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Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas, Part 1

Reply to Bianca and Zia

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list September 8, 2002

Title: Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas, Part 1 (Alex/Sean/Kyle)
Authors: Bianca and Zia
Pairing: Alex/Sean/Kyle, Liz/Tess, Isabel/Zan, and Michael/Maria
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The trails and tribulations of nine strangers' night in Las Vegas and how they survived.
Disclaimer: The only thing we can account for is artistic license, we own nothing of value, if we did do you think we'd spend our days writing about fictional characters? I think not.

        Alex stood at the window of his hotel room in Las Vegas NV. He had been here a year ago, in the same hotel room with his fiancé. He smiled faintly glancing down at the ring he wore. No one knew about their marriage. No one could. They would never be able to accept it so they lived together, played the part of friends, and roommates, when in actuality they were lovers. Not just lovers. They were married. Now they were getting there honeymoon. He was happy with his life. He was happy with his husband Sean. They had been together for years, ever since the rainy night that Alex's car had broken down and Sean had come to his rescue. Alex never believed in love at first sight, or even true love until that moment. He looked into Sean's eyes and he fell hard. The view was great from up here, could see the whole Strip, but Alex was doubting their intentions of leaving this room. Sean had left a little earlier to go get something so he was left standing by the window looking down at the world.

        No one knew about him and Sean. That was why they had come to Vegas for their honeymoon and their wedding because if anyone found out Alex could lose his job, and that meant so much to him, working as a professor at the university where he lived. He was scared of people finding out, not because he was ashamed. If he could he would stand on the roof of this hotel and scream out his love for Sean at the top of his lungs for all to hear. But if he did he would lose everything he'd worked so hard to achieve over the years. He had no doubt that his family would disown him either.

        Alex ran a hand through his hair then fell back onto the bed and looked at the ceiling. He was so in love with Sean. And he had been for a long time. Years. He loved Sean more than anything, especially when he was in his arms. The feel of their warm skin touching, Sean's course hair on his cheek rubbing against his skin. And Sean's skin was surprisingly soft for a man who worked on cars all day. Alex smiled at the thought of Sean coming home covered in grease and grime from the cars, and the showers that they took together trying to get him clean.

:o: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :o:

        Sean ran his hands over his face, trying to keep his mouth shut. He seemed to have a problem with keeping quiet when he was angry or frustrated, especially when he was angry and frustrated. The lines in Vegas were worth then he remembered and he'd had enough of standing around like an idiot waiting for his turn. Patience was definitely not his forte, especially when he was being kept from Alex. Finally giving up, Sean shook his head and left the convenience - Ha that's a joke - store, wandering idly down the street back towards his hotel. He'd left to go get some aspirin for the raging headache setting in, cross country drives didn't sit well with him.

        But the reason for the drive was enough to make him agree to the trip in the first place. It was their one year anniversary and they'd both decided to go back to Vegas and get the honeymoon they never got to have before. Sean was especially tired of the life they were living. He understood that it was important not to let anyone know that they weren't just close friends, that they were in love and married, because it would mean Alex's job and their semi-normal lives, and he know how important all of that was to Alex. He really didn't care but he just wanted Alex to be happy, even if it meant not touching or kissing each other in public or not being able to tell everyone he met that he was married to the sweetest guy on the planet. So as much as he hated the hiding and the fact that they had to leave home to be themselves in public, he was happy that they were able to get away from the mundane day to day crap and just be together. Over and over and over. He smirked at the thought of how well worth it the room they'd rented was, since they'd never be leaving.

        Then Sean thought of something, as he glanced around at the bright lights and exciting attractions. They came on his vacation to be able to be out in public together without worrying or caring what other people thought. It was a shame to spend their whole time in Vegas in their hotel room, even though he liked the idea more then anyone could possibly understand. Sean knew he'd have to drag Alex out of the room at least for a little while tonight. Hey, they had to eat right? Why not do it public? He smiled to himself at the ingeniously evil plans started to form in his head and he hurried back to the hotel and took the stairs two at a time to his room, almost giddy with thoughts of what he was planning to do to and with his loving husband. By the time he reached their room he was out of breath and excited by the possibilities of the dirty city.

:o: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :o:

        Alex heard their door open and sat up quickly looking at it. He saw the man he loved. His chest heaving with every breath he took, and the small drops of sweat on his forehead. Alex stood quickly and walked over to Sean. He wrapped his arms around him and pressed him against the door, Alex's mouth instantly latched onto Sean's, sucking his lower lip into his mouth and biting it gently between his teeth. "Hey." He muttered against his lover's mouth. "You get what you needed?" Alex asked as he began his descent down Sean's neck, sucking and biting at his skin while his hands dove under the tight shirt, wanting to feel Sean's smooth skin.

        Alex wished he could stay here with Sean forever, locked away in this room together. Never having to worry about someone seeing them. One of Alex's hands slid up and into Sean's hair, desperate to be closer to him, even in the short while that Sean had been gone, Alex missed him. He had never dated much growing up, but he found himself feeling empty sometimes when Sean wasn't around.

        Sean smiled against Alex's lips, loving the way he always seemed so excited to see him, it was the same way at home on the nights when Alex got home before Sean. He slid my arm low around Alex's waist, resting his hand on the small of his back, drawing Alex tight up against him, kissing him with equal fervor. As much as he teased Alex for being clingy, he missed him just as much when they were apart. Sean tilted his head back slightly, feeling the familiar tingles trailing down the skin of his neck as Alex's lips moved down the column of his throat. He let his eyes slip shut momentarily. "Mmmm not yet." He murmured his reply, pulling his lover closer and dipping his head down to the crevice of Alex's neck, kissing and sucking softly at the exposed skin there. Forgetting his plans in the midst of passion, he turned the tables and pinned Alex up against the door, trailing his lips back up to his lover's.

        Sean raised a hand to cup the back of Alex's neck, holding his mouth close as his tongue swept across those pillowy soft lips, seeking admission into the warm cavern on his spouse's mouth. Alex's lips parted beneath the pressure of his own and his tongue sunk into the welcoming warmth awaiting him, stroking his tongue against Alex's. Something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye and noticed the bright lights beaming in through the open window, and he remembered his plans. Sean pulled back, breathless for an entirely different reason now and looking into his lover's face, smirking slightly and pulling away from him to try and find their jackets.

        Alex breathed hard, gasping for his breath as Sean pulled away. He watched confused as Sean looked for something and walked over to him. "What are you looking for?" He asked, his fingers itched to run through his husband's hair. He hated when Sean pulled away from him like that, but he only ever did it when he had something else in mind. And Alex wanted to know what Sean was doing. All Alex wanted right now as to be in that large comfortable bed with Sean. To feel his skin under his fingers, and to explore his body.

        Alex combed his fingers through his own hair and watched as Sean found their jackets and handed one to him. "Where are we going?" He asked as he pulled on his own jacket. He didn't want to go anywhere. He wanted to stay locked in here together. Alex took a hold of Sean's hands and pulled their bodies together. "I thought we were going to stay here and just hang out." Alex commented, but he liked the idea of being able to leave and go out in public and show off that they were together.

        Sean held Alex's hands and smiled deviously, not wanting to give away too much but knowing that Alex would rather spend their time in the hotel room. "What? And waste this opportunity to show off that hot little ass of yours? Never." Sean winked at him as he let go of one of Alex's hands, lacing his fingers with the other as he pulled him towards the door. He pulled the door open, mentally making sure that they hand their key before letting it click shut behind them as they made their way to the elevator.

        Sean normally hated elevators, the tight confined spaces making him feel claustrophobic, and then there was always that fear of it getting stuck and trapping them inside like wild animals. Earlier that evening he had even opted to take the stairs up the ten flights to their floor to avoid the elevator, but now that he was with Alex, the thought of being stuck in a quiet, private place for hours on end didn't seem like a bad thing at all. He pushed the button for the lobby and got in, pulling Alex in after him and pinning him up against the back wall of the elevator. "I always wanted to try out that exhibition thing everyone's always talking about." He leaned in and kissed Alex passionately, biting softly at his lips and slipping my hands under the back of his shirt as the door slid shut silently.

        Alex let out a loud groan as his hands grabbed the back of Sean's head, fusing their mouths together. He thrust his tongue into Sean's mouth, stroking it against his and tasting the dark crevices of his mouth. Alex pressed his body into Sean's and he let one of his hands drop down to rest on his ass to keep their bodies pressed tight together. "Exhibitionism. Sounds like fun." He smirked into Sean's mouth and closed his eyes. The elevator slowed to a stop but Alex refused to move back from Sean. Not that he really could move back, he was pressed tightly against the wall of the elevator.

        Slowly and reluctantly Alex broke the kiss. If it was some old lady or something he didn't want to scare her to death. He leaned in for another kiss and stroked his hands along Sean's body before glancing at who had joined them in the elevator. His breath caught in his throat and he stared in shock. Kyle Valenti. What are the freaking odds!? Alex stared at him. He was a student in one of his classes, and his father was the sheriff. They were screwed. Everyone would know now. Alex's arms tightened around Sean as his eyes stayed locked on Kyle. He'd had his eye on Kyle since the school year had started. Kyle was not a bad looking guy in the least, and Alex was attracted to him, but he knew better than to act on anything like that. Besides, he was married happily to Sean.

:o: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :o:

        A colorful flyer was thrust into his hand and he accepted it without much thought, only glancing at it after he was far enough away from the men littering the street corners with leaflets not to look like a tourist. When he looked down, he sneered at the images of girls with breasts spilling out over the tight confines of their sparkly shirts and legs spread far enough to accommodate more then a few men at once. Crumpling the lewd paper up in his hand, he aimed for a trashcan a few feet in front of him. Score, he thought as it landed in the receptacle without touching the sides. A sigh escaped his lips as he shoved his hands back into his pockets and continued to drudge down the heavily trafficked sidewalks of the Strip, brooding and numb.

        Kyle Valenti had always thought that there was nothing he couldn't handle. In his own mind, he was untouchable. He always got the girl, got the grade, or won the game. Every challenge he'd ever been faced with barely even registered, until now that is. When he was graduating high school and his friends were all discussing where to go for their senior trip, his mind was in another time and place, reliving things that he hadn't thought about since he was six years old. While all the people around him were planning their futures, he was consumed with the past, with her. He hadn't been old enough to realize why she was leaving and what it meant, but now that he was older he had plenty of questions for her. Like how a person could just up and leave her family and her son without a second thought. The questions made him angry and engendered feelings of being lost. And that's just what he was... lost.

        He had just finished his first year at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and had finally talked himself into leaving home and spending the summer searching for his mother. It had taken him a whole year just to get used to the idea but, thanks to the internet and his laptop, it had only taken a matter of days to track her down. He packed that day and left for Las Vegas, ready with a purpose and armed with many questions and more then a few harsh words for the mother that abandoned him. Yet when he actually got to the famed corrupt city, the feelings of being lost kicked in again along with the doubt. As soon as he stepped off the plane he doubted his purpose for being here and lost his nerve. So he had spent the entire day just wandering the streets, numbing taking in the sights and wondering how this town could be so similar, yet so different from his own. But now the idle wandering was starting to get to him and he yawned, deciding to just head back to his room and get some rest before deciding what to do about his mother.

:o: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - :o:

        The elevator door opened up and Kyle's eyes were instantly drawn to the intertwined couple making out at the back of the elevator. It took him a minute to realize that the two lovers were both men. The realization shocked him a little and he dipped his head, scratching the back of his neck and stepping into the elevator. He turned so that his back was facing the other men in the elevator, pushing the button for his floor and trying to mind his own business. It wasn't the first time that he had seen a gay couple; a few of the guys in his dorm were gay and had even dated. Privately, the idea and sight of two men together always turned Kyle on a little but he knew that with a father that was the sheriff in a small southern town, it was better to just keep his mouth shut. People were far from accepting of that kind of thing in Louisiana and he had too much to stake on some kind of strange sexual whim. So he just kept his thoughts to himself and kept on dating mindless cheerleader after mindless cheerleader.

        Even though, Kyle couldn't help but let his eyes wander around the elevator, lolling his head to the side a little and catching sight of the face of one of the guys. Holy shit. He stared for a second, his eyes widening as he saw his presumably straight English professor pinned against the elevator wall by another guy. He quickly turned his eyes back towards the elevator doors, trying to mentally work through the surprise. Here he was, 3,000 miles from home, and he runs into his apparently gay teacher with his boyfriend, going at it in an elevator. It's a small world after all. Kyle joked mentally, trying to keep himself from blurting out something stupid or getting too nervous at the prospect of his teacher turning him on. He was saved from both scenarios as the elevator jerked to a halt, the sounds of scratching metal and creaking hinges filling the uncomfortable silence in the small space, replacing all feelings of discomfort with the fear of being trapped.

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