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Ante, Part Three

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Posted to the RoswellBDSM mailing list March 12, 2001

Title: Ante 3/?
Author: CJ
Feedback: Appreciated
Disclaimer: If I owned them, the show would be like this and they couldn't even show it on cable.
Rating: NC-17. Slash. Y'know, this just isn't getting any more socially acceptable.
Comments; Thanks for the feedback on the other parts. I'm really not sure about this one.

        "Hey, Michael Guerin? Lonnie here. I've got something that used to belong to you. You might want to swing by the DeLuca residence for a minute." Lonnie smirked at Maria, who was writhing and gasping.

        "Michael? No, please" begged Maria.

        Lonnie's only response was to tweak her clit, and spin the bottle as fast as she could while Maria keened with lust.

        Maria's world was melting, shimmering, so close...

        "Stop." Lonnie commanded. "You think you've earned the right to come yet, baby girl? Well, ya haven't. Maybe if you're a real good girl, when your boy gets here, I'll let you have the privilege of showing him how you can scream MY name when ya punch it. Think he'll like that? Maybe if he's a very polite boy, I'll loan him your ass for a while, just so I can see the disappointment in your eyes when you realize he can't take you nowhere."

        Maria realized that Michael would see her chained and sweating, totally depraved. He would look at her in disgust, revulsion. She needed to take control. If there was one thing DeLuca women could do, it was find paths of survival in a maze of weakness.

        "I've got a secret." She purred.

        "Yeah? What's that?" Lonnie asked, running her thumb over Maria's full lips.

        "I can't tell you. I have to show you." Maria said, looking up through full lashes. "Uncuff me."


        "You afraid if you uncuff me, I'll leave with him?" Maria asked sneeringly. "I can tell him you forced me, and he'll nail your ass to a wall."

        "Ya left with him, you'd be in New York in a week, letting me pimp your ass all over town just for the chance that I might clamp your tits."

        Maria just gazed at her.

        "Alright, I'll let you display yourself for your little loverboy howeva ya want, if you can melt all the ice in your pussy before he gets here. Can you sear, little one? Do you burn?" Lonnie reached over and undid the cuffs spreading Maria. "Now what's this secret?"

        Maria shakily rose to her knees. The bottle came with her, still mostly intact in the cool room, and rested on the floor under her spread knees. She took a deep breath and slowly lowered herself onto the bottle pushing it deeper and deeper.

        She saw stars; never had she been stretched so fully. Her sheath was both going numb and feeling pinpricks of lightning. The sparks reached up deep, where no one had ever been, to places that hadn't even been named. Taking a deep breath, she began to swivel her hips.

        Around in circles, the neck of the bottle prodding her, spurring her on. First clockwise, then reversed, her hips ground to a beat she could feel in her belly. The pain was there, and the lust and also another sensation; could it be pride?

        Ice water was running in rivulets down her thighs mixing with her cream. She ran her hands down through the liquid and brought it up, slickening her breasts and finally glossing lips making them shine in the dim room. She was sweating heavily, her hair sticking to her back and a blush suffusing her body. Up and down, around and around: her body becoming a carousel horse for the pleasure and edification of Vilandra.

        Lonnie couldn't breathe. She realized however closer she pushed Maria to the precipice, Maria would leap forward of her own volition. Scaling to a teetering height, she would kick the ladder away and cut off all possible chances of escape.

        Lonnie knew she could never allow anyone to separate her from Maria. Ever.

        The bottle was now mostly melted. Maria slowly removed her bra, and locking eyes with Lonnie, seesawed it through her crotch, stimulating her clit and trapping the remaining pieces of ice within her. As the last pieces melted, she bent forward to balance on all fours causing the remaining ice water in her passage to go streaming over her cunt. She bucked once, and then crawled to her mistress.

        Lonnie was fighting for control as Maria laid her head in her lap. Maria blew hot air over a slit close to Lonnie's zipper and cooed "Don't you want to know my secret?"


        Maria snuggled in closer. "My secret is that I like the things you force me to do."

        With a groan, Lonnie pulled Maria into her lap. She slid three fingers into Maria's sheath and shuddered when she realized it was cold from the ice.

        "I wish Rath was here." Lonnie hissed "Your cold cunt would send him over the edge. You'd pass out and wake up and pass out again, and he'd still be jackhammering you. Of course, he might do some other things to you to make you cry, but I'd make him stop, after a while."

        Maria took a steadying breath. She had regained some control. Her position was much better than being bound on the floor. "Now you need to dress me" she whispered. "I wanna be your vestal virgin, your Barbie bride, can I, huh?"

        Lonnie smiled. Picking up Maria's discarded T, she turned it into a short lacy white teddy with bows at the shoulders. Maria's long legs were encased in stockings with white heels to perfect the picture. She passed her hands over her face and hair, cleaning her up. As an afterthought, she reached down and touched the shoes, creating a chain between them.

        Maria looked down and smiled. "Barbie in chains, huh?"

        "You'll always be in chains." Lonnie replied.

        There was a click at the window. A very angry Michael Guerin stepped into the room.

        "Maria, go downstairs. Lonnie, there's no need to drag her into this. Whatever information you need about the granolith, or the skins, deal with me. She's nothing to me, so don't bother using her as a bargaining chip." Michael was out of his head with worry, watching the girl he loved trapped by a woman he was pretty sure was a psychopath.

        Lonnie smiled. She had already won. Trust Guerin to make it sooo damn easy.

        "I'm not dragging her into this; she IS this. I came, I saw, I fucked." Lonnie ran her hand along Maria's side and around to cup her ass. "I just invited you along so we could discuss 'rights of property', but you saw it's not important so why don't you continue your evening, and I'll get back to making little Maria whinny my name." Lonnie slid her fingers under the teddy and stroked Maria's slit.

        "What, you came all the way from New York just for her? There's no available slant in New York anymore?" Michael asked disbelievingly, trying to play it off. His woman was sheathed in white and, whoa, chains, and he was doing his best not to look. If Lonnie thought Maria wasn't important to him, she'd go elsewhere to sharpen her claws.

        "I have news for you Guerin. I would cross a solar system for her. She's uber fuckable, and if the fact escapes you, why don't ya ask your inner circle. I've been doing some dream walking and believe me, there are two postulates of Roswell. 1. Stick an alien sticker on anything and mark it up 15% and 2. bring yourself off thinking about Maria DeLuca's lips. " Lonnie moved her fingers up and quickly circled Maria's clit, causing the smaller girl to cry out.

        "No, Maria, you may not come yet." Lonnie reprimanded. "I'll let you know when it's time."

        "C'mon Maria, we're going" Michael said reaching out his hand.

        Maria started to rise then hesitated. Lonnies hands were running over her ass and back, petting her hair, and Michael wouldn't even look at her. She snuggled closer to her Vilandra.

        Maria's whole world was collapsing on the sound of Vilandra's voice. She had been denied completion for so long, her clit was pulsing in time with Lonnie's cadences as she shivered and waited for permission to complete.

        "She's my whore now, Guerin." Lonnie smirked.

        "DON'T CALL HER THAT!" Michael shouted.

        "I can call her that cause it's true. My bitch. My slut. My pony. My little fuck slave." Lonnie looked at Michael coolly. "The part you couldn't handle is the "mine"; you wouldn't claim ownership, and so you lost it. No, Maria, hold it in lover, I'll let you know when it's time."

        Maria smirked. At least Michael was hearing that she was valued, was precious. She felt in control of the situation.

        Lonnie saw Maria's smirk. She'd have to correct that. "What's wrong, Guerin? Don't believe I love her? Cause I do." Lonnie said as Maria smiled sweetly at her. "I love her and I know her. I don't think you ever have."

        She paused, and shoved her fingers into Maria's mouth, letting her suckle. She would need comfort in a minute. "Cause if you really knew her, you would know that you stepping out with those long blondes of yours, Isabel and Courtney, needn't have wrecked anything with Maria. If you were forceful enough, you'd have just shoved her to her knees and made her bring you off. I know she spends enough nights fantasizing about bringing Isabel off, and Courtney could have rode her on down too."

        Maria gasped. She couldn't believe Lonnie would betray her so cruelly. She tried to rise, but Lonnie had one hand on her back and another four fingers shoved into her hole, finally giving her what she craved.

        "She'd have been your number four, Guerin. No need for a little slut like her to have exclusive access. You could've tied her up and made her watch." Lonnie looked down at Maria. "Maria, now you may come."

        THAT BITCH! Maria thought, as Lonnie sped up her fingers and used her right hand to rhythmically slap her breasts. She couldn't let Michael see this, she couldn't. She shuddered with the strain of restraint.

        Lonnie looked at Michael, who had tears in his eyes. "Now, I really need to train her, so why don't you mosey on along...unless you'd like to stay and help?"

        Michael allowed himself one glance at Maria. She was shuddering, tears streaming down her face. She looked at him with entreating eyes, begging him to leave and let her finish. He could deny her nothing, and turned and fled through the window.

        "Sometimes a warm cage beats a tightrope with no net" Lonnie shouted after him. "Sometimes people just have a need. Maria, I think you'll have to make it up to him later." Lonnie snickered, "But now for me, tell me what you need. Or shall I tell you?"

        "You need to come. You need your mistress's approval so badly. You think you need to hide this from your friends, you think you need to make your own decisions and you think you love Michael. But that'll be washed away until it's you and me and this."

        Lonnie slowly pulled two metal clips out of her pocket and swung them hypnotically in front of Maria. "But first...come."

        And Maria did. Screaming Vilandra's name.

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