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Sleep to Dream

Reply to Astrid

Posted to the Liz_and_Tess mailing list April 3, 2001

Title: Sleep To Dream
sequel to Changing, Literally
Author: Astrid
Dedication: to Courtnay, one of my fave Catfighters!
Disclaimer: Don't own anything Roswell or WB, not affliated with either of them.
Archive: my site; RSA is welcome to post it; if you want it, all you gotta do is ask
Summary: Liz's POV on what's going on between her and Tess. Takes place about two weeks after Changing, Literally. Rating: R
Feedback: Please! I love it! I crave it!

        It's been two weeks since the, uh, button incident. That night, Tess came to me in my dreams, bashful yet again. She's having trouble dealing with her emotions. Her weaknesses. She's become my weakness and the only person who turns me on.

        She stopped dreamwalking me a few days ago. She's been avoiding me, even at work. I think she might regret it. Probably just raging teenage hormones confusing her poor succulent body. Did I just use the word succulent? I miss the feel of her body. What I wouldn't give for an hour of unadulterated wanton passion with her. Just once.

        I'm on a beak right now and Max is telling me that he loves me. He pulls me close to him and kisses me. When I pull away, we both watch Tess as she walks by, looking completely unphased, and continues to serve the customers. As Max walks away, I wonder if he knows that I was thinking about Tess.


        By the time I finish out front, she's gone. Already changed and everything. My heart sinks a deeper in my chest. I don't even bother to put my clothes on after I take off my uniform; I run up the stairs, straight to my room, ready to cry. I close the door behind me, unclasp my bra and flip on the light switch before blindly throwing my bra onto my bed.

        "Hey! Watch it!"

        I jump at the sound of the voice and turn to see Tess sitting on my bed.

        "You scared the hell out of me! Why are you here? Why have you been avoiding me?"

        "I was scared. I am scared."

        "Of what?"

        "These feelings. Wants. Desires," Tess says looking down. She looks back up at me, "You."

        "Why me?"

        "Because you're the only being I've ever come across that makes me want to forget about everyone and everything else in the universe. And you make me feel things I've never felt before."br> "I can make you feel even more things you've never felt before," I say, standing right in front of her.

        "Like now. I want to grab your hips and just start doing things to you with my mouth and my tongue. And...and it's turning me on. A lot."

        "Tess, you do the same to me. You don't have to fight it. I want to be with you, too. I--"

        I'm cut off by her mouth covering mine. We sit down on the bed and her lips move down my neck and then back up to my lips. I recline our bodies down onto the bed and Tess pulls away and moves down the bed. She waves her hand over me, disintergrating my panties. I watch, entranced as her head lowers, finally connecting with my body, her mouth immediately finding my hot spot. I arch up as I feel her tongue slithering across my flesh. Her name escapes my lips in the form of a moan. She's lapping away slowly as I gently press my fingers against her scalp. I start grinding my hips as she licks harder. All of a sudden, I feel her tongue inside of me and my ecstatic body explodes from the sensations.


        Her tongue isn't stopping as the waves end. I can feel my body starting to shake as I'm wracked with another orgasm. I feel her tongue slide across my flesh once more before she stops.

        My body is still in shock as I try to catch my breath. Tess is still near the foot of the bed, looking at me, innocently.

        "Come here," I say, propping myself up.

        She crawls up beside me and I pull her down into a kiss. I let her go and I sit up.

        "I've never done that before," she says.

        "Neither have I. Well, except for in my dreams," I say, pulling Tess' top over her head.

        Her bra clasps in the front. I run my fingers along her jaw line, down her throat, down the valley between her breats and I unclasp her bra. I guide her down so that she's lying on the bed and I stradle her. I lower my head down and I begin to suck on one of her nipples.


        I pull away and I undo the button and zipper on her jeans and I remove the rest of her clothes. I look at her--both of us completely naked on my bed--she's looking at me, expectantly. I run my hands up her legs and push them further apart. I start placing kisses along the inside of her thighs as she sighs a little. Then I kiss her. I make slow, deliberate strokes with my tongue, making Tess moan as she begins stroking my hair with her hand. I can feel her body beginning to react, her hips bucking off the bed.


        I kiss my way back up her body as she calms. Her warm lips press against mine, her tongue parting my lips.

        Breathlessly, I ask her is she wants to spend the night. "Yeah, I'd like that."


        I love this feeling. It's after 2 a.m. and Tess is alseep. We both have on panties and one of my night shirts. Tess is curled up against me, her head resting on my breats, and one of her hands placed on my stomach; I'm holding her. I can feel her breathing and her heart beating and I'm so perfectly content. This is paradise.

        As I begin to fade into a peaceful slumber of my own, I realize, I no longer have to go to sleep to dream. My dreams are becoming reality.

        THE END

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