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Ante, Part Five

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Posted to the RoswellBDSM mailing list March 18, 2001

Ante 5/?
Author: CJ
Synopsis: Lonnie/Maria. Just another installment in my quest to go too far. Feedback: Please!! Thanks to those who have written. My prediction is that this installment will meet with stunned silence, but that was my prediction for the last 2 too which was (happily) wrong.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I don't even want to admit that I've read this, let alone written it. Don't read it if you're too young, too well-adjusted or illiterate.

10:50 AM

        Maria always knew when the time was near. She'd function perfectly well all morning, actually far more able to concentrate on her studies than before Lonnie had entered her life. But when 11:00 neared, her body would start humming with anticipation, as if waking from a deep sleep. From 11:00 to 1:00 was free time, free to be with her mistress and Maria had been taking advantage of every single minute the last few weeks. She could feel her breathing speed up and the flow start between her legs. Damn, since when could her pussy tell time?

        "Now a few of the more interesting ramifications of the Stamp Act were..."

        Oh, just shut up, woman! Didn't the stupid teacher know that she had more important things to do, like be petted and stretched and commanded?

10:54 AM

        "So, over the weekend, you'll need to come up with topics pertaining to..."

        How would Lonnie be today? Sweet but stern, or the New York hellabitch, or imperial and distant? Maria smiled secretly as she thought about yesterday, about her sheath closing around the stiletto heel of Lonnie's boot. She hoped Lonnie was in a rough mood today, and just a little displeased with her toy.

10:57 AM

        There was an international clock conspiracy. Forget Einstein, time was truly relative when you a woman in leather waiting for you, ready to take you places you weren't completely sure you were ready to go. Maria pushed down hard against the seat of her desk, sliding her hips forward to try to work up some friction. She took a glance around, trying to judge if anyone would notice if she slipped a hand under her shirt to tease her nipple. Probably she would get away with it and if anyone did notice, what could they say. Maria slowly reached under her shirt, as if to scratch her stomach and started moving her hand up. Underneath the cup, circling around, now pinch. Oooh. Ring.


        RING!!! The bell! Maria jumped up, knocking over the desk next to her and darted from the classroom. Now down the hall, out the side door, and...

        "Hold it." A hand grabbed her arm. Michael Guerin. "Fleeing the scene of the crime?"

11:02 AM

        Why was it any of his business? "Uh, just something I have to do. See you later!"

        "Michael! Maria!" Max. Great. Did these people have a rota? Oh, I see it's my day to totally screw up Maria's life.

        "Look, we need to talk about some important developments. Lunch outside today." Max directed.

        "Look Max, I can't today, OK? I'll find out everything later." Maria dashed off.

        Max stared after her. "What's up with her?"

        "She's a fruitcake."

11:04 AM

        OK, she just needed to scale the chain link fence and she'd be home free. In a micro-mini while not snagging her stockings. Fortunately, there was a practical use for high heels not commonly known. By sticking the heels through the chain links, Maria could scale the wall while keeping her nylons away from it. Left leg over, sigh as cool air blows over my slit, other leg over and down. Victory!

11:07 AM

        Lonnie was drumming her fingers on the arm of the chair. Where was she? The door flew open and Maria rushed over and launched herself into her lap, throwing her arms around Lonnie's neck and whispering "I love you" over and over.

        "You're late."

11:09 AM

        Lonnie held Maria tightly, stroking her back. She knew she was way too easy on Maria but she couldn't help it. At least a week had passed since she should have farmed Maria out to someone else for the night, just to show her who owned her. She should have already picked up some little vagrant girl and made Maria watch her take her, made Maria cry as someone else screamed Lonnie's name.

        The fact was that Lonnie was head over heels in love. And she had never liked sharing.

        Fuck the rules.

        "Lonnie?" Maria lifted her head from her neck to gaze at her mistress. "Can I touch you, please? You never let me. At least your breasts....they're so beautiful. Please?"

        No way. Lonnie's job was to play Maria, and Maria's job was to get played. Like a flute. Which she did so well. But touching was verboten, unless Maria wanted to touch herself...

        "Please, mistress? I know it would be bad, and then you'll have to punish me. I need it, Vilandra."

        Lonnie shivered. She was breaking so many rules with Maria, why not a few more? She could stop it almost immediately, and then make her sweet girl pay.

        Lonnie pulled her T shirt off in one motion, and started to unhook her crimson bra, but Maria stilled her hands.

        "Let me..." she whispered, running her fingernails around the edges of the lingerie, skimming her thumbs over the nipples hidden under cloth. Maria very slowly pushed the right bra strap off of Lonnie's shoulder with her tongue, and ran her fingertips over the exposed skin as the cup slipped.

        Lonnie reached behind Maria and pushed her miniskirt up over her hips, and then moved her hands back down to shove off Maria's underwear. Her non-existent underwear.

        "I didn't want anything to slow you down," whispered Maria into Lonnie's ear, as she slowly slipped the other bra strap off of Lonnie's shoulder, and the cups fell free.

        Oooh. How could Vilandra's skin be so pale, and her nipples so red? Maria ducked down to circle a nipple with her tongue, and gasped as she felt a slap on her exposed buttcheek.

        "Continue." Lonnie said, looked through hooded eyes. Maria moved her hands up and kneaded Lonnie's breasts. They were huge, and Maria felt self-conscious. Could they really be that much bigger than hers? She slipped her bra off and held hers up to compare. She looked tiny, especially when she slid one of her breasts in between Lonnie's and squeezed, raising gasps from them both. Lonnie spanked her again, and then again, in rhythm with Maria's hands at her breasts.

        Maria dipped her head and gently pulled a red nipple inside her mouth, gently sucking. Lonnie snapped, bringing one arm around to keep Maria's head at her breast, while the other continued to rain blows on Maria's reddened behind.

        "Suck me you little bitch, like the sweet child you are," Lonnie commanded, holding Maria to her so tightly, forcing her to shove more and more of the breast in her mouth. "Choke on it."

        Maria continued to suck, and brought her other hand up to tease Lonnie's other nipple gently. Impatiently, Lonnie grasped Maria's breast and twisted the nipple. "Suck harder."

        The harder Maria sucked, the more Lonnie twisted her nipple, causing stars to appear before Maria's eyes and tears to flow from them. Finally, she fell back gasping, intoxicated with her simulataneous crime and punishment.

        "Get up, slave" Lonnie smirked, " I hope that was worth the punishment in store for you."

        "I thought that was my punishment?" Maria asked dazedly.

        "Hardly. That was encouragement." She shoved Maria roughly to the floor, and then dragged her back up by her nipple. "This will be the punishment."

        Lonnie led Maria over to one of the scarier corners of the dungeon. Lonnie hadn't really used any of the harder stuff on Maria, and Maria's fears came flooding back.

        "Spread your legs." Maria did so instantly, and Lonnie cuffed each ankle to the spreader bar, running her hands up Maria's legs and checking her slit.

        "So wet? I think you actually want to be punished. I think maybe you should have to beg for it."

        Maria flushed. Begging for a fucking she could understand, but begging for Vilandra to hurt her? The shame was back, deep and rich, causing tears to start flowing from her eyes. And other liquids to flow stronger from between her legs.

        "Please mistress, teach me the error of my ways. Brand me as your own."

        Lonnie smirked. "Good, pet. There isn't anything I can do to you, that doesn't prove you to be more of a whore than I ever dreamed, is there? Maybe I should make you hurt yourself."

        Maria shut her eyes. "Oh, God."

        "But today I want to have the pleasure of your pain. Hands up." She cuffed Maria's hands above her, allowing access from all sides. Lonnie reached behind her, running her hand over an implement case, finally selecting a leather riding crop. Mmmm.

        Maria shivered. She had never been struck with anything but Vilandra's bare hand before, and both dreaded and welcomed this new development. Why wasn't she starting? Why did her mistress only stare at her?

        "I'm wondering," mused Vilandra, "if any of those boys you know see you naked, how will they know you're mine? What's to tell that you belong to me, and only me?"

        "I'd tell them," Maria promised, "I'd never let them that close."

        "Really, so Michael has been denied access to you of late?" Lonnie queried.

        Maria flushed and ducked her head, guilt flashing in her eyes. Lonnie's heart sped up with rage. Maria had let him touch her?

        She hadn't told Maria that she couldn't though. Secretly she hoped Maria would no longer want him, now that she had her mistress.

        "How did you let him touch you, Maria?"



        "We just kissed, at the Crashdown. It was quick and we both stopped it as soon as it started. It was nothing."

        "Nothing? I see." Lonnie took out the nipple clamps that she had been showing to Maria since the beginning but had never actually used. They had thin metal chains dangling from them, and Maria wondered why. The chains didn't look heavy enough to serve as weights.

        "I'll make you a deal, slut. Since you apparently have no self control, you can let any man you want have you in any way you want." Lonnie paused. "But you have to ask my permission first." Now Lonnie's smile was positively feral, "My permission will always be granted, but also dependent on the punishment I choose. Do you understand?"

        Maria shuddered. So she could give herself to Michael, completely and without reservations or guilt? With her sins pre-absolved? Delicious.

        Her higher power came with a whip.

        "Yes, mistress."

        "But to deal with today's transgressions." Lonnie ran her fingers over Maria's lips. So luscious. " We know you've let him touch you here..." Her fingers moved lower to circle and pull at a breast, "and here as well I imagine?"

        "Yes, mistress."

        Lonnie took the nipple clamps, and making sure Maria was watching her, attached the alligator clasp to one of Maria's taut nipples. Maria hissed, in shock at the pain and at the stabbing in her clit at seeing her faults so demonstrably elucidated. After giving the chain a quick tug, she attached the other clamp. Maria arched her back and moaned.

        "Now, he's had your lips and breasts...have you also let him in your cunt, Maria?" Lonnie questioned, cocking an eyebrow. "Look at me, Maria. Have you?"

        "Yes." Maria whispered.

        "Well, then it's a good thing I have another one of these, isn't it, Maria?" Lonnie queried, swinging another clamp by its chain.

        Maria was confused for a second and then hysterical.

        "No, please! Let me down. Let me go home!"

        "I could let you go home, Maria. I could let you go. But there will be no coming back if I do, so what'll it be." Lonnie stroked Maria's hair and face, wiping the sweat and tears away.

        "I'll stay" gasped Maria.

        "Then don't you have a request? Hmmm?" Lonnie ran her fingers down the side of Maria's body, setting the chains to swinging and her nipples to sensitize again.

        "Please...please...clamp me, mistress."


        "Clamp my clit." Maria sobbed.

        "Now was that so hard? Hold on, sweetheart." Lonnie reached in between Maria's legs and paused taking in Maria's pleading eyes, and then very slowly let the teeth sink in to the swollen flesh.

        Electric bolts shot through Maria's body. Arousal and agony raced through her nerve endings, competing and complementing each other. She didn't know if she could keep standing, or breathing. And Vilandra...was walking away?

        "Mistress?" Maria pleaded.

        "Shhh, I just want to watch you for a moment. You're so beautiful like this. Clamped and bound. I can't think why I hesitated to do it before, when it's so clearly what you need. Now where is my camera?"


        "The picture is for you sweetheart. I can take any memory of mine and bleed into any wall. I could put a mural of you on the gymnasium wall, if I wanted. But I think you'll want a memento of this day."


        Crack. The cut of the riding crop was almost an anti-climax. Almost. Lonnie walked around her pausing, deliberating, choosing her spots carefully. Her thighs were given attention and her ass. Sometimes Lonnie just swished the crop near her body, just enough to start the chains swinging from the clamps, and causing the fiery circuit inside Maria's body to increase. Maria could fill her cunt start to grasp in on itself, and the electrical storm rise in her stomach. Oh, God what kind of person was she to get off on this?

        "Why are you shaking Maria? Are you going to come from the pain? I am impressed."

        Then she stopped and walked around front.

        "I think you should thank the crop for what you have received from it."

        Uh, thank you Mr. Riding Crop? Maria was bewildered.

        "Kiss it."

        Oh, Maria kissed the crop, nibbling on the end.

        "I think you'll want to lick it, bitch. I've just thought of somewhere your precious Mr. Guerin hasn't been."

        Maria's brain shut off at the feel of Vilandra's fingers probing her ass. It was tight and clenched, and Maria moaned as Vilandra fed the crop past the tight entrance.

        Lonnie sawed the crop in and out, watching Maria's increased movements which caused the chains to sway all the more. It started to be easier to move the crop back and forth as Maria breathed harder and started to scream Vilandra's name.

        Then Maria made Lonnie damn proud. She deliberately clenched her buttocks tight, and whispered "take it out, now."

        The resistance made it difficult for Lonnie to drag the crop out, and she saw each torturous inch reflected in the ecstasy on Maria's face.

        "Ready now, little one?" Lonnie asked, reaching between Maria's legs to undo the clamp.

1:03 PM

        "Nice of you to join us, Ms. DeLuca" muttered Mr. Krebs, the Civics teacher. "Please take your seat."

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