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A Time For Revelations, Part Two

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list February 16, 2001

Title: A Time for Revelations, Part 2
Author: Chunky
Archive: Go ahead.
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Max/Kyle
Spoiler: small up to Surprise
Summary: Kyle displays brotherly affection for Tess. Tess recalls her past life, hint at who her lover will be. Isabel wonders about Max.
Disclaimer: Don't own them.
Feedback: Sure.

Kyle woke up early to meditate. He meditated to ensure he would have the confidence to reveal his feelings to Maxwell Evans. He struggled not to conjure actual pictures of Max since a hard-on would not help the process. When he finished, he ventured up the stairs and into the bathroom. He enjoyed a warm shower and used a special shampoo so his hair would smell nice. He got out and put a towel on as a toga. He'd always done that. There's nothing like playing Roman in the morning to give a person energy. He swaggered into Tess's room, which used to be his. He'd been uneasy about Tess moving in at first, but she'd become like a sister to him. He watched her sleep, wishing she had moved in with them years ago. A sister for company might have eased the pain of his mother's abandonment. He noticed Tess beginning to wake. He grabbed a comb off her dresser and aimed it toward her chest. She opened her eyes and registered the comb.

"O, please, have mercy on me," Tess cried overdramatically.

"Kyleus Valentius giveth no mercy," Kyle replied struggling to keep a straight face.

"Then, I suppose I have no choice except to giveth Kyleus Valentius a taste of alien power, " said Tess with a wicked smile.

"Okay, okay, Kyleus Valentius will giveth mercy just this once, " Kyle conceded.

"That's what I thought," Tess commented looking quite pleased with her effect on him, "Now, would Kyleus be a proper Roman gentleman and find his way out of my room?"

"I believe you, Tessa, were the one who referred to privacy as a primitive human concept," he paused and furrowed his eyebrows in exaggerated concentration, "no, that was me. Never mind." And with a drop of the comb, Kyle left the room. He made his way to the kitchen and sat down at the table with his father.

Tess marveled at Kyle's enthusiasm. "Where does he find vigor at such an hour?" she mused as she got dressed. Based on that, one would consider him the alien. Of course, one would be mistaken for Tess was the reincarnation of Max's alien bride. Her dreams throughout the night, however, had reaffirmed her suspicions that Max was not her true love.

Tess remembered the restless journey from her family's lair to their ruler's. She was nervous about marrying a man she'd never met and leaving her family forever. Everyone else was tense about the inevitable war with the Skins that would soon begin. None of these feelings ceased with their arrival, rather they heightened. Servants came and whisked Tess away to prepare her for the wedding. When they were finally done, they left Tess alone and she wept. Why did she have to be the chosen bride? Hundreds of girls vied for the position, yet the lone girl in their kingdom who did not was chosen. The announcement had filled her family with pride, but her with dread. A life without her parents and her brother, whom Kyle reminded her of, would surely be miserable.

"Mistress, it is time," a warm voice interrupted her crying. Tess glanced up and saw an ordinary servant. Yet, as ordinary as the servant seemed a sense of reassurance swept over Tess. Everything would be all right. And everything was for a while. The groom ignored her, but she was not without companionship. The servant made excellent company and satisfied her in ways Max's former incarnation had no time for. Tess discovered the servant to be a brilliant scientist. She brought this to the attention of the council who appointed the servant a royal researcher. This strange, yet blissful situation soured as Max's father died and he took over rule. The leaders of the Skins saw an opportunity and began the attacks. The Skin military surged through the kingdom spreading terror and pain. Word soon reached Max's lair that the home from whence Tess came was destroyed and her family dead. Tess locked herself in her room for days. Max hardly noticed. The former servant let her work through her pain during the day, but came at night to offer comfort.

Soon, the royal lair was under siege. Tess waited from them to come and reunite her with her family. The former servant frantically tried to convince her that death was not on its way to claim her. Max and his second-in-command fought as they always did, and would continue to in their next life. The second's betrothed, and Max's sister, the beautiful Vilandra, had disappeared earlier. Rumours were running rampant that she'd betrayed her race and become a whore to the Skins' leader. That, however, was not what their altercation was about. The second was attempting to persuade Max to give up his throne. He was too loyal to betray him, but since a renegade faction of Skins would pledge allegiance to Michael, Max's abdication was their only chance. Max stubbornly refused. The people's fearless leader would not sacrifice his pride for them.

Tess drifted back to her present life as she joined Kyle and Sheriff at the table. The father and son acknowledged Tess with a nod and returned to an animated discussion about Buddhism. Tess ate her breakfast enjoying the company beside her. She never took part in the morning talks despite attempts by both men to include her. She would participate when she felt like it. For the time being, she was perfectly content just to watch them.

Isabel strutted into the school hallway next to her brother, Max, who immediately departed in search of Liz Parker. Isabel rolled her eyes. She hoped Max would move on soon, but so far he showed no signs of it. Isabel knew Liz was all he thought about and that it was tearing him apart inside. She sighed as she opened her locker. If only Max would let her in, but he was determined to let no one in unless it was Liz coming back to him. She needed someone to distract him. Her thoughts lingered to Kyle Valenti, recalling how Max had raved about him the night after Liz's blind date. She shook her head. Max doesn't swing that way.

Or does he?

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