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A Time For Revelations, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 18, 2000

Title: A Time for Revelations Part 1
Author/e-mail: Chunky/
Archive: Yes! Go ahead!
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Max/Kyle, Tess/Anonymous
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: a few mentions from up to "Surprise" i think
Notes/Summary: Kyle sets a goal, Tess discovers something new about her past, Isabel receives a visitor in the night.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell.
Feedback: Yes, please.

Kyle lay on the couch pondering Maxwell Evans. Max just happened to be his ex-girlfriend's alien ex-boyfriend whose destined partner was, unbeknownst to him, at that same moment pondering the same man in Kyle's bed. That poor bed had a new occupant, but not a new trail of thought. The bed was quite sick of hearing about Maxwell Evans. The bed found its new occupant's constant questioning of destiny, amazingly enough, even worse than Kyle Valenti's obsessive denial of his blatant homosexuality.

Kyle recalled the time his friends had beaten Max up. Kyle had been jealous that Max was hitting on Liz instead of him and wanted to confide in someone. So he foolishly told his friends about it only intentionally altering a few phrases so it sounded like Max hitting on his girl annoyed him. The idiots took it upon themselves to beat up Max. Kyle had been infuriated when he found out. How dare they touch Max, and in such a manner!

Kyle moved on to that blissful night when the radio had set Liz up on a blind date. Kyle had only had a little to drink. He didn't really care for it, but he had to drink some or his friends would be suspicious. Max had only had a sip. At the time, Kyle figured Max just thought he was drunk, but now Kyle knew it more likely had something to do with aliens not holding their alcohol well. Nevertheless, Kyle remained positive the emotions were not triggered by alcohol; those emotions were as real as they get. They'd discussed Liz, but underneath they both knew it had nothing to do with her. Kyle had even had the guts to question Max about being gay. Max had called him a jackass, but Kyle knew it was Max's self- defensiveness talking and not his true feelings. Kyle had come so close to kissing him, but it never happened. Kyle realized the next day while considering the night before that Max was truly in love with Liz. He decided to allow Max his happiness, but now the circumstances were different. Liz had broken up with Max. Now Kyle could rekindle his pursuit of Max. This time, Max would see that Kyle was the human he'd yearned for all along.

"If you actually follow through," Kyle spoke aloud to himself. "I will," he affirmed, "I will confess my love to Max whether he likes it or not." Kyle sighed. What would he do if Max didn't feel the same way? He could continue his life as always he supposed, but what if Max told everyone? If Max returned his affections, he planned to let people know. With Maxwell Evans by his side, he could handle any trials. However, if Max was not there, if Max, in fact, found him disgusting, Kyle didn't think he could manage. He'd never imagined himself as a person strong enough to survive that. Why else would he go out of his way to fit in with the jocks?

"Tomorrow, I'll find out," he told himself, "until then there's no need to worry about it. Whatever happens will happen. I will worry about it after. First order of business is to say it. I have to say it to Max." Kyle turned over on his side and counted aliens until sleep arrived.

"Is Max really the person I'm destined to be with?" Tess wondered. He hardly seemed adequate to her. Her whole life Nasedo had been telling her about her husband from another life, the fearless leader of her people. She'd incessantly been trying to better herself so that she'd make a good wife for their fearless leader. She'd imagine what he would be like from Nasedo's descriptions. Of course, Nasedo's praises were a lot for anyone to live up to, but that wasn't it. She thought he was a nice enough guy who held the potential to be a fearless leader, but she just didn't feel any recognition. She's always daydreamed about that feeling when you recognize the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

She figured maybe she was merely a romantic and people didn't really feel things like that. She half-heartedly kept up her quest of him although he showed no interest whatsoever. It felt more like obligation, than an amorous endeavor, but nevertheless she continued it at his ex-girlfriend, Liz's expense. However, earlier that day, while practicing one of the memory retrieval techniques Nasedo taught her, she remembered experiencing that feeling of recognition. It did exist! She had felt it in her other life, but it hadn't been with the man she married, Max's former persona. It had been with one of the lowly servants who labored at Max's lair. So now she knew the truth, she never loved Max.

She would arrange to talk to Max and Liz together tomorrow and tell them. She would explain to them how their destiny was mistaken. Liz would forgive Max. Liz could be his queen. Tess didn't care for the position. She would be free to search for her true love. She innately knew her true love was also on Earth.

The clock struck twelve. Isabel abruptly rose from her bed. She discarded her lavish, silk nightgown and slid into the more practical outfit her geographer had given her. She glided over to the bookcase and pulled on a copy of Dante's Divine Comedy. The walls opened. She tiptoed through the secret passages until she reached the exit. Her geographer waved to her from the back of unicorn galloping through the palace gardens towards her. The unicorn was pure white with knowing, violet eyes and an ivory horn atop her head. The geographer held out his hand, Isabel accepted, and swung on the unicorn's back as it sped past her. Isabel heard a faint whisper calling her name.

"Wait," she yelled and the unicorn halted. The geographer sadly helped her off the unicorn. She woke up. Alex was calling her name from her window. She grumpily walked over to the window and opened it. He fell to the floor with a thump. He carefully pulled himself up and smoothed his pants. He gave her an enthusiastic grin. Her hand pointed at the clock, which revealed the hour to be three a.m. He grinned again. She rolled her eyes. He leaned lazily against the wall still grinning. She shook her head vehemently. He displayed his potent, sad puppy dog eyes. She sighed and held out her wrist. He eagerly held it in two hands and brought his mouth to meet it. She couldn't help letting out a small smile as he drank her blood. Only Alex could make vampirism seem cute. He slowly released her wrist. He looked at her as she quickly hid her smile. He wiped the blood off his lips with his hand. He raised the same hand to his forehead and saluted her. He turned and leapt out the window. She collapsed on her bed and returned to her dreams.

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