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Goodnight, It's Time To Go

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list March 15, 2001

Title: Goodnight, It's Time to Go
Author: Aunty Mib
Series: Love Song Trilogy
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Max/Kyle
Rating: pg 13
Betas: Cudos to Brandi, citizen and Ruth for there work in cleaning up some of my mistakes and improving this story immensely. Love you guys.
Spoilers: Up to "Surprise"

Goodnight, It's Time to Go.

Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, oh!
Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, oh!
I hate to leave you but I really must say
GOODNIGHT, sweetheart, good night.

Well, it's three o'clock in the morning
Baby, I just can't treat you right
Well, I hate to leave you baby
Don't mean maybe
Because I love you so.

Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, oh!
Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, oh!
I hate to leave you but I really must say
GOODNIGHT, sweetheart, good night.

Now my mother and my father
Might hear if I stay here too long.
One kiss and we'll part
And you'll be going
You know I hate to see you go.

Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, oh!
Goodnight, sweetheart, well it's time to go, oh!
I hate to leave you but I really must say
GOODNIGHT, sweetheart, good night.

* * *

        Kyle was not having the greatest of evenings. He didn't even know what he was doing at Isabel's surprise birthday party anyway. The Evans had never been friends of his... until recently... sort of. And THAT opened a whole can of worms that he wasn't willing to deal with, thank you very much.

        Some of his friends from the football team were there, not that they were great friends of Isabel. Isabel had a whole beehive of drones waiting for her to notice them. Kyle had tried to distract his friends from questions about 'what the hell Tess was doing living with him and his dad' by pulling his patented macho jerk act. He had bitched about Tess' lingerie strewn all over the bathroom and had said, "She had better be doing me." just as his boyfriend's MOM walked by.


        He had covered for himself quickly. That was dead embarrassing. At least it would make Mrs. Evans less suspicious about him spending so much time with Max lately.

        This whole 'gay' thing was confusing to him. What the hell was going on with that? He had managed to convince himself over the last couple of months that the <i>thing</i> between him and Max was some sort of Martian love spell type of thing.

        'Hey! I'm a football player. I can't stand Barbra Striesand or the Backstreet Boys. I don't look at Ricky Martin's 'bonbon'. I just happen to be hung up on a guy who dissolved a bullet in me with a touch of his hand. You have to admit that getting healed of a death wound is something that doesn't happen everyday.'

        It didn't help that the other guys on the team made faggot jokes all the time. When the school nurse had put up AIDS information posters Kyle had helped with scrawling, "Adios, Infected Dick Sucker" on them. The jokes didn't seem quite so funny now. Kyle wondered whether any of the other guys on the team laughed along with the jokes for the same reason he did even though he was bleeding inside. He knew it was safer to never, ever let anyone else know, even though he wanted to tell everyone.

        Then that fucking twerp Alex Whitman did a Village People striptease. And Kyle wanted to chew off the rest of his clothes and bathe him in chocolate. Pure raw lust.

        OK. Max could be justified, but ALEX?

        It looked like the football player had a thing for cute guys, period. Deal with whatever the Universe happened to give you. Thank heavens that the cutest guy in the Universe had a thing for cute football players as well.

        So he was stuck at the party with all this feminine froufrou all over the place, trying to distract some of the guests while the Martians were out looking for his sister. (whooops! Freudian slip.)

        The Martians had pretty much all taken off except for Michael. Michael was doing something in the kitchen that Kyle didn't want to know about. The Tabasco and sweet stuff was weird enough but even the other Martians thought that Michael had strange tastes. (He drank grape soda with soy sauce, Yech!)

        Kyle made up a plate out of the buffet for whenever Max would come back. Cheeseburger with guacamole, salsa, sour cream and Nutrasweet, french fries with maple syrup and ketchup, brussel sprouts and a Rootbeer with vinegar. He set up a little table in the corner for the two of them.

        God, his dad thought that Kyle was weird when he used to eat peanut butter n' bacon sandwiches. But Brussel sprouts? They had to be the most disgusting, slimy, bitter vegetable ever invented. Biting into them gave the same squelch as stepping in fresh dog shit. They were a plot by parents and nutritionists to force kids to get vitamins in the most horrid version possible. He would never understand how Max could like them.

        But all of that sweet n' spicy stuff was something that he could sort of hang with. Max had once given him a Valentine heart with candy cinnamon hearts and a little card that said, "A Valentine for my Valenti." Kyle felt like he ought to be nauseated by the girliness of it except that it was the most adorable thing anyone had every done for him.

        The little hearts were shiny and red as Maria's nail polish. He had sucked on one candy. Max grabbed a handful and chewed on them. His lips were so full and red that Kyle couldn't resist. The taste of the candies in Max's mouth were full and sweet and spicy when Kyle slipped his tongue inside. He would always think of Max's kisses as sweet and hot.

        Kyle saved the card (and the bow).

        The door opened and the missing kids entered. Kyle's heart skipped a beat when he saw Max. This was real annoying. He didn't want to like Max but Kyle's body turned to him like a plant turned toward sunshine and water ran to the sea. Everything that Kyle thought he was or thought he wanted to be dissolved at the thought of the Evan's boy. Kyle could have handled that -- if only Max hadn't loved him back. Coming out would be difficult enough on it's own to have it mixed up with falling in love at the same time; it was like living without a skin, just raw flesh that reacted to every hint of a breath or touch of the hand.

        Mrs. Evans shrieked and dropped her glass. Tess was hurt really badly. Oh, Sweet Lord! Kyle ran over to her. She had a cut on her head that was still oozing blood and bruises all over her arms. What the hell had happened?

        Kyle wondered in a rage, "What the hell had happened? Who had done this to her?" Kyle took a hold of Tess and helped her to the back.

        Maria was babbling something about a car accident. Like NO WAY did this type of bruising come from a car accident, there were too many planes. She had been hit from behind and above and from each of the sides. Someone had worked her over.

        Mrs. Evans and Isabel took over getting her calmed down and cleaned up. Max touched Kyle and his shoulder and whispered, "Let's talk."

        Kyle took Max over to the little table where Max's barf-bag special and Kyle's Veggie Platter where waiting for them. Max waved his hand over the food and made it steaming hot.

        Kyle sat down and spoke in a calm quiet voice. He didn't want to raise anyone's suspicions that anything was going on. "What happened? Who did that to her?"

        "Senator Whittaker happened. She was the Skin."

        "I want a piece of her."

        Max reached into his pocket and took out a 2 X 3 inch scrap of epidermal.

        "Here, I thought you might have wanted the largest piece left."

        Kyle raised his eyebrow.

        Max stated archly, "It seems as if Isabel might have developed some new ability under stress."

        "Good! Considering that you guys are refugees from an entire planet at war , something a bit more aggressive than dream-stalking might be useful."

        Kyle took a slurp of his pop. He glanced around the room and no one was paying any attention to the two of them. He rubbed his sneakered foot up against Max's leg.

        "I don't ever want to lose you."

        The two of them played footsies as they ate. The jukebox played selections of songs from the 40s and 50s in the background.

        After eating, Kyle and Max headed to the back to make sure that Tess was OK. She'd been a little shaken up but the girl had spunk.

        She wasn't OK. She was damn near in shock, curled up in a little ball in her chair and trembling as Maria stroked her hair. Kyle felt guilty.

        He pushed Max. "Why the hell didn't you tell me that she was this bad? She has to go to the hospital ASAP."

        Max tried to put his hands on his shoulders. "Calm down, Kyle."

        "Fuck you, Evans! Get your fucking hands off me. I swear I'll knock your block off. She's going to the hospital, NOW!"

        "And within 24 hours of her getting a blood test she's gonna be in a White Room all of her own. It's not safe to let anyone else know about who or what we are. Maybe it would be OK to let someone know. But sooner or later, someone who hates us because we're different will find out. Your people aren't very nice to those who are different."

        Kyle let Max put his arms around him. Max kept on speaking, "I won't let anything that bad happen to her if I can possibly prevent it. I've been tortured before and so has Michael. We've been there. Tess needs to feel safe right now and she won't be safe among a group of strangers. I already healed any internal damage-she won't let go of the bruises and cuts. It was the same thing with Michael. Being able to show people that something bad happened makes it easier to deal with. You're going to have to trust me, my Valenti."

        "I trust you with my life and with my heart. I'm not so sure that I can trust you with my family." Kyle gave Max a tight squeeze then let go and turned away. "Deal with it."

        Kyle pulled a chair up beside Tess and held her gently. She cried in his arms for a moment then fell asleep. Max pulled up a chair beside the two of them. Just to be near.

        Kyle remembered the last time he had attended his Grandpa's church. It had been right after they had found Matthew Shepard crucified in Montana.

        Him and his dad were sitting with his grandfather. The preacher proclaimed from the pulpit.

        "Justice is mine, saith the Lord. I want the entire congregation to say with me after every name. God will not be mocked."

        He started listing off the names of men who had died of AIDS or queer- bashing. After each name the congregation shouted out 'God's will be done' or 'Hallelujah!'

        "Liberace, dead of AIDS."

        "God's Justice be done."

        By the time the minister held up a photo of Matthew Shepard, Sheriff Valenti had put on his coat and his hat. He stood up, told Kyle to come with him and walked out. Kyle was humiliated at all the people staring at the two of them and never went back. He was proud of his father now.

        Liz came into the room and started talking at Maria in a high brittle voice. She kept trying to catch the eyes of either of her old boyfriends so that she could snub them. She became more irritated by the moment by the fact that they didn't even notice her ignoring them.

        Maria noticed Courtney and Michael talking in the kitchen. She left the room and the four of them overheard her chewing out Michael.

        Michael came into the staff room with a large, poorly made, birthday cake. He looked relieved to get away from the two blonde waitresses. He went back and got two bowls of icing, one white and one pink, and started icing the cake.

        Alex stormed through the room, dropping a backpack with his costume at the foot of the table. Max said, "Hi, Alex."

        Alex raved, "Where is she? I swear I'm gonna kill her."

        "Which her?"

        "Both of them! Maria for talking me into this and Isabel. Isabel told me a couple of days ago, 'I'm just not ready to date anyone right now.' Then she shows up tonight with her date. Mr. Expensive-Blue-Roses. Ha!"

        Alex threw his arms up in the air like he were auditioning for a role as Diana Ross.

        Michael gestured toward the kitchen from whence it was possible to hear Courtney and Maria bitching at each other. Alex barged in.

        Kyle looked at Max and the two of them started laughing.

        Michael said, "What???"

        Kyle said, "Look's like Alex is a bit clueless around women. There is no way that I would go into that room right now. It would be like smearing myself with meat tenderizer and doing a walking tour of African Lion Safari."

        Courtney stormed out of the room followed by Maria then Alex looking forlorn.

        Liz grabbed Maria and Alex and gabbled about how Senator Whittaker had been a two-faced alien bitch. "You really can't trust any of them." All three of them were all having troubles with aliens in their love-lives.

        Michael finished icing and cutting the cake. He shyly offered each of them a piece. Only Max and Kyle took him up on the offer. Kyle choked on the first bite.

        Liz smirked at him. "You just don't seem to lear, do you Kyle? They can pretend to be human but they don't honestly understand us, much less care about our feelings. But don't worry, give Max enough time and he'll teach even you how to be insensitive."

        Maria punched her lightly on the shoulder. "Chill! Don't be such a mega -bitch."

        Michael took the cake out into the main room. Maria took some pity on Alex and listened to him vent some of his hurt feelings and embarrassment. Liz went back to ignoring everyone yet again. Kyle held Tess gently in his arms and let her sleep. He was aware of Max sitting behind him, just to be close to him and Tess.

        Kyle let himself live in the moment. Two of the three people he cared about the most in this world or any other were with him. He didn't need to say or do anything.

        Michael came back and hung around Maria with a hangdog look on his face. It was so obvious that he was waiting for her to make the first move and that she had no intention of doing so.

        Isabel swept into the room way overdressed in her gown. Alex broke off his conversation with Maria and grabbed his gym bag.

        Tess woke up and reached for Isabel. Kyle gave Isabel his seat and Tess started crying all over again.

        Liz made yet another bitchy statement then took off. Maria was a bit embarrassed she came over and said something comforting to Tess then followed Liz out of the restaurant.

        Max had an expression on his face like Liz had just kicked him in the 'nads. Kyle could sympathize, he had once been in love with Liz as well. It was pretty obvious that the two of them still weren't over each other yet. He hoped that when Max eventually broke up with him that he would be more gracious than Liz was being.

        Michael made a lame excuse and bailed. Isabel tried talking with Alex but he was damn pissed at her. He grabbed his stuff and opened the door to the alley way.

        This was quite a scene for Kyle and Max to witness. Max cleared his throat, "Umm, where's Michael?"

        Through the open door they all heard a woman yell, "You ARROGANT stupid unmitigated ASSHOLE."

        Kyle snickered. Max said, "Never mind."

        Kyle grabbed his walkman and the three of them headed out the door just as Courtney slapped Michael, spun around on her red pumps and flounced away.

        Kyle couldn't help himself. He snickered at the sight of the dumbass Guerin looking stunned and rubbing his jaw. "Way to go, Man! You pissed off two chicks in the same evening. Whoa! Whoa!"

        He and Max had some fun teasing both Michael and Alex, getting in some quality male-bonding at the same time.

        Kyle had an impulse to tell his two friends that he and Max had solved the whole battle of the sexes problem. He didn't think that he was quite ready to 'out' himself, even in a joke. But he would never feel 'ready', he would just have to do it with the full risk involved. Anyway, both of the guys were still pretty upset and needed some time to chill.

        Alex was struggling under the weight of his gym bag and Michael took it for him. Alex sighed and said, "Where's Isabel. I guess I really DO have to talk with her."

        Kyle thought about it for a minute. This would be an awful timing for the inevitable breakup. "Sorry, dude. She is long gone by now."

        Kyle lent against the wall of the alley. It was just too fucking much to be this close to Max and pretend that nothing was going on. G-ddamn! These were their best friends in the world. Why couldn't he and Max just relax for a while?

        Max whispered into Kyle's ear. "Let's tell them. I'm so tired of pretending that I don't love you. I want to shout it out to the world."

        Kyle looked over at the other two, they seemed to be caught up in a world of their own as well.

        "Hey Guys. Do y'wanna hang out? Go up to the park with some Pepsi n' Tabasco and shoot the shit n' stuff? Or maybe let's drive around for a while."

        Max joined in, "Neither of you have had the greatest night tonight. Why don't we do some of that red-blooded-heterosexual-American-teenage-boy- male-bonding as seen on Dawson's Creek?"

        Kyle reached out and tugged on one of Max's amply endowed ears.

        He whispered to Max, "Heterosexual?"

        "Well, I think if I said 'homosexual male bonding' I'd freak them out a little."

        "They might not be...."

        "MAX!" Alex yelled.

        Kyle and Max backed away from each other fast. Kyle had wanted to tell their friends about their relationship not demonstrate. If Max were ready, well he would trust him.

        Alex walked over to Max, "Did your Mom say that I had nice NIPPLES!"

        Kyle and Max both grinned, they weren't busted quite yet. And this was such the perfect opportunity to rag Alex.

        Kyle started the tag-team, "No way Dude. Uh-uh!"

        Max followed, "My Mom said that you had a cute butt."

        Kyle said, "The one who said you had nice nipples was my Dad."

        Alex sulked "Ha-ha. Funny guys."

        Kyle touched Max on his shoulder. "Should I tell him that he does have nice nipples?"

        Alex stamped his foot. "Guys, pay attention for five seconds. I want to know how bad things are. Think of all the trouble that I went through. Do you guys have any idea how uncomfortable it is to wear a thong?"

        That was easy, both of the athletes said, 'Yes!'

        Kyle pointed out, "Both of us are on the wrestling team."

        Max continued, "Thongs or rather jockstraps are a part of the uniform. Trust me, you start wrestling and those things can get tight!"

        Max and Kyle both blushed at that rather too revealing revelation.

        Alex spun around, remarkably like Courtney, and went over to Michael.

        Max whispered again to Kyle. "I might be imagining it, but don't you think that there's a bit of Sexual Tension going on over there?"

        "Big time! But I don't think that they've figured it out. Think of how long it took us to figure it out. And that was with the help of some naked dream sharing."

        "Ahh! You figured it out a long time ago."

        "That's because I love you so."

        As soon as the other two left the alley, Kyle and Max kissed. They just got closer and closer to one another until their lips met. The first few times that they had been alone together they had pawed at each other like hungry wolves. Now they could appreciate the slow building of affection. They could appreciate the wonder of kissing someone you loved with their mouths shut and their eyes closed. Holding hands was something special.

        The alley was lit by a flickering yellowish lamp. And it didn't smell that nice either. But for the two young men it was moonlight in a meadow lit by the summer moon.

        It was a nice night and so the two of them walked to Max's home taking the long path through the alleys and the parks. Sometimes they would just hold hands, arms swinging between them. Their steps would synchronize as if the two of them were one. In one of the parks, Max pulled Kyle up against and tree and the two of them hugged and kissed for nearly an hour.

        It seemed like forever and no time at all. But they were finally at the Evans' house. It was three o'clock in the morning and the streets were deserted. Kyle had his thumb through one of the beltloops of Max's jeans and Max's hand was around his waist. They necked on the porch for a few minutes.

        Max pulled back. "It's 3:00 in the morning. I guess you'd better go home now."

        Kyle said, "OK. Just a kiss, only a kiss and I'll go."

        Max snuggled closer to him and Kyle's lips touched his. Kyle covered his beautiful face in tiny butterfly kisses. Max moaned and ran his hands up and down Kyle's back.

        Kyle kissed his way to Max's ears. He took an earlobe between his teeth and bit down gently. Max groaned, an animal sound from deep in his throat and arched his back. He surfed on the waves of pleasure. Max knew that the only way to distract Kyle was to give Kyle equal pleasure.

        Max pulled Kyle's T-shirt out of his pants and over his head. Kyle looked as if he had put a bra on backward.

        Max stroked one of Kyle's nipples with his thumb. The nipple grew hard under Max's skilled hands. He took the other nipple in his mouth as he pinched the first one.

        Kyle rocked back and forth. He ran his fingers through Max's nightfall of hair and tenderly played with his ears.

        He said, "Max! Stop, please stop."

        Max backed away and Kyle kissed him passionately. "I honestly have to get up early tomorrow morning. Goodnight, Sweetheart, goodnight."

        Max looked him directly in the eyes. The faded denim blue Valenti eyes.

        "You can stay here tonight. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms and wake up with you beside me. Baby, don't go."

        They kissed again tenderly with the promise of future passion. Then Max unlocked the door and taking Kyle by the hand led him inside.

        The End

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