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The Hidden Secret

Reply to Ariel

Sent to the Roswell Slash Archive April 10, 2002

Title: The Hidden Secret
Author: Ariel
Category: Polecat
Summery: Liz and Tess pull Michael into their relationship
Disclaimer: Not mine. SO not mine.
Spoilers: None.

        She twisted a strand of golden hair around her finger, entrancing the girl next to her. She smiled wickedly, knowing what she was doing.

        Knowing that she had the brunette's full attention.

        She was the so called sex kitten... The devious one. The luring temptress.


        She watched as the blonde dipped a strawberry into the cream, then, being careful not to smudge her gloss, placed it into her mouth. She watched as the blonde's tongue licked at the cream.

        And when a small smudge of cream was left on her lips, the brunette leaned over, and slid a finger over the perfect lips, capturing it on her finger.

        She was the naive... The quite one. The patient godess.


        They fit perfectly together... Blonde setting off brunette with heads close together.... Plotting, planning. Slim perfecting curvaceous.

        All the while, no one suspecting. No one suspecting what they did when they were alone.


        Their relationship was perfect. Almost.

        Physical, yet emotional... And sometimes spiritual.

        Heated discussions that ended in plain heat.

        But they earned for more. For one more. One more to make them complete.


        And so they pulled the last one in. Pulling them into a thing that would last for life. A thing none of them would ever forget.

        He didn't come unwillingly.

        Especially after he found out what they were up to. What they got up to.

        What they did when the lights lowered.


        He watched. Watched as the sex kitten lured, tempting the naive one.

        He watched impatiently... Waiting his turn. His turn to join the circle... Waiting to be accepted.

        He completed the circle, made it whole. He, the rebel... The out of place one. The childish prince.


        They lasted for years. Having relationships with others. But always coming back to their small group. Their group of three.

        The rebel. The sex kitten. The naive.

        They made each other whole.

        And no one ever knew.


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