maria felt dazed. Looking into Lonnie's eyes, she believed her. She wasn't sure if that was a rational response, or Lonnie's narcotic effect. Somehow, Lonnie could always twist Maria's denials and refusals into an erotic invitation; like now, when Maria could feel her own hips try to roll forward every time Lonnie said "fuck." Why did she even try to fight it? She knew she'd give in, probably as soon as Lonnie gave her a direct order. Maria leaned up against her mistress, burrowing in the crook of her neck.

        "I've forsaken all others," Lonnie whispered, her hands tightening in Maria's hair, "which, by the way, is more than I can say for you, because I have to drag you out of Rath-on-Ritalin's bed every goddamn five minutes. Why is that, baby? Huh?"

        Lonnie licked Maria's soft neck, and smiled as she felt Maria collapse into her. After much deliberation, Lonnie had decided to let her little bitch flee to Guerin's side whenever she felt the need. If Lonnie punished her beautifully enough for her indiscretions, eventually Maria's neurons would be so tangled that she couldn't go to her boy without thinking of Lonnie the whole time. Sometimes sharing psyche space with Vilandra had its rewards.

        Smirking over Maria's shoulder at the irritant-in-question, Lonnie slowly raised the back of Maria's skirt to expose her ass to his view. As much as she regretted the whipping, Lonnie knew that nothing would infuriate him as much as seeing her marks on what he apparently felt was his girl. She just regretted that she missed his initial reaction. Lonnie stared at him, awaiting her payoff. Ante up, motherfucker.

        It was to her immense surprise that Michael's eyes fired up with arousal, not anger. Rath would have been apoplectic with rage; it would have goaded him into a reaction that would have horrified Maria and given Lonnie an edge. For the first time, Lonnie wondered if Guerin was brighter than he looked.

        "So, soldier boy, don't you need to be going? Isn't your commander going to wonder where you are?" Lonnie smiled, teeth glinting.

        "I think I'll stick around." Michael smiled back.

        Lonnie kneaded Maria's ass, reveling in her soft mewls and sighs. "So why don't we go upstairs and you can explain to me where you've been? In great detail."

        Maria tensed. It was just...too much. She'd been through so much today, ecstasy and devastation and fear. She wasn't sure she had the strength to go through another round of either punishment or pleasure. Or both.

        Lonnie felt Maria's reluctance, and cradled her face in her hands, seducing and convincing.

        "Are you tired? Baby, you don't need to fight this and your strength won't be required. You just need to lay back and take it in, let me happen to your flesh. Your life doesn't need to be so hard. C'mon, don't you want to shudder under my yoke? I offer such sweet absolution."

        Maria wanted to agree, but for once in her life couldn't speak, and remained staring at the golden skin of her queen.

        "You'll just lay back and spread your thighs and submit. Isn't that what you want?"


        Two blonde heads turned and stared at the man who just spoke. Michael was leaning up against the wall, sweating and heavy lidded, his hands gripping his thighs.

        "Michael? You'll stay?" Maria's smile was dazzling. "You've only watched haven't heard. And hearing is the best part." She was delighted. The disordered way she felt when she thought Lonnie had cast her aside was still too fresh in her mind for her to dive back in. If Michael stayed though, she could relax, knowing she wouldn't be left alone, and let Lonnie take her...This time Maria let her hips roll forward into Lonnie, begging for attention like a spoiled little girl.

        Lonnie considered. It hadn't been what she planned, but it was clearly what her little slut wanted. Maria always had a way of making it worth your while to give her what she craved. It was also a chance to prove what Lonnie had always known to be true since the first time she saw Maria sashay out of the UFO center on that spindly geek's arm: Maria belonged to her.

        Tracing her fingers up Maria's thighs, she slowly pulled the dress over her head, making sure to scrape over Maria's nipples with her long fingernails. Maria's gaze was becoming unfocused, but she stood quietly in front of Lonnie awaiting further directions.

        "I want you to saunter your pretty little self upstairs, and lay down on top of your bed. Lay there and think about me, baby. Don't touch yourself, just fantasize. Think about what you want me to do to you, and what I want to do to you. Realize they're not always the same thing." Lonnie paused, letting that sink in.

        "Rath-replica and I have a few things we need to discuss that aren't fit for your sweet ears." Lonnie gave Maria a wicked smile, and a gentle push in the direction of the stairs. She smiled as Maria climbed, more slowly than necessary, and stopped half way up to bend over to pick up an imaginary piece of lint from the stairs. She bent from the waist, with one leg on a higher step and slightly spread apart. Oh, yeah.

        Lonnie turned to deal with Guerin. He was standing slack jawed, staring at her sweet baby, practically drooling. Some people had no control.

        "Look, Guerin. Here are the rules: 1. You don't touch her without my say so. 2. You do NOT give her any orders, that's my job, and 3. Maria better feel your fucking adoration, hear me. You will not shame her."

        Michael looked at her, shaking his head. "Look, I'm just here for Maria's sake, alright. I'm just here to look after her." He turned to go up the stairs, but was stopped by Lonnie's snickering.

        "You hypocritical bastard." She laughed. "Oh, big, strong soldier boy is here to protect little Maria from herself and the big bad Lonnie. He does this out of a sense of noble self-sacrifice and for a 'defense against dominatrices' merit badge. He swallows down his feelings of revulsion for the good of the community." She laughed again, bitterly. "Watching her submission gets you so hot you can barely breathe. You probably spend hours in your dump of an apartment, replaying it over and over again in your head."

        Michael flushed darkly. "Yeah, OK. I love to watch her like that." He paused, considering. "But I'm still better than you for two reasons. For one, I know that she deserves better than freaks like us. Don't you understand that she is the one who should be holding the whip?"

        Lonnie quirked an eyebrow. "I understand that she wants me to be the one holding it. I care about what she wants, not how it fits into my little interpretation of the world and how it should be. Do you ever think about what she wants? No wonder she fell for me so damn quick."

        "Hey, mistress of pain, what if she wakes up tomorrow and doesn't want you to hold it any more? You going to let her go, or are you going to fuck her up so bad she can't walk without assistance? I'd let her go. I have done so and I could do so again." Michael felt back in control. He had defined his mission; he was Maria's escape hatch if ever she wanted to leave La Femme Lonnita.

        "Yeah, you could let her go, cause she's what, priority #37 with you? After Max, Isabel, Tess, Max, Antar, several other alien agendas, Max, and double coupon days? Why don't you go keep her company while you're still wanted. I'll be up in a minute." Lonnie stared at Guerin's back as he walked up the stairs. Someday, when Maria was so firmly entrenched in her arms that she'd never leave, it was going to be a real pleasure to murder his ass.


        Maria lay in her bed, waiting. The room had been prepared for her. The windows were open, chilling the room and an electric blanket had been placed under her sheets and turned on to high, warming her. When she lay on her bed, she saw that Lonnie had bled an image of the two of them onto the ceiling, Maria kneeling while Lonnie stroked her hair. She swallowed hard, entranced by the enraptured look on Lonnie's face in the picture.

        She heard a sound, and turned to watch Michael enter the room. He looked pissed.

        "Where's Lonnie?" Maria asked anxiously. "She left?" How could Lonnie just abandon her again?

        "Chill, DeLuca. She said she'd be up in a minute." Maria kept looking anxious. "Seriously, alright. She's probably just flossing her fangs, or flaying kittens as a warm up." Michael looked down at Maria, and noted her staring at him in utter disbelief. He looked down at himself. What was her deal?

        Maria couldn't frigging believe it. Michael was standing then stripping calmly. First he ripped his shirt off over his head while kicking his shoes off; then his jeans, unzipped and stripped off at the same time as his boxers, and in a clever movement, his socks as well. He stood there naked, looking around before locating her desk chair and pulling it next to the bed. She giggled.

        Every night Maria spent a long time thinking about how Lonnie had had Maria's clothes removed that day, and how Maria could make it more enticing, more alluring the next. She knew Lonnie did the same thing, devising new scenarios constantly. Fabrics and textures had taken on a new importance and made just dressing for school an erotic experience. And here Michael was shucking his clothes like he had five minutes to get ready for work. He was SUCH a guy.

        He looked at her like she had lost her mind and sat down, buck naked in her desk chair. No complaints on the nakedness, though; he was as delectable as always. Hard and smooth and finely crafted.

        That chair was having an interesting day. Earlier Maria had sat naked on it as well, squirming and letting the rough fabric scrape against her welts. She'd brought herself off, ass burning, thinking of Lonnie. And then squirmed some more.

        Maria turned on her side to look at Michael, who was still gazing at her as if she were insane. She ran her hand down her side, drawing his attentive gaze.

        "Don't you want to touch me?" she whispered, "Why are you just sitting there?"

        "Maria," he groaned, "c'mon, we're not supposed to. She told me not to touch you."

        Maria paused for a moment, hearing the microwave beep downstairs, puzzled. Oh, well, Lonnie always had the best ideas. She refocused her attention on Michael.

        "And you always do what she says?" Maria asked laughingly.

        "Maria! Just do what she wants you to do, OK."

        "Are you afraid she's going to punish you too?" Maria cooed. And smiled when she saw his cock jump. "It's OK, scaredy cat, I'll touch you instead." She reached slim fingers out to stroke his length.

        "Shit, no!" He was actually backing the chair away from her. "Maria, you want to obey. She wants you to obey. What's the problem here?"

        "Do you want me to obey, Michael?" She had come up on one arm, leaning over and staring at him with eyes almost completely black with lust, with just a little circle of green visible.

        Michael shrugged, not willing to commit. Then, remembering Lonnie's words downstairs, forced himself to be honest with her. "Yeah," he murmured, gazing at her, "yeah, I do. So, so much, Maria."

        Maria smiled and collapsed into the softness of her bed. This was going to be a very good night.


        Lonnie entered a minute or two later, and immediately realized something must be wrong.

        "Maria, why are you quiet?" This was pretty much unprecedented.

        "He won't talk," Maria complained. "He's being boring." She curled up on her side, and looked at Lonnie underneath her lashes, shaking her gold hair out over her shoulders. Lonnie smiled at her; Maria was saucy and spoiled tonight. Her pouty-lipped slut girl had so many facets.

        "What's in the bowl, Vilandra?" Maria asked, sitting up and looking at the insulated bowl in Lonnie's hands.

        Lonnie set it down suddenly, and sat on the bed, placing her hands on either side of Maria and forcing her back against the bed. "Don't call me that tonight, honey lips."

        "OK." Maria paused, and tried to figure out the proper response. "I'll do whatever you want, mistress."

        Lonnie shook her head again. "Call me Lonnie tonight, little whore," smiling as Maria wriggled at the sluttish endearment. "I don't want you to think of me being your mistress as separate from me being Lonnie. Understand?"

        Maria nodded, but looked confused.

        Lonnie leaned over her. "Look, when you say it, Lonnie means lover," she paused and kissed Maria gently, "and mistress", another gentle kiss, "and owner," the kiss was more demanding this time, "and a thousand other things. Like when I say Maria, it means bitch and kitten and whore and princess and slavegirl, all at the same time. Understand? There is not a second of the day when you're not both my beautiful fairy and my degraded harlot." The kiss this time was bruising and deep, Lonnie's tongue seemingly cutting off Maria's airways.

        Maria reached her hand toward Michael, seeking support as she tumbled deeper into Lonnie's world. She sighed as she felt him grip it tightly.

        Lonnie released her and reached for the bowl. When she took off the lid, a pungent and salty smell drifted out.

        "It's olive oil, pet." Lonnie said, dipping a finger in it and rubbing it on Maria's lips. "Extra virgin."

        And for some reason, even after all she'd done with Lonnie, Maria blushed.


        Michael watched, entranced, as Lonnie dipped her hand in the oil, and drizzled it over Maria's back, and then began to rub it in slow circles over her skin. Maria's skin gleamed in the dim light, and she groaned pleasurably. The oil was heated and was sinking it's warmth into her skin, as her front was heated by the electric blanket. Her moans became more intense as Lonnie dripped more oil into the crack of her ass, and rubbed her buttocks firmly.

        "Let's get rid of these marks," Lonnie whispered as she ran her hand over the bruises.

        "No," Maria cried, snapping out of her torpor, "don't please, I like them. They're the only thing to prove that you exist when you're not around." Her eyes pleaded with Lonnie's.

        "Shhh, I won't remove them, lay back down." Lonnie smiled, touched at Maria's devotion, and went back to soothing and petting her. The oil made Maria glisten and become even more mouthwateringly lovely. She looked over at Guerin, and for the first time, felt in perfect sympathy with him. His cock straining and hands flexing, he looked enraptured.

        "Turn over, baby," Lonnie murmured, helping Maria. "Why don't you help us out now?" She poured more oil over Maria's torso, Maria gasping as the hot liquid touched her nipples causing them to harden further. Lonnie slowly rubbed oil into Maria's right leg, and gestured for Michael to do the left. Maria slowly raised her hands and began coating her breasts, pulling at the nipples each time and moaning. Oil had pooled in her navel and formed a beautiful oasis. Lonnie sat back to admire her handiwork.

        Maria was molten and shivery and pearlescent. The oil coated her body, making her slick and warm as she nestled into her blankets. She felt like an ancient priestess, being prepared for a ceremony or sacrifice. She was in such a delicious languor, she couldn't open her eyes.

        "Are you comfortable, Maria?" Lonnie's voice, smooth but with danger underneath, reached her. "Are you fully relaxed? I think you still look tense. I want you so relaxed and compliant for what comes later, lover girl. What else would help?" Lonnie's voice had the smug tone of someone who asks a question, already knowing the answer. "I think if you came, it might get rid of that tension. Want your loverboy to suck you off?"

        Yeah, right. Maria wasn't born yesterday.

        "Michael," Lonnie asked sweetly, "could you do the honors please?" Lonnie grasped Maria's thigh and pulled gently, spreading her. "Open your legs, sweetie, and spread those pink lips for me."

        Maria shuddered, as she reached down and held her lips apart, displaying herself, feeling titillated and ashamed. She could feel Michael kneel on the end of the bed, knowing he was looking at her lewd display. She began to breathe harder. The room was chilled and it made her feel like an invader was sneaking in amongst her creases.

        Lonnie poured some of the remaining oil directly between Maria's lips, reveling in the gasp from Maria and the groans of Guerin, as he rubbed himself along Marias warm sheets. "Maria, why don't you ask Michael to help you?"

        "Please, Michael....oooh, it's so warm. Please help me come." Maria, trained by Lonnie's love of exotic beggary, continued. "I need your lips on my body, I need you to fill my caverns, please! Do you want me to continue to hold myself open for you? I need you so much. Please drink me, I'll never be dry. My clit is begging for the pleasure of your teeth."

        Michael grinned at Maria, so out of control. He slowly brought his fingers up to her nether lips, combining the oil with her own lubrication into a salty and sweet concoction. He ran his tongue gently along side the outer lips, occasionally darting inside, studiously avoiding her clit.

        Maria was in heaven but also uneasy. Granted, being covered in warm oil while Michael Guerin, a fuck me fantasy specimen, licked you and your harsh mistress watched: this was the very definition of "it's all good." But Maria was aware that things didn't come for free ever in life, and never with Lonnie, and she waited with baited breath for the other foot to drop.

        And it did. Michael began to dig her fingers into the welts of her buttocks, firming his tongue and using it as a bayonet, prodding not her sheath but her outer and inner lips, somehow managing to feel like a conquering army, who would sooner or later reach the weak portion of the defenses. As Maria felt his tongue finally slip inside, she heard Lonnie whisper in her ear, "You don't have permission to come."

        Oh, God. The boy-with-the-world's strongest tongue was pushing hard at her walls and slowly bringing his hand up toward her clit, dancing around it, considering. Maria desperately tried to still the beating of her heart.

        "Open your eyes." Lonnie commanded.

        Maria did and saw the tableau of herself and Lonnie on the ceiling. Not helping her calm down. To the right of her, her mistress smirking, daring her to disobey, and down between her legs, the dark head of Michael Guerin, bent on pleasuring her. As she watched entranced, he looked up at her, lips shiny and wet from his efforts, sweating. He kissed her inner thigh gently and looked back at her as she felt his finger enter her, and test her strength. She looked in her sole remaining hope, to the left and saw only her open window.

        Outside, that was nice. And calming. Look, there were some kids playing street hockey. And the guy across the street was mowing his lawn. If anyone looked over here...

        They'd see little Maria DeLuca writhing in pleasure on her bed, being worked out by two very gorgeous others. They'd see her mistress' cool amusement, and Michael's naked back and neck nestled between her thighs. Most of all they'd see her body, oil-slick, blushing and desperate, begging. Worst of all, she knew that if she saw someone looking in the window, she wouldn't even be able to stop.

        Michael chose her minute of realization to finally give her the pleasure of his rough attentions to her clit. She felt his teeth, and fingers and her shame come flooding in on her, and it was too much. She cried out, long and hard, and then was still. Michael had crawled up on top of her, his lips hovering above hers. She realized after a moment that he wasn't so much going to kiss her, as waiting for her to clean herself off his lips. Again, the stab of guilt, and the immense pleasure of tasting her extra-caffeinated mocha taste on his lips. He smiled at her, and ran his fingers through her hair gently. "So beautiful," he whispered.

        "Can we shut the curtains, now?" Maria asked shakily. She saw Michael look for Lonnie's nod before moving over to shut them. Bastard.

        "You disappoint me, Maria." Lonnie said. "I distinctly told you not to do that."

        Maria had had just about enough. Lonnie knew she set an impossible request just so Maria would fail. So, punish her already, but spare the lecture.

        "I think you're too tired to go on with what I had planned. We'll finish another time."

        No way. Maria rose to her knees, facing Lonnie, bending far over, more than aware her position exposed her asshole and inner lips to Michael's interested gaze. She looked at Lonnie with a sultry gaze. Lonnie waited, curious.

        Maria stuck out her tongue.

        She saw Lonnie fight for control and then the giddiness burst out, superceding the lust and power dynamics for a second. Lonnie pushed her back in the bed, and smiled.

        "OK, little bitch. I accept your constructive criticism. I do suggest that you prepare yourself for my turn at your pretty little self though."

        Maria shut her eyes, welcoming Lonnie's touch whether it be a caress or a slap.

        It didn't come. Lonnie looked down at her and smiled, "Oh, did you think I was going to touch you? I'm not."


        "I just thought you and me and Mr. Guerin," Lonnie pushed Maria onto her side, facing Michael and climbed behind her, her breath hot in Maria's ear, "would have a nice, long, hot conversation."

        Maria shivered. Michael, stroking himself and gazing at the sheen on Maria's skin, looked confused. He hadn't been paying attention.

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