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Ante, Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellBDSM mailing list March 11, 2001

Title: Ante 2/?
Author: A lesser Jen
Disclaimer: I own many paper clips. And not much else. Certainly not Roswell.
Rating: NC-17. Seriously. I may have gone too far.
Notes: Thanks for the kind words. It meant a lot especially coming from writers that I admire so much.

        "Wait." Maria shook her head. Who said that? It couldn't have been her.

        Lonnie spun around and gave a slow easy grin. "Kneel, bitch. I'll only stay if you're on your knees."

        Maria gazed at her a moment. THUNK. She dropped to her knees so quickly, the window rattled and she blinked back tears from the pain. Lonnie moved to sit on the bed in front of her, and reached out a finger to collect a tear. She rubbed the saltiness over her lips and closed her eyes in pleasure. Her little pet was salt, spice, sweetness. She'd have to bring out the bitter in her as well.

        "Now, let me tell ya about ya little sad self" Lonnie murmered, leaning over to give Maria a look down her T shirt, stretching her legs on either side of the kneeling girl.

        "You think you know the truth about me from reading my diary?" sneered Maria, holding on to her last shred of defiance. "I wrote it. You don't know anything."

        "I know the truth about ya from what you didn't say in there" smirked Lonnie, "and the first truth is that you'll put out for anyone who'll take charge of you. You need controlling so bad that you were willing to take orders from Max, who as far as I can tell is the only man alive who is more of a drag than Zan was."

        Maria tried to protest but Lonnie was leaning over, running her fingers over her hair, petting her, keeping her on her knees. It feel too good to stop.

        "Now, for your first dare, take off your top."

        Maria flinched, but slowly pulled her emerald green top out of her jeans. Slowly running her fingers up her rib cage, before pulling it off over her head. She saw a flash of lust in Lonnie's eyes. Good.

        "Another thing I know about Maria is that sometimes she hates her bestest friend Lizzie Parker." Lonnie shook her head sadly as Maria stiffened. "She hates the fact that she has a dad, and boys think nice things about her and Liz would never ever do some of the things that Maria wants to. And sometimes Maria would like to force Liz to do them."

        Maria didn't even bother trying to deny it; her hands moved to the clasp of her jeans. At Lonnie's nod she slid them down her thighs and off. She then kneeled before Lonnie again, much closer, so her face was less than a foot away from Lonnie's crotch.

        "The third truth about little Miss DeLuca is that she lives in terror of her mom finding out what a little kink she is." Lonnie cooed. "She won't go to any adult stores because she's afraid her mom goes there too and will find out. She doesn't have anything in her room that's goes too far astray from innocent, would be too hard to explain away. She's afraid of her mother's anger but maybe even more afraid that her mother will know EXACTLY how she feels."

        Maria flushed, and avoided Lonnie's gaze.

        "Of course, I'd love to see you explain the tongs," Lonnie chuckled,"and the fact that you're going to be kneeling in front of me, naked and in supplication might tip her off as well. When's she gonna be home, little slut? Huh?"

        Even though she knew her mother was gone for the weekend, Maria was terrified. How had she let this dominatrix into her head? She also had begun to almost pant with lust, and began to squirm again the heels of her shoes, trying to stimulate herself enough to ease her distress. She sighed as her left shoe slid up and spread her passage. She began to rock back and forth on it, breast bouncing, chest heaving.

        "Uh uh, little schoolgirl. Stop right now, and for this dare, tell me what you are."

        "I'm, um, a slut."

        "What are you?"

        "Um, I'm your slut, mistress."

        Lonnie reach out and grasped Maria's nipple through her plum colored bra. She twisted it hard, and dragged Maria even closer to her by the hair.

        "Look, bitch. I'm not a guy. You can't just say "slut whore cunt" in some random order to turn me on. And this isn't Mr. Rogers fucking neighborhood where I coach you through every sentence, and pat you on the head for correct frigging pronunciation. Be creative. Turn me on."

        Maria closed her eyes and began to murmur. She begged Vilandra to give her respite. She promised her everything she had and more besides. She promised to bring in other girls to worship at Vilandra's feet, to do anything Vilandra asked of her, to be given away by Vilandra, if that was her wish, to the highest bidder.

        "Let me be your accessory, your sluttish trinket, a jewel of your harem. Please Vilandra"

        "Very good, my sweet little whore" Lonnie hissed. She leaned over to cup Maria's chin in her hand and kissed her hard, running her tongue over her teeth and then far enough into her mouth to trigger a gag reflex. Maria choked and then gasped for breath, her hands kneading Lonnie's thighs, her nails scraping her flesh through the slits in her jeans.

        "Like my jeans?" Lonnie asked. "I used a razor."

        "Did you ever cut yourself?" Maria asked.

        "They weren't on me when I did it. I shrink my clothes to fit Ava, make her wear 'em and then do the cutting." Lonnie laughed. "She used to cry and plead, so terrified that I would cut her even though I never did. Zan found out about it and made me stop, the motherfucker. I woke up two weeks later to find Ava standing by me wearing a pair of my jeans, and holding a razor blade out to me, begging."

        Lonnie's eyes darkened. "And the fourth truth that I know is the reason you didn't give Michael the naughty photos of your sweet ass. You weren't afraid of being rejected cruelly, you keep coming back for more of that. You were afraid of his indifference to you, the fact that he'd keep the photos for a while and then leave them on some picnic table somewhere by accident. You were afraid of his distraction and his indifference to you."

        "I'll throw another truth in for free. At night you look at the photos of you and Tess and masturbate, but you can never really come until you look at Isabel. You know she can control you, you dirty little girl. She can give you what the man of your dreams can't muster up."

        "Take off that thong. Leave your bra on. And get on your back."

        Maria wriggled down onto her floor, shivering. She grabbed the thong she has removed and stuffed it in her mouth tasting her juices. She instinctively knew that Lonnie wouldn't mind her acting without instructions as long it served to show her even more willing, more submissive then was required. She sucked her sweetness and waited for the fifth truth to tear her apart.

        "The last thing I have to tell you" Lonnie whispered "is that I've been fantasizing about this for months. You are my consort, my concubine, my most revered slave. Forever, I've always been Kivar's beautiful possession, others' cherished toy. But I have power, and control. I no longer have to be petted instead of feared. And you will be my beautiful pet. You will come with me to Antar."

        "I require Isabel. She is strong enough to be a necessity for my plans. I dreamed of Tess and Ava together serving my will. And it would amuse me to have Liz be my slave, just because she's Zan's dupes little bitch. But ever since I first left Roswell, I knew you were my pretty, pretty one. You alone will hold my heart, but my demands on you will be great."

        "Now move your legs up and grasp your ankles with your arms on the outside. That's it, bitch." Lonnie attached two sets of cuffs, anchoring Maria's ankles to her wrists, chaining her wide open. Her bra was still in place, but her nether regions were exposed to the cool air and wept lubrication.

        Lonnie pulled on both Maria's nipples straight away from her chest, as Maria tried to sit up to release the pressure and finally fell back gasping. She laughed at the tears, and then palmed her breasts, rubbing and soothing.

        "Now we're done with Truth or Dare, I think it's time for Spin the Bottle."

        Maria had to laugh. She was spread eagled on her floor, overstimulated, enslaved. Now they were going to kiss?

        Lonnie grasped a coke bottle with a candle stuck in top from Marias dresser.

        "Hmmm. Wonder where this bottle would fit?" She giggled, looking at Maria. "Anywhere that needs attention?" She rubbed the bottle around Maria's wet entrance and then up and around her clit. Maria screamed at the sensation of her clit which had been ignored for so long.

        Lonnie started to push the bottle into Maria.

        "Wait. Mistress Vilandra, please. It's glass. That's dangerous." Sobbed Maria.

        Smack, Lonnie spanked Maria's exposed cheeks. "Don't talk back to me. But I guess you have a point." She waved her hand over the bottle and Maria tried to look at her through her tears. The bottle sparkled and glistened.


        Oh God.

        Maria's world shuddered to a halt as Vilandra shoved the ice bottle deep into her snatch. She tried to squirm herself so Vilandra's other hand would scrape her clit. As things stood, she had a frozen cannon shoved into her and no clit stimulation to help her ride it out.

        "Buck, little bitch. It'll melt the ice faster. And I'll enjoy watching you shudder and squirm."

        "Please Vilandra" Maria begged. "Oh god, it's so good. Let me come."

        "Hmm, not yet, my love. I have something I need to attend to."

        Maria looked up, hoping her clit or nipples would be the chore Lonnie had in mind. But no she had something in her hand. A cell phone?

        "Hey, Michael Guerin? Lonnie here. I've got something that used to belong to you. You might want to swing by the DeLuca residence for a minute." Lonnie smirked at Maria, who was writhing and gasping.

        "Michael? No, please" begged Maria.

        Lonnie's only response was to tweak her clit, and spin the bottle as fast as she could while Maria keened with lust.

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