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Isn't It Ironic?

Reply to Astrid

Posted to the Liz_and_Tess mailing list April 12, 2001

Title: Isn't It Ironic?
sequel to Sleep To Dream; part 3 of Alterations series
Author: Astrid
Dedication: to Courtnay, Emma, & Erin, three of my fave Catfighters!
Disclaimer: Don't own anything Roswell or WB, not affliated with either of them.
Distribution: my site; RSA; if you want it, all you gotta do is ask
Summary: Liz's POV. What happens when Liz & Tess decide to tell the others. Takes place about two weeks after Sleep To Dream.
Rating: PG-13
Feedback: Please! I love it! I crave it!

        Tonight's the night. Tonight, Tess and I are going to tell the others about us, our relationship. What we started four weeks ago and came into full swing two weeks ago when Tess and I first made love to one another. Now we're sitting beside each other in front of the counter, facing our friends.

        "What's up," Maria asks, leaning on the counter.

        "Tess and I have an announcement to make."

        "We've come to a conclusion and reached an agreement regarding Max and destiny. And our relationship."

        "I've decided that I can't be with Max. It's doesn't feel right anymore. We don't belong together. I belong with someone else."

        "Liz, chica, you just said you don't belong with Max," Maria says.

        "I know."

        "So, you're handing me over to Tess on a silver platter without discussing this with me in private?"

        "Actually, she's not. I don't want to be with you, Max. You may be my destiny and all but that doesn't mean that we have to be the loving couple. I'd like for us to be friends, though."

        "I never thought I'd see the day that Max Evans got burned by two girls. This is great," Kyle says, smiling a little.

        "That's it," Isabel aks. "You two just wanted to get it out in the clear that you're no longer fighting over Max?"

        "No. There's more," Tess says.

        I reach out and hold her hand, our fingers entwining. "Tess and I, we have feelings for each other and we've decided to explore them. We're a couple."

        They're all staring at us in shock. Except for Kyle that is.

        Finally, Michael speaks, "So, let me get this straight, no pun intended. You two just started talking about Max the other day and then, boom, you realized you had feelings for each other?"

        "Not exactly," Tess says. "It was more like two weeks ago that we realized that our feelings were mutually genuine."

        "Two weeks ago," Maria nearly shouts. "How is it possible that I didn't know about this two weeks ago?"

        I can see the wheels turning in Maria's head.

        "There wasn't anything between the two of you before that, was there?"

        "Well, it actually all started about a month ago. But things didn't get serious until two weeks ago," I tell them.

        "Serious as in actually talking about it or serious as in holding hands and kissing," Alex asks.

        Tess and I look at each other.

        "You've got to be kidding me," Isabel says.

        "Please, they were nearly making out when I walked in on them," Kyle says nonchalantly.


        "And when was this," Maria asks.

        "And why didn't didn't you call us so we could come over," Michael asks, just before Maria hits him.

        "It was about four weeks ago."

        "I need some fresh air," Isabel says, getting up.

        "I think I'll join you," Maria follows.

        "I'll keep an eye on you two."


        "I think I'm gonna go join them," Alex says, Kyle following him, leaving us alone with Max.

        "Aren't you gonna say anything, Max," Tess asks him.

        "What do you want me to say? I just found out that my soulmate and my destiny no longer want me and that they not only have the hots for each other but are...are intimate!"

        "It's ironic, isn't it?"

        "Yes, Liz, it is ironic. Mind explaining why it's so ironic? I'm having a little trouble processing the irony of it at the moment!"

        "Stop yelling at her," Tess says.

        "I'm sorry," Max says, trying to calm down. "Liz, would you care to explain?"

        "I hated Tess and she hated me. I was in love with you from the moment you saw into my soul and Tess was raised to think she was in love with you from the moment she was found by Nasedo. Then we started to accept each other's presence. And we were able to be civil towards each other. And sometime in there, we fell out of love with you and in love with each other. Ironic."

        "Yeah, it is. As long as you're happy," Max says as he gets up and leaves.

        The others come back inside.

        "My best girlfriend has a girlfriend. So, are you, I dunno, bi?"

        "I'm not sure," I say as Tess shrugs her shoulders.

        "I've always thought that if any of you girls hooked up with one another, that it'd be the two of you. All of that pent up rage and stuff makes for great eraser room sessions," Michael says.

        "Uh, thanks," Tess says. "I think."

        "What about me," Maria asks, sounding offended.

        "Oh no, I'm not walking into that one."

        "Too late! And what the hell are you doing picturing my best friend and Tess? And why wouldn't I have hooked up with Isabel or Tess or Liz?"

        "Well, I always thought it'd be you and Courtney when she was alive. But now, you and Iz could probably get something going."

        "This is getting to be too much. I'm going home," Isabel says.

        "I've never pictured you with any girls," Alex says.

        "C'mon, Alex, take me home," Isabel says. "Uh, congratulations, you two," she says to me and Tess before hugging us both.

        "Yeah, have fun," Alex says. "I didn't mean anything perverted by that," he adds as Isabel looks at him. They leave.

        Michael and Maria are still bickering. Kyle just sits, playing with his hands.

        "You are such a pervert," Maria says, hitting Michael before walking out.

        "I'll see you later. Have fun. And I mean that in the dirty perverted way. Just don't tell Maria," Michael says, smiling at us before going after her.

        "I lost both of you to Evans and now he's lost you both to each other. I love this! I mean, it's so great. Irony's a wonderful thing," Kyle says, laughing a little.

        "See, I told you he'd be okay," Tess says.

        "You know Kyle, that's exactly what I told Max."

        "You know, I think I got a beer can at home with Maxie-boy's name on it. This is gonna be fun," Kyle says.

        "You're not gonna get him drunk!"

        "Just a little. Besides, he needs to have a little fun. I know what he's going through. Alcohol helps. Night girls," Kyle says, walking out the door.

        "They went rather well," I say.

        "Kyle seems a bit to ready to comfort Max," Tess says. "You don't think... Nah, nevermind."

        "I think they'd be kinda cute together."

        "You think entirely too much sometimes, you know that?"

        "Yeah. Know what I'm thinking now?"

        "That we can have a lot of fun now that the others are gone," Tess says with a sly grin spreading across her face.


        "I'll race you to the bed!"

        "I was actually thinking about that booth over there," I say, with a sly grin of my own.

        "Kinky. Good thing your parents are out of town," Tess says, leaning over and placing a kiss on my lips.

        "Yeah, well, as soon as they get back, they're gonna have to get used to the fact that their little girl is growing up and has a girlfriend," I say, pulling Tess towards the booth.

        "You're gonna tell them about us," she asks me, shocked.

        I grasp both of her hands and hold them, looking in her eyes, "No, we're gonna tell them. You and me together. I love you, Tess."

        "I-I love you, too, Liz," Tess says as a few tears escape from her eyes.

        "Now, let's experiment with some Tabasco," I say, picking up a bottle.

        THE END

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