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Ante, Part Four

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Posted to the RoswellBDSM mailing list March 16, 2001

Title: Ante 4/?
Author: CJ
Feedback: Thank you SO MUCH to those who have sent. It is appreciated more than you know. Criticisms as well as praise welcomed.
Notes: Looking over this I note that I'm using a few devices that have been used in other better fics. A mirror was in one of Mnemosyne's bondage series and interesting leather underwear appeared in the regrettably unfinished "Spank Me, Sugar Daddy" by Jen. The copying was unintentional.
Disclaimer: It should be perfectly clear to everyone that Lonnie owns all. I own nothing.
Rating: NC-17. And more so. This fic is not getting any more socially acceptable.
Category: Lonnie/Maria

        Maria groaned as the sunlight shone on her face. Turning over, she groaned at the soreness in her body and snuggled down under the covers. Then, she sat bolt upright.

        Whoa. That hadn't really happened, had it? It was a dream, wasn't it?

        She knew it was real, though. From the faint bruises on her wrists to the stickiness of her thighs, everything about her felt well-used. Her room showed no evidence of last night's escapades, however: no whips, no chains, no Lonnie.

        She was alone again. And late for work.

        After the world's fastest shower, she yanked open her lingerie drawer and gasped. Handcuffs glistened in a pile of clothes Maria had never seen before. Rubber panties, translucent teddies, cream and black, silver and satin, leather contraptions with so many straps and rings that it looked like it would require a manual and a 3-man crew to get them done up correctly. And a note.


        I thought you deserved some presents for being such a very, very good girl last night. Know that in my mind, I've seen you in all of them, and many more. Know that last night was just the tip of the iceberg. Know that you belong to me.

        Decision time. I'm in the warehouse out behind the high school. Last chance to walk away, my sweet little slut. Last chance to run.


        Maria shut her eyes as images from the previous night came flooding back. Herself naked, writhing, pleading and Vilandra, so in control. Maria blushed when she realized that Vilandra had never even removed her leather jacket.

        Maria took a deep breath and entered the Crashdown. She darted past Michael as quickly as possible, hoping to avoid any and all mention of last night. He was studiously examining the burgers on the grill, as if they were signposts on the way to Antar. She was surprised when she felt strong arms grasp her from behind.

        "Michael..." she said it breathlessly.

        "Shhhh." She felt his lips brush the top of her head, as his arms held her tightly. They stood there for a moment before she turned and looked at him. The understanding in his eyes made her heart stop.

        "You've got customers. I don't grill stuff for my own personal gratification" he grinned.

        "Gotcha." She spun and went off to provide fried food to the denizens of Roswell.

        Four hours, two spilled milkshakes, and a customer who informed her that "tipping was a degrading and barbaric practice" later, Maria was exhausted. Rubbing her neck, she went into the kitchen to face Michael Guerin. He looked as tired as she felt. She crossed the kitchen to stand in front of him, and held out her hands to him. He clasped them in his own, and they stood silently looking at each other.

        "Michael." The door to the kitchen swung open, revealing Max Evans. "We need to get this thing taken care of. Oh, hi Maria." Max smiled briefly at her. "Michael? Now."

        "Sure thing, fearless leader." Michael's tone was mocking, but he had already dropped her hands, and was following Max out in unquestioning obedience. He did not glance back.

        Maria didn't even want to know what the current crisis was. Aliens sighted in Des Moines? Brody possessed and singing "Don't cry for me, Argentina" in the UFO center? Liz have a hangnail? She just knew that she had to settle things with Lonnie before her own life spun of its orbit.

        The warehouse door slid back on well oiled hinges, and Maria strode boldly into the dark. Show no fear, she thought.

        Lonnie was lounging on a chair, waiting for her. She looked....edible. Wearing thigh high black boots over her jeans, and only a leather bra underneath her jacket, her tattoos so prominent against her white skin. Lonnie looked out from under lashes with a smoky gaze, and promptly burst out laughing.

        Maria was nonplussed. She hadn't been exactly sure what to expect, but giggling hadn't even made the top ten.

        "I'm sorry, lover," Lonnie said, once she calmed down. "It's just I've been sitting her for hours, picturing you as you came through the door. Would you be wearing leather or lace, would you crawl, would you be reluctant or rush into my arms....I thought I'd pictured every possible way for you to present yourself to me, but this is a surprise."

        Startled, Maria looked down at herself, and then slowly raised a hand to her head.


        She was still wearing her Crashdown uniform. Including the stupid antennae.

        Blushing, she went on the attack.

        "I'm not here to present myself to you. I'm here to tell you this is over. Last night was...interesting, and I won't pretend that I wasn't a willing participant, but I'm not interested in being your lifestyle option." Hmmm, that sounded pretty good and Maria was pretty sure that almost all the words made sense when placed in that order.

        "Then why come at all?" Lonnie sounded bored.

        "So you'd know where we stand. I don't want to see you anymore." With a defiant head toss, that would have been more impressive had it not sent the antennae bobbing, Maria spun on her heel and walked out of the warehouse. Well, started to walk out of the warehouse.

        Lonnie had to bite down a laugh. What started as an impressive show of defiance was becoming more and more amusing as Maria slowed down to a crawl, hoping that Lonnie would call her back. Lonnie wondered, if she reached the door, would Maria exit and then come back in? Would she knock?

        Lonnie took pity on her. "Stop."

        Maria stopped but did not turn around. "Why?"

        "Cause I wanted to see what underwear you chose, out of your gifts. I want to see how you wanted me to see you."

        Maria swallowed hard. "I'm wearing my own underwear. I didn't want anything from you."

        "Liar. C'mon, my sweet, slick girl. Hike up that skirt for me. Or better yet, just bend over. Touch those toes, like the pliant little slut that you are."

        Maria shuddered and obeyed. The aqua skirt lifted up to reveal smooth black leather with the glint of silver rings and chains.

        "Ahhh...excellent." Lonnie smirked. The panties were exciting enough as they were, but even more so for the potential they represented, for the ability to attach locks and other more interesting accoutrements. She could imagine Maria looking at them, wondering about the rings, the flat metal bases that ran along the inside of the crotch. She moved toward her pet and ran her hands over the smooth firm globes of Maria's ass encased in leather. Her mouth watered.

        "Stand up and turn around. Undress for me, baby."

        Maria complied. Shutting her eyes, she slowly slid the Crashdown uniform off one shoulder, then the other.

        Lonnie quirked an eyebrow in surprise. The bra was one she had given Maria, but was white, sweet and lacy. Ah, Maria could encompass both the virgin and the whore all at once. She reached out a hand to run over Maria's left breast, testing its weight and firmness. There was something hard underneath the lacy encasement.

        Slowly, she slid the bra strap off Maria's shoulder, while Maria breathed harder and kept her eyes shut.

        A paper clip was contorted around the nipple into a kind of spring mechanism. Lonnie tweaked it and Maria's knees buckled.

        Lonnie's eyes narrowed. "Oh, you nasty, nasty bitch. I know what that is for. When you slip your pen back in your pocket after taking an order, does it trip that wicked little clamp? Do you walk around the Crashdown everyday getting yourself off everytime you complete an order? When you and Liz slide by each other, trays high in the air, your hips touching, is your clit still reverberating from your little clamp?" Lonnie leaned over and kissed Maria's lips, sweetly, gently. Maria nodded.

        "Truth time, Maria. Are you scared?"

        Maria nodded again, eyes still shut.

        "Of what?"

        "Of not knowing what you want...of not knowing what I want. Of not really being sure what this is."

        "Open your eyes, Maria, and look around. You'll see what I want."

        Maria opened her eyes, studiously not looking at Lonnie. The warehouse had been converted into a dungeon. There were hooks on the walls, a pommel horse in the corner, spreader bars, whips dangling from the walls. Everything that Maria had come across in her late night internet sessions was here. There were also pictures on the walls, enlarged photographs, and they were all of her.

        One showed her writhing over the bottle the night before, swaying her hips. Maria blushed and looked away. Another showed only her lips, another of her splayed out over Lonnie's lap, a look of pleasure and supplication on her face. The largest one showed her curled up on her bed asleep, looking angelic and happy, wearing only Lonnie's leather jacket. It took her breath away. The warehouse was a dungeon, but also a shrine. A shrine to Maria DeLuca.

        "I want you." Lonnie whispered. "You in every way imaginable and more. You now. You forever." Lonnie nuzzled her neck. "Forsaking all others, in pleasure and in pain."

        "How can you love me? You barely know me." Maria said, trying to still the quaking in her limbs.

        "You've got questions, baby girl?" Lonnie smiled. "Then let's play another game. I'm getting bored."

        "Truth or Dare again?"

        " have questions? Well, let's play 20 questions. I'll answer any question you have on one condition."

        "What condition?"

        "You have to watch us while you answer. No more pretending that you don't want me, want this." Lonnie skimmed her hand over Maria's breast, attaching a long thin chain to the nipple clamp. Pulling gently on it, she lead Maria over to a large mirror in the corner.

        "Arms up."

        Maria complied, wide eyed as Lonnie looped handcuffs over a chain hanging from the ceiling and attached them to her wrists. She was standing before the mirror, arms shackled, leashed, and clad only in leather underwear. Her eyes slid shut.

        "Open your eyes, Maria. Watch us. Admit to yourself that this is happening."

        Maria opened her eyes and gazed in the mirror. Lonnie was standing behind her, running her hands all over Maria's naked body. Lonnie towered over Maria, her strong curves a counterpoint to Maria's subtler ones. As Maria was struck again with the realization that she was with a woman, an unexpected sense of shame filled her, only to be immediately drowned out by arousal as she noted how their skin tones complemented one another, how their blond hair glinted in the light, the curve of their necks, the hardness of their nipples.

        "Aren't we pretty?" whispered Lonnie, licking Maria's ear, "Aren't we smooth and sweet?"

        Maria nodded, entranced as one of Lonnie's long legs, hooked around the front of hers, holding her in place. Moaning as she watched Lonnie's long red fingernails pinch her nipples, as she was held tied and defenseless.

        " had some questions?" Vilandra asked.

        "What you said...about wanting to dominate Isabel, Tess and Liz as well. Is that true? Am I merely phase I?" Maria held her breath. She didn't want to be one among equals. She wanted to reign supreme in her mistress' eyes.

        "I have plans for Isabel, lover, but they have nothing to do with what's between us. As for Tess, the idea of watching twins pleasure you appeals to me. But everything would be for you, in celebration of you. As far as Liz is concerned, I just thought you would enjoy seeing her plead to suck your clit, beg for ya leftovers. I'm interested in seeing what you, my variable girl, could show me with their flesh." Lonnie's tone softened. "It can wait though. You're more than enough."

        Lonnie slid her hand between Maria's wet thighs. "Lizzie Parker, tied up, begging you to spank her and treat her like trash, licking your boots." Lonnie locked eyes with Maria in the mirror, and smiled as Maria's passage gushed fluid. "Yeah, I figured you'd like that." She held up her glistening finger for Maria's inspection, painting her lips with the sweet substance, holding Maria upright as she quavered. "My one and only."

        Maria shivered happily. Lonnie was holding her so tight, so closely, she wanted to scream with joy. She could never be held enough. When she was about ten, she had read an article about treatment for autism where the patients were wrapped in cloth and squeezed tightly as a form of reassurance. She had very seriously told Alex and Liz that she thought she might be autistic. They had exchanged amused, long suffering looks and informed her that autistic people didn't talk, which surely put her out of the running. Well, screw them. Lonnie held her so tightly she could barely breathe, and she had never felt more alive.

        "Next question" Vilandra commanded.

        "Would you have let Michael stay last night, if he'd wanted to?" Maria asked.

        "I did," Lonnie said, laughing low in her throat. "He stood outside your window, never taking his eyes off of ya, protecting you and stroking himself through his pants. When I spanked you, he came and left."

        Maria shut her eyes, feeling guilty. She loved Michael, she shouldn't be here, she should be stronger.

        "Open your eyes," Lonnie commanded. "Look at what you are, my little whore. Don't hide from it."

        Maria looked at herself, totally depraved and beautiful, with her gorgeous mistress standing behind her. If this was wrong, why did she feel like perfection personified? She was starting to see herself as Lonnie saw her, submissive and gorgeous and powerful and sweet and pliant and wicked, all at once. Her body was coated in sweat, and she shimmied, watching her breasts sway in time with her hips. She pulled against her restraints and watched her muscles tauten. The rose of her lips and green of her eyes competed for her attention with her reddening nipples and golden hair. She was a garden of color. She was Maria DeLuca, and she was beautiful.

        Maria grinned cheekily and asked her next question. "What are these metal things for in my underwear?"

        "They're to hold plugs that'll slide up into your ass and cunt," Lonnie murmured into her neck. "They're so you can walk around school all day, filled, thinking of me. So you can sit in english class and feel them rub together as you squirm. So when you walk into the cafeteria, amongst the mystery meat and jello, you'll be in a haze of pleasure, trying to slow your beating heart and not to cry out with the sensation. So when a teacher asks you about participles, your hips will be shuddering under your desk, bringing you off again and again. So everything you experience will be refracted through your memories of me and what we do here."

        Maria took a deep breath. "Do you love me?" she asked.


        "Why do you love me?"

        Lonnie stopped and thought. Because when others would merely submit, you respond. Because you surrender everything to me, and you have so much to surrender. Because you never give up. Because you're beautiful. Because you're so much better at being enslaved than I ever was. Because you're smart and imaginative and very, very kinky. Because I own you and there is nothing in the world I would rather own.

        "Because you possess me utterly when allowing me to possess you. Because I spend every waking moment imagining what I am going to do with you, and then you exceed my every expectation. Because you make me feel like I have a cock. Because you're my horny, sweet, little fuckable bitch. And because you need this and me as much as I need you."

        Maria felt it building up in throat. She knew it was ridiculous and too soon and the last thing she should say, but she said it anyways because she knew it was the truth: "I love you."

        Lonnie stilled and then reached up and uncuffed Maria, and pushed her down on the floor. "Well, this certainly requires a celebration. An acknowledgement of my dominion and your response." Lonnie strode over to the couch she had been seated on earlier and pulled something out from underneath it. Maria craned her neck to see what it was.

        Oh. My. God.

        "Hook me up, lover," Lonnie said, handing Maria the strap-on. " I think we need to consummate."

        Maria knelt before her mistress, sliding her boots off and unbuckling her jeans. Lonnie wore no underwear, and the scent of her lust almost caused Maria to pass out with desire. She quickly moved to drink from her mistress, but was stopped by her sharp slap. Maria looked up, stunned.

        "You don't play me," Lonnie said angrily, "I play you. You don't touch me without permission. You're the naked and needy one, not me."

        "I'm sorry Mistress Vilandra," Maria said softly, starting to buckle the leather fastenings around her mistress' waist and between her legs, adjusting the strap on so it would hit her mistress' clit just right. She then sat back to admire her handiwork.

        It was long and thick and golden. It rested between Lonnie's thighs like it belonged there.

        "Suck it," Lonnie hissed, "swallow it down."

        Maria leaned forward and took the tip in her mouth, and then leaned back and blew cool air over it. She licked the underside. Lonnie was shaking with lust; her crazy little bitch was acting like it was a real cock. How had she gotten so lucky. The next time Maria passed her lips over the tip, Lonnie quickly moved her hips forward, gagging her. Maria opened her throat and swallowed, reveling in the glazed look in Lonnie's eyes.

        "Turn around. Get on your hands and knees."

        Maria did as ordered. She sucked a breath in as she felt Lonnie pause at her entrance, and then screamed and Lonnie thrust into her all at once, leaving her no time to accomadate. Oh, God, it felt like it reached her heart. It was cold and hard and nothing like Michael. It was like an alien invader, a steel snake come to punish.

        Lonnie began to move, and as she set a rhythm, Maria felt the pleasure build. The friction was incredible, stretching her, making her nerves quake. Lonnie pulled on Maria's hair, forcing her back on her knees, pressed against her. Lonnie pinched her nipples, bit her neck and whispered in Maria's ear all the things she was going to do to her. Lonnie snaked a hand down and pinched Maria's clit.

        "Wanna come?" Lonnie asked teasingly.

        Maria shook. She knew she wouldn't be allowed to come yet, but why not try. "Yeah."

        "OK, baby. Do it, and tell me how much you like my cock."

        "Oooh mistress, I love your hard cock. I love how it feels inside me." Maria felt ridiculous but if that's what Lonnie wanted....she shuddered and came, and sighed looking forward to snuggling with her mistress.

        Lonnie was still pumping. Maria had a startled realization.

        Yeah, it wasn't hot and pulsing and alive. But it would never need respite. Oh God.

        "Come on, little girl" Lonnie whispered in her ear. "Come again."

        And Maria did.

        "And again."

        How long could this last? "Mistress, please, I've had enough."

        SMACK. Vilandra spanked Maria so hard she fell back on her hands, and then proceeded to drive her into the ground. The rough floor scraped her nipples as she was pushed along it, and Lonnie tweaked her clit. Maria came again and again.

        "No more, please. Mistress Vilandra." Maria cried as she was pulled back up.

        "I thought you were insatiable," Lonnie laughed. "What will you do for me if I stop?"


        "Tempting. But I think I want to see you come again." Again Vilandra played Maria's nipples, and sucked on her neck. Again Maria came, weeping.

        Lonnie couldn't believe her little bitch. She must have come ten or more times, and still hadn't passed out. How had she ever gotten this lucky?

        "Will you be as filthy as I require you to be?" Vilandra cooed. "Will you fulfill my every demand?"


        "You might regret that, sweetheart. One last time, honey." Vilandra held Maria as tightly as possible, while pushing her hips forward so hard Maria's back arched. "Now, sing for me." She twisted Maria's clit harder than before.

        "VILANDRA!!!!" Maria screamed and fell forward, finally passing out.

        Lonnie cradled her close, wiping the sweat from her face, and slept.

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