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Broken Promises, Broken Hearts, Part One

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list April 13, 2002

Name: Bianca
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Title: Broken Promises, Broken Hearts
Chapter #: 1 / 2
Category: M/M Slash
Pairing: Alex/Michael
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Please don't sue, I swear I'll put 'em back where I got 'em! I own nothing! If I did own anything of value, you think I'd spend my time writing about fictional characters and their sex- capades? I think not.
Summary: This is set after Destiny, Michael and Maria are broken up, as are Isabel and Alex, you know the drill. Michael and Alex have been together in secret for a while; it's their anniversary.
Author's Note: Thankies to Zia, my Smut Puppy, for reading my fic and inspiring me! One Step Closer is the best!
Warnings: Do not read if you're of a weak stomach. Full on guy- giddiness and twisted fantasies.
Spoilers: Up to and through Destiny.

        Alex sat on his bed, wiping the tears forming quickly in his eyes. He'd done it again; he'd forgotten that they were supposed to meet tonight. Normally Alex didn't let it upset him so much, but this time was different, it was their one-year anniversary. Could you consider it a year of being together if they were only together in secret? Alex understood why he wanted it to stay a secret, and truth be told, he didn't really want one of his best friends to know that he'd snagged her boyfriend.

        He continued to sit on his bed, running his hands through his hair and trying to let himself believe that they were really over this time. The window creaked as it opened slowly. Alex turned away, facing the opposite direction on his bed. He bit his lip slightly and tried to keep his voice level. "Your late." He listened carefully for every move his lover made. "Sorry" was all the other boy offered as explanation. Typical. "I can't keep doing this. Not anymore." Alex tried to put as much conviction in his voice as he could. Alex felt the bed creak and the weight shift as his lover crawled up behind him, resting his head on Alex's shoulder. Alex tried his hardest not to, but slowly turned his head to look into the other boy's face. The smooth, sexy lips. The fiery amber brown eyes burning into his own. The slightly disheveled, signature hair brushing against Alex's throat. For a second Alex forgot why he was mad and a quiet whisper slipped past his lips. "Michael..."

        Michael looked at the slightly pink eyes and felt a stab of guilt. He hated having to do this to him over and over, but he didn't want anyone to figure out their secret. He wasn't ashamed of their relationship, he just wanted to keep Alex safe. If no one knew then no one could try to use Alex to get to him. "Max's 'meeting' ran over. I got here as soon as I could." He saw a flash of remembrance in Alex's eyes and felt him pull away. "No... Michael... there's always an excuse, always a reason. I can't keep doing this." Alex muttered quietly, moving away from Michael as he remembered why he was mad in the first place. Michael sighed and moved closer to Alex as he sat back against his headboard. They went through this same argument rhythmically. He knew what was coming next and he was already getting hard. "Sorry. It won't happen again." He leaned in and kissed the side of Alex's neck, sucking softly. He kissed his ear. "I'll make it up to you."

        Alex shivered under Michael's touch and let his eyes slip shut. He had to try and fight this. To be strong. "Michael, no. It's different this time. It's not going to cut it. Tonight was special and you just blew it off." He was surprised with the courage of conviction in his voice. Michael pulled back and looked at him. "I know, I didn't mean to be late... it just happened. But I promise I'll make it up to you." Alex was about to speak up again when Michael pulled a condom and a bottle of lube out of his back pocket. Alex's breath caught in his throat and he felt dizzy. He stared at the objects Michael was holding then at Michael. "You... you want to... you want me to... I... I wa..." Michael just smiled as Alex fumbled for words. He set the things he was holding down on Alex's nightstand. "Whatever you want." He told Alex, kissing him softly. Alex looked like he was about to pass out or jump Michael, or both. He quickly moved onto his stomach under Michael.

        Michael smiled slightly and kissed the back of Alex's neck. "We have to get your clothes off first baby." Michael sat up and pulled Alex into his arms, rubbing his back softly. He pulled his shirt off slowly and kissed his chest softly, reveling in the vast expanse of skin revealed to him. "Hurry." He heard Alex whisper hoarsely. Michael pulled back and looked at him, kissing him softly. "I want everything about this to be perfect." He told him quietly, running his hands over his chest and pulling at his nipples softly until he heard Alex gasp. Looking down, Michael was aware of the erection pressing against the confines of Alex's pants. Michael reached down between them and cupped him gently through the fabric. Alex jerked slightly and gripped Michael's shoulders hard. "What's wrong?" He asked quietly, worried. Alex bit his lip slightly. "I've been wanting this for so long, and now it's happening... I just can't believe it..." He said in a low voice, slightly embarrassed. Alex's embarrassment faded as Michael gave him one of his rare smiles and kissed him hard.

        Together they slowly undressed each other, article of clothing by article of clothing. Michael took Alex's face in his hands and kissed him, tongue darting out to wet his lips and part them slowly. He tentatively dipped his tongue into the sweet recesses of Alex's mouth. Lying back onto the bed slowly, Alex wrapped his arms around Michael and pressed his straining body flush against Michael's stronger one. It seemed like hours had passed before Michael pried his mouth from Alex's and pulled back, looking down at him. "Turn over." He whispered, his voice deep with lust. As hot as he was, Michael couldn't help but smirk slightly when he saw Alex flash him one of his big goofy signature grins. Alex quickly turned so he was laying flat on his stomach underneath his lover. He couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. He'd been dreaming about this since before being with Michael was even a possibility, but he never thought Michael would drop his guard that much.

        Michael moved up on the bed to kneel next to Alex, who turned to lie on his side and face Michael, as well as the nightstand by the side of his bed. Michael reached for the condom, but his hand was pushed aside as Alex took it into his hands, tearing it open, all the while staring at Michael's now throbbing erection. Being a teenage guy himself, he knew that hard-ons were a regular and very common occurrence, but it never ceased to amaze him that he could bring Roswell's own Stonewall Guerin to the point of sexual arousal. Alex raised himself up on his elbow and moved closer to Michael. Slowly, meticulously he rolled the condom onto Michael's waiting manhood. The light brushes of Alex's fingers over Michael's sensitive skin almost sent him over the edge. He wanted nothing more then to grab Alex and just take him, hard and fast. But he wanted this to last, for Alex, he knew Alex wanted this and he wanted to give him exactly what he wanted. He never would have figured Alex for the kinky type but Isabel had taught Michael some things and one night he dared to dreamwalk Alex. He watched in utter shock as he saw all of Alex's wildest and kinkiest fantasies. That night he woke up, chilled with sweat running down his back and an aching hard-on tenting his sweat pants.

        Alex finished his careful work and looked up at Michael, he watched the amber eyes darken with lust to the point where they were almost black. Alex could clearly see Michael's eyes clouded over with passionate thoughts, and despite his lack of self-confidence, he knew they were about him. To bring Michael out of his thoughts, he leaned in and kissed him deeply, suckling and nipping gently at his soft lips. He smiled triumphantly as a low groan escaped Michael's throat and his hands entangled themselves into Alex's short hair. Michael watched, slightly dazed, as Alex pulled back and laid back down, looking at Michael expectantly. Michael's tongue darted out to run over his own reddened and slightly swollen lips. Alex rarely ever initiated any physical means of their relationship, but when he did, it was amazingly sweet and passionate.

        Michael moved slowly over Alex, resting his weight on his arms and lowering himself so he was sitting on the backs of Alex's thighs. He reached over and grabbed the tube of sex lube. He carefully squeezed a liberally amount onto his fingers, not wanting to risk the chance of causing him pain. Michael leaned in and kissed Alex's lower back, taking a deep breath and bracing himself. With his free hand, Michael slowly parted Alex's supple flesh in search of his goal, Alex's entrance. His shaking hand delayed the process but in the end he was victorious. He carefully slid his well-lubed fingers passed Alex's puckered entrance and into his tight passageway. Michael's mouth fell open in sheer shock and excitement. Alex let out a gasp, slowly turning into a groan of pure pleasure. As a result of Alex's reaction, Michael became increasingly bolder and slowly started to massage Alex's tight walls. It was Michael's turn to gasp when Alex clenched his muscles around Michael's deliciously long fingers. "Michael," he warned in a lusty growl. Alex's tone changed dramatically as Michael pressed his fingers deeper before slowly edging them from Alex's body. His voice rasped as he begged Michael. "Please, please Michael... now, I need you now..." he panted aloud, cocking his head to the side slightly to beg Michael with his eyes. The fact that Alex was already greased up and ready to go, coupled with the need in his voice and eyes that only mirrored Michael's emotions, Michael couldn't wait any longer. Raising up on his elbows and moving up Alex's body slowly until their hips were parallel, he positioned himself at the aching entrance. With amazing accuracy, Michael eased his own rock hard cock into the tiny entrance waiting to be stretched to maximum capacity. Low grunts escaped both of their throats as they both stilled, getting used to their new uncharted closeness. As an after thought, Michael raised his hand up to Alex's hip and concentrated, opening a connection to block the pain accompanied with their love making. Without trying, the connection erupted and flared between them. The sensations overwhelmed them both, and Michael became even harder if it was even physically possible. He had to feel the sweet friction they both knew was coming, he longed for it. They moved together in tandem, slowly at first but speeding up as their needs rose. Michael gently drove his hips into Alex as Alex, in turn, bucked his hips back up against Michael's. Soon, a natural rocking motion formed and the friction began to drive Alex insane. He wanted more, no, he needed more. Experimentally, he adjusted himself to rest the brunt of his weight on his forearms and pulled his legs up underneath his own body until he was on his knees, under his lover's languid ministrations. Michael gasped when he felt Alex move, fearing for the worst, when Alex was in fact, just changing positions, a move hopefully to entice Michael deeper. Alex got his wish. With a deep, almost inhuman growl, Michael began to pound his throbbing cock into Alex's awaiting tightness, while trying not to succumb to the feelings overtaking his body and mind. As they neared a mind-shattering completion, the flashes began.

        The roaring connection blasted Michael with a rush of feelings and flashes he knew to be Alex's. He saw and felt Alex's brotherly affectionate feelings for Liz and Maria. He experienced first hand the pain Alex suffered from Isabel's repeated dismissals of his puppy love sentiments. But what hit home the most for Michael was that buried beneath Alex's acceptance of their secret relationship were feelings of rejection and heart breaking agony. Alex believed that he didn't take their relationship seriously or worse, was somehow ashamed of Alex. Contrarily, Alex saw Michael watching a young Max and Isabel walking away into a cold desert night. He saw the ways in which Michael had been abused by his foster father, both physically and emotionally. Alex felt the pain and devastation that Michael suffered through until he found Max and Isabel again. That pain was never eased though; it was transformed into a never-ending search for the truth. The flashes progressed pretty uneventfully until Alex saw what had gone through Michael's mind when Liz Parker was shot and when Michael had been thrown off balance. Alex could feel something gnawing away at Michael and felt it grow until the flash where he and Michael had shaken hands as he and the others saved him. Then all Alex could feel was the attraction Michael felt for him. The flashes became more intense, with more emphasis on Alex as they progressed. Alex could plainly feel the attraction, respect, and budding love Michael felt for him.

        Even though the flashes seemed to last forever, the end came relatively quick. They both let out grunts and groans of pure ecstasy as they came in unison. After gaining his composure, Alex felt Michael slowly slide out of him and groaned tiredly at the loss. He was definitely glad that his parents were out for dinner and a movie tonight. Alex's mind was still swimming as Michael laid out next to him, on his side. Michael, exhausted from their sexual escapades, laid down and pulled a still shaky Alex into his arms. He lazily trailed his fingers over Alex's back, skin gliding against skin covered in a light sheen of sweat. Michael kissed Alex's throat and vaguely recollected tasting the bitter saltiness of Alex and breathing in his sweet scent. Sweet and salty, perfect. Michael could have stayed like this forever, but in an instant, things were changed, and irreversibly so. He heard Alex's voice, muffled against Michael's shoulder, whisper the three words that would end it all. "I love you."

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