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Wanting, Lusting, Tasting

Reply to Ariel

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive December 28, 2001

Title: Wanting, Lusting, Tasting
Author: Ariel
Category: Catfighter
Summary: Liz finally gets the person she's been lusting for.
Disclaimer: Not mine. SO not mine.
Spoilers: None.

        Liz stared at the girl sitting in the corner. She sat drinking a coke, through a straw.

        Liz licked her lips, as she imagined kissing the lips belonging to the girl. She imagined that her lips would taste like cherry, and Liz could almost taste her. She closed her eyes, as the images began to hit her.

        Quietly, she groaned, as she knew it would be impossible.

        Tess was meant to be with Max, and Liz was with Max.

        But if only...

        Suddenly, she realized that Tess and herself were the only two people left in the CrashDown, and that it was closing time.

        "Uh, Tess?" Liz said. "It's time for me to lock up."

        "Oh, sure Liz. I should get going. Kyle will probably be wondering where I am."


        Tess slowly gathered up her bag and book, then laid a few dollars on the table. Liz followed her to the door, so she could lock it.

        She rested one hand on the door, watching Tess as she walked out.

        She watched Tess's curvaceous butt walk, her hips swaying, and imagined what it would be like if those hips were placed against her own.

        Suddenly Tess spun around, Liz's face inches from Tess's.

        Breathing heavily, Tess kissed Liz on the lips, long and hard, then bolted.

        Liz stood there, panting. Then she realized that a draft was coming in through the door, and quickly shut it, locking it.

        She licked her lips, and tasted Tess on them. She was wrong, Tess didn't taste like Cherry, she tasted like crispy apple and Tabasco. She smiled, and quickly shut the CrashDown up, before running to her room, to dream about Tess.

        The next morning, Liz jumped up and quickly got ready for school.

        She pulled on her tightest pants, and most tiniest top, then raced off for school.

        She arrived in homeroom, and saw that Tess was already sitting there. Liz smiled at her, then quickly took her place.

        The agonizing wait for homeroom to finish was unbearable, and the only way Liz could take her mind of things was to day dream about what she'd like to do with Tess.

        As soon as the bell rang, Liz bolted, then waited by the classroom door.

        She saw the short blonde exit, and grabbed at her arm.

        "Tess. We need to talk."

        Tess nodded. "Eraser room, 4th floor, 3rd Period."

        This time it was Liz's turn to nod.

        Finally, 3rd period came. Quickly, Liz ran up to the forth floor, and ducked into the eraser room. She shut the door carefully. Tess wasn't there yet.

        Seconds later, the door opened again, and Tess walked in. She quickly shut and locked the door behind her. Liz could feel the tension mount, and she tried to ignore it.


        "Liz. About yesterday..." she began. "I'm..."

        Liz silenced her. "I liked it. I want to know if you did too."

        Shocked, Tess could do nothing but nod.

        Liz leaned in, and kissed her. Then pulled away.

        "Liz," Tess said, in a low voice. "Come here."

        Liz walked back over, and Tess captured her mouth with her teeth. Teasingly, their lips meet, then broke away, then meet again.

        Then Tess pressed against Liz's lips with her tongue, asking for admission. Accepting, Liz opened her mouth, allowing Tess's tongue to fill it. Hesitantly, Liz's tongue touched Tess's, then, realizing acceptance, she moved her own tongue into Tess's.

        They backed slowly, till the small blonde was against the wall.

        Tess's hands, un-surely, asking for permission, slid down Liz's neck. She stopped, hesitantly, and when Liz nodded, they continued down.

        They stopped at Liz's breasts, and fondled them.

        Liz's own hands were running through Tess's bouncy curls, rubbing against her scalp and neck, pulling Tess closer and closer, till they could be no closer.

        Caught up in the passion, neither heard the bell ring for lunch, nor for the end of it.

        Slowly they pulled away, surely, smiling, neither speaking. Then, just as surely, the kissed again, biting each other's lips. Kissing each others cheeks, and throat, and nibbling at ears.

        Arms everywhere, Legs tangled, fingers twisting and pulling, and touching. Tongues flicking, eyes closed, words being mumbled.

        Then the door handle rattled. They pulled apart, and looked at each other. Hair mussed, make up smudged, clothes half on and off.

        The door rattled again.

        Quickly they straightened up, brushed hair, and wiped off make up. Then Tess sat down.

        Liz unlocked the door, and opened it.

        A familiar face stared at her.


        The door swung open further, to reveal Tess sitting on the floor.


        Bewildered, Maria asked, "What are you two doing here?"

        Liz thought quickly. "We're talking about Max. Deciding what to do. This was the most private place we could think of," she said, hoping she looked fine.

        Maria stood for a moment, absorbing what she'd heard. "Ok," she said finally.

        "Do you two want to use this?" Liz asked. "Because we're finished, right Tess?"

        Liz looked over her shoulder at the young blonde.

        "Right," Tess replied, standing.

        "Sure, thanks."

        Liz and Tess walked out, and Maria, holding Michael's hand walked in. Maria still had a slightly bewildered look on her face.

        The door closed, and both Liz and Tess heard it lock. Sighing, they walked down the hall together.

        "Man, that was close," Tess said.

        "Too close," Liz agreed. "Next time lets be a little more careful."

        Tess nodded.

        Looking around, they quickly kissed, and walked off to their next class.


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