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Angels Would Fall

Reply to Astrid

Posted to the Liz_and_Tess mailing list March 7, 2001

Title: Angels Would Fall 1/1 *NC-17*
Prologue to "Sleepover" series; Dedicated to all the Catfighters!
Author: Astrid
Archive: my site: Eclectic Roswell Fanfiction,
If you want it, please ask first.
Disclaimer: Don't own Roswell, characters, places, or Melissa Etheridge's song Angels Would Fall
Rating: NC-17, lotta smut towards the end. A whole lot. Had more of a plot but it got lost in the smut. Where did that plot go?
Summary: Tess' POV. How Tess really feels about Liz. Takes place about two months after "Viva Las Vegas."
Category: song-fic; UC, slash, T/L (duh!), implied M/L
Notes / Spoilers: Lyrics in italics. Through "Viva Las Vegas" except that Maria's cousin Sean got back to town shortly after Isabel's birthday. And it was Sean that Liz pretended to have slept with instead of Kyle in "End Of The World."
Feedback: Please! This is my 1st piece of slash fic and my first smutty-type fic. I love knowing what you guys think. I'll only continue to post the series on the list if I get at least one positive piece of feedback.

The rope that's wrapped around me
is cutting through my skin
And the doubts that have surrounded me
are finding their way in
I keep it close to me
like a holy man prays
in my desperate hour
it's better, better this way

So I'll come by and see you again
I'll be such a very good friend
have mercy on my soul
I will never let you know
where my mind has been

        It's not Max or Kyle or Alex or even Michael I think about; it's Liz. Liz Parker. In the past months, we've become close friends. It all started when she tried to help me get Max back in the fall. It wasn't until we hugged each other, caught up in the moment, when Kyle and Alex emerged from the ground covered in blue goo, that I felt something else. Something more than friendship. That's why I was cold towards her in Vegas. I just never thought that she'd snap back at me. I didn't think I'd be as hurt either. But Liz doesn't know that she hurt me like that. And she can't. She's still in love with Max and she thinks that I'm in love with him, too, but I'm not; yet we're friends. Isabel's been so caught up in trying to graduate early. Maria's been spending more and more time with Michael since the 'destiny' and Courtney and Laurie incidents. Alex and Kyle decided that they were best friends after nearly sharing a grave together. And well, Max being torn between being with me or being with Liz, he just started to act aloof around both of us. We were left alone. What else could we do but turn to each other; something neither of us expected, or wanted at first. But our friendship was not nearly as unexpected as my feelings towards Liz.

* * *

I've crept into your temple
I have slept upon your pew
I have dreamed of the divinity
inside and out of you
I want it more than truth
I can taste it on my breath
I would give my life just for a little, little death

So I'll come by and see you again
I'll be just a very good friend
I would not look upon your face
I will not touch upon your grace
your ecclesiastic skin

        I dream about her almost every night. Other nights I dream about Kyle or Alex or my past life as Ava. But mostly I dream about Liz. In my dreams, I can touch her, kiss her, taste her. But if I were to do that in reality, what would happen? What if I were to let her see what I really feel? Would she hate me? End our friendship? Or is it possible that maybe she feels the same? I don't think I can risk losing what I have with her. But, just once I would love to be able to really touch her without having to fear that she'll see that I want to be with her. Just once, to be able to feel her lips pressed against mine. But I can't touch her and I can't feel the smoothness of her lips on mine.

* * *

So I'll come by and see you again
I'll have to be your very good friend
if I whisper, they will know
I'll just turn around and go
You will never know my sin

        Liz and I were going to have a sleepover tonight; her parents are out of town. The front doot was unlocked when I got to her house. I called out for her but there was no answer, so I went to her room. The door was open. Liz was lying on her bed, Max on top of her, kissing her, his hands working underneath her shirt. I barely whispered her name but she heard me. She pushed Max off of her and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes of her s filling up with tears. I just stood there, frozen. She got up and pulled me away from her room, closing the door behind her.

* * *

Angels never came down
there's no one here
they want to hang around
but if they knew
if they knew you at all
then one by one the angels
angels would fall

        "Oh god, Tess, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen. Max just came over here and the next thing I knew--"

        "No, Liz, it's okay, I'm over Max. I really am. It's, it was just a shock, you know."

        Liz looked at me, confused, "Are you sure?"

        Fake smile, "Yeah. You know I want you to be happy. Max makes you happy, so be with him. If you're happy, I'm happy."

        "Then why are you crying, Tess?"

        Damned human emotions. Time to lie, "Because that leaves me alone. You'll be with Max most of the time. I don't have anyone. At least not until Kyle and Alex get over their whole 'bosom buddies' thing."

        Then Liz was crying, "Tess, I'll never leave you alone. I'll always be here for you. Even if I'm with Max, you know I'll be there if you need me."

        Then Liz hugged me. We held each other so tight. When she pulled away, her lips brushed mine. And she stopped moving. She looked in my eyes. I could tell that she had saw something. But what happened next, I can't explain. She kissed me. And we're not just talking about a friendly little kiss. Oh, no, we had a nice litle game of tonsil hockey going on until Max had to open his big mouth.

        He called from her bedroom, "Liz?"

        She pulled away from me and pushed a few strands of my hair from my face. "Yeah, Max," she called back, opening the door.

        "Should I go?"

        Liz glanced back at me, looking for an answer. I sadly mouthed the words,'go to Max,' and started to leave.

        Then she said, "Yes, Max. I think it's best that you go."

        I stopped dead in my tracks and turned back around. Liz was smiling at me. She turned back to Max. "Me and Tess have decided that it's best if neither of us pursue a relationship with you. We both value what we've found with each other too much to possibly ruin that by hurting the other."

        Max looked dumbfounded, "I uh, understand." He walked past Liz, pausing to give her a kiss on the cheek. Then he walked past me, hoping to see something.

        We heard the door close when he left. Liz walked over to me and took my hand and led me into her bedroom and sat me down on her bed. I was still in a daze from what had just happened.

        "Tess? Are you okay?"

        I looked at her, "Why did you do that?"

        "What? Kiss you? I thought that--"

        "Not that. I'll get to that later. I mean, why did tell Max to leave? I thought that you still loved him."

        She cocked her head to the side and smirked a little. "I told Max to leave because it's more important that you and I talk. And I do love Max, but not the way that I love you. In the past few weeks, you've become my best friend and more. I can't lose you."

        "So...why did you kiss me," I asked, even though I was half-aware of the reason.

        "When I hugged you and began to pull away, my lips brushed yours. I tried to do it inadvertantly--"

        "Wait, you did that on purpose?"

        "Yes. Will you let me finish?"

        I nodded my head.

        "Thank you. I had to know if you felt anything. I've been thinking about you, dreaming about you, lately. I saw a brief flash of you and I together but it wasn't enough. Then I looked in your eyes and I knew and I couldn't help myself."

        "I can accept that. But why were you up here making out with Max when I got here?"

        "He just showed up. I'd been thinking about you and then he was at the front door. When he started to kiss me, I saw flashes of you. He was thinking about you. He was picturing you while he was kissing me. That's why I kept kissing him. It was like I was kissing you, too."

        "So you don't want Max? You, you want me?"

        "Oh, Tess.." she said, putting her hand on my cheek. "Why do you think that I started crying in the first place? At first, I'd thought that you'd think that I was trying to ruin your chances with Max. Then, when you told me to be with Max, I was sure that you didn't want me."

        "I've wanted you for so long, Liz."

        "And now you've got me," she said, leaning in and meeting me for a kiss.

        Now, I'd never have thought Liz to be so dominant. At least, not until, she'd guided me back so that I was lying on her bed. She got off the bed momentarily and locked her door, turned off the lights, closed and locked her window, and closed the curtains, 'just in case,' she said. Then she sat down beside me, kissing me again. She kissed a trail down my body, slowly removing my clothes, then her own. Her skin was so soft. I felt her tongue and moaned her name. I found my fingers tangled in her hair. My body writhed under her as she continued to drive my body crazy. My moans got louder and louder until Liz finally had me screaming her name. Then Liz kissed her way back up my body, pausing at my breasts. She smiled at me devilishly and started swirling her tongue around my nipples, moving from one to the other, occasionally sucking on them and licking around my breast. While doing that, Liz had snaked her hand down between my thighs and was sliding her fingers across me. She started to slide one inside of me when I tried to thrust down to meet it, she pulled her hand back and looked up at me with that devilish smile again.

        "Patience, Tess," she said before concentrating on my breasts again. After a few seconds, I felt her hand again. This time, rubbing harder. I tried not to arch up to meet her hand. Slowly, she slid two fingers inside of me.

        She'd started to slide them in and out when she gasped. I'd taken the liberty to surprise her by placing my fingers at her entrance. We were both working each other with three fingers and also guiding each other's hands, all the while moaning and kissing. I started bucking against Liz's hand as she did the same against mine; Liz and I cried out each other's name in pleasure at the same time. We layed still for a few moments, just holding each other, looking into each other's eyes, smiling. I kissed Liz and ran my hand over her eyes, closing them. I moved to the end of the bed and spread her legs apart and knelt down between them. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I smiled at her. I held her eyes as my tongue darted out and licked a small patch of flesh down between her thighs. Her head rolled back as she moaned. I continued to slowly lick down between her legs, eliciting more moans of 'ohh, Tesssss,' and 'oh, yes.' Even though Liz enjoyed my teasing, she got frustrated.

        "Tess, please!"

        I paused and looked up at her, "Ah, ah, patience, Liz," I said before giving her a devilish smile of my own.

        "That is so not--Oh god, Tess! Yes," Liz moaned when I finally slid my tongue inside of her. Her legs were draped over my shoulders and her hands were tangled in my hair. She held me tightly to her as if she were afraid I'd leave her. Yeah, right. I had my hands cupping her ass, holding her as closely to me as I could. I swirled my tongue around and flicked it in and out a few more times before Liz was screaming my name like a banshee.

        "Oh, god, Tess. I love you.

        "I love you, too."

        "Aren't you glad I told Max to leave?"

        It was my turn to smile devishly again, "I don't know. I think we could've had a lot more fun if Max was here."

        Liz raised her eyebrow, "You don't really think..."

        Liz grabbed her phone and dialed Max's number like there was no tomorrow, "Hey, Max? It's Liz. Can you come back over. Me and Tess have been talking and we both need to talk to you again. Thirty minutes? Great. The front door's unlocked, just lock it when you get here. Tess and I'll be in my room. Bye."

        So now here we are, me and Liz, lying naked on her bed, our bodies entwined, holding each other. We don't notice the window sliding open.

        "What the fuck!" Max says, standing in front of the window with the beginning of a hard-on.

        I look over at him and roll off of Liz, "Hey, Max! Don't you know how to use the front door?"

        "What the hell is going on here? I left the two of you three hours ago and you were both crying. Now I get back to find my ex-girlfriend and wife from a previous life making out." Max says, sounding quite pissed off and turned on at the same time.

        Liz stops playing with my nipples and props herself up with an elbow and looks at Max, "Well, it's not like we could've called you while we were having hot naked lesbian sex. But after we finished Tess suggested that it might have been more fun if I hadn't kicked you out, so I called you."

        Just to help Max's growing erection even more, Liz reaches up and slides her fingers across my wet entrance then pulls me down into a kiss as I moan. I pull away from Liz and we both look at Max and his raging hard-on expectantly.

        "Well, are you gonna join us or what?" I ask him with an attitude.

        Max uses his powers to close the door and lock it. "Why not? Between you and Liz and Isabel, I got a lot of sexual frustration to get through," He says while unbuttoning his shirt and walkng towards the bed.

        Liz looks at me and raises an eyebrow at the Isabel comment. 'Maybe later,' I mouth as Max finishes stripping down. Max is standing at the edge of the bed as Liz and I guide him down to us. Oh, yeah, this is gonna be fun.

        THE END

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