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Changing, Literally

Reply to Astrid

Posted to the Liz_and_Tess mailing list March 29, 2001

Title: Changing, Literally 1/1
Author: Astrid
Disclaimer: Don't own anything Roswell or WB, not affliated with either of them. Archive: my site, Eclectic Roswell Fanfiction; RSA, if Jose wants it; if you want it, just ask.
Category: L/T
Summary: Liz's POV on her feelings for Tess, etc.
Rating: mmm, I'm thinking PG-13
Feedback: Yes, please! I love it!

        It's amazing how your opinion of someone can just change. How you can go from hating someone to being able to stand them to being in love with them. Someone, who a year ago, had the potential to ruin your life. But then you realize, it was actually you that had the ability to ruin your life.

        Now I watch that someone, sitting with another person, flirting. It tears me apart inside to witness this. And now that someone is looking at me and flashes me a smile. Be civil or be bitchy? I half-smile back. Soon it'll be time for closing and I won't have to watch them together.

        I stand in the back room of the Crashdown and begin to unbutton my uniform. I stand there, with my uniform open, thinking about how that someone would look in one of the uniforms. Then I hear that sweet voice.


        I turn to face her, "Yeah?"

        "I was just wondering, do you guys need any help around here?"

        "Actually my dad was just talking about maybe hiring a new waitress or two the other day. He'd probably hire you on the spot."

        "Do you think...Nevermind."


        "Well, do you think that maybe I could try on a uniform? Just to see how I look in one?"

        "Why not."

        She smiles and strips down to her underclothes. She's so beautiful. I pull out an extra uniform I think might fit her and hand it to her. She slides it on and begins to button it. It's fitting her perfectly, complimenting her legs, her hips, her thighs, her waist. She begins to blush.

        "Uh, Liz, I seem to be having a little trouble getting this top button," she says bashfully.

        She's never come across as the bashful type before.

        "Let me try," I say, standing inches away from her.

        The button hole isn't quite big enough but I still try to get it through. I relish being so close to her, inhaling her scent, feeling her warm breath on my skin. And I remember that I'm basically exposing myself to her yet I don't care. The button finally pushes through.

        "There," I say, smiling. "It looks really good on you. It compliments your eys." But I'm also thinking, 'It really compliments your ass and breasts. Wanna go fool around?'

        "Thanks. Do you think you could help me get this button undone?"

        I can no longer stand being so close to her and not touching her. Frustration takes a hold of me and I yank on the fabric, shocking her and causing us both to lose our balance as she pulls back, trying to regain hers. We land in an awkward position, of course. I'm on top of her, my legs stradling hers, one of my arms pressed between her back and the floor.


        "No, it's my fault," I say, shifting slightly.

        I almost swear that I can feel her hand grazing my thigh.

        "I'm probably hurting your arm," she says, trying to get up.

        I help her up, her face stopping just an inch or two away from mine. I notice her lips and I wonder what flavor of lip gloss she's wearing and I can't help myself. I lean closer to her and runs my tongue across her top and bottom lips.

        "Liz," she breathes, her lips slightly parted and her eyes closed.

        She's placed her hand on my hips, trying to keep from falling. Or maybe she's trying to hold on to reality. Maybe this moment. Or maybe she's just holding me for the sake of touching me.

        I run my fingers through her hair and gently kiss her soft lips. I slide my tongue between her lips and I'm rewarded with the feeling of her tongue exploring my mouth. I use one hand to unbutton the rest of the uniform she's wearing. Her body shivers as I run my hand along the inside of the thighs. She moves one of her hands, cupping my breast.

        "Tess," I softly moan.

        Her body is sandwiched between mine and the wall. I can feel the heat coming off of her in waves as I unclasp her bra and slides my fingers across her flesh. She sucks on my bottom lips.

        "Hey, Tess, how much longer are you gonna--Whoa!"

        We quickly but reluctantly break apart to see Kyle standing in front of us.

        "I'll, ih, be out in a few minuites," Tess says a bit flustered.

        "Okay, I'm just gonna go back out and wait in the car," Kyle says as he turns around to leave, still in shock.

        "I guess I should be going," she says, sliding the uniform off and gathering her own clothes.

        "Think Kyle will be okay?"

        "He'll be fine. Eventually. Um, thanks again."

        "For what?"

        "For helping me with the button."

        "Anytime, Tess. Anytime."

        "Good-night, Liz."

        "Good-night, Tess."

        She turns and starts to leave.

        "Hey, Tess?"

        She looks back at me, "Yeah, Liz?"

        "Can you dreamwalk?"


        I slyly smile, "I'll probably be going to bed soon."

        She smiles, "Sweet dreams, Liz."

        "I bet they will be," I say as she leaves.

        I finish changing my clothes and look at the uniforms before putting them up.

        "God bless those buttons," I say, just before I run up to bed.

        THE END

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