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All in One Night

Reply to Ariel

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list December 28, 2001

Title: All in one night
Author: Ariel
Category: Catfighter/?
Summary: Liz and Tess get a surprise visitor one night
Disclaimer: Not mine. SO not mine.
Spoilers: None.


        Liz Parker. Perfect Parker, as Michael used to call her.

        Smart Liz Parker. Straight-A student, bound for valedictorian, loved by Max Evans. Perfect.


        Tess Harding. Alien. Nothing, except maybe a boyfriend-stealing-evil-mind warping-hell-beast bitch.

        Bound for nothingness. Loved by no one. Imperfect.

        Tess moaned Liz's name again, as Liz pressed against Tess's breast, her fingers running through Tess's hair, nibbling her bottom lip.

        Liz cried Tess's name out, as she cupped Liz's ass, her fingers undoing Liz's bra, chewing softly on her upper lip.

        "Liz! Tess!"

        They sprang apart, hair messed, shirts off, bra's half off. Both bright eyed, red cheeked, plum swollen lipped.

        "Could you two stop doing that back here?"

        Liz turned to stare at the intruder. "Like you and Michael don't do the same thing after your shifts, Maria."

        "All right, it's different though."

        "Why?" Tess countered.

        "Because..." Maria trailed off.

        "Because it's not natural? Because it's two girls?" Liz asked.

        Maria flushed red. "Yea," she mumbled, biting her lip. "I'm sorry. It's just, weird, you know?"

        Liz and Tess nodded.

        "Look, if it bothers you that much, Tess and I will go up to my room."


        The two girls quickly gathered up their shirts, and ran up the stairs giggling.

        "Poor girl," Tess commented, as she sunk down on Liz's double bed.

        Liz laughed. "Did you see her face?"

        "It was hilarious," Tess agreed, turning to face Liz.

        Suddenly the temperature in the room rose, and Liz leaned over to Tess, and kissed her passionately. Tess immediately pullled her shirt back off, and kissed Liz back.

        Liz lay down, as they kissed, pulling Tess on top of her. Slowly, Tess kissed her lips, then her chin, and throat. Working her way down slowly, she continued to kiss Liz, until she reached the lacy top of Liz's bra.

        Liz sat up, and Tess reached around to unhook it. Slowly it fell from Liz's shoulders, onto the floor, where it lay forgotten. Liz lay back down, and Tess kissed her between her two round orbs. She kissed her way to the top of Liz's left breast, and began to suck on her taught, erect nipple. Liz's back arched in pleasure, and Tess grinned.

        She moved to the other one, where she trailed a finger around the breast, making Liz wait in pleasurable anticipation. Liz giggled as the finger trailed around, tickling her. Then Tess lowered her mouth onto the other nipple, sucking hard, and long.

        Liz's giggle turned into a moan of pleasure.

        Then Tess trailed kisses down underneath her breasts, to her belly button. Her tongue moved around the other girl's little hole, where the umbilical cord had once been. Then, just as slowly, but filled with bridled passion, she made her way to the top Liz's skirt.

        Tess rose, and slowly, but with intention, undid the zipper of the skirt. She pulled it off, and then fingered the lace panties, that matched Liz's bra. She pulled at the band, and Liz rose her body of the bed, so Tess could take them off.

        Tess obliged Liz, and threw them to the floor. Then moving back to where she had left off, Tess licked her way down, till her tongue was inside Liz's soft, warm folds. She licked around, exploring Liz's cavern, till warm juices began to flow.

        She lapped up the honey flavored juice, as Liz began to climax.

        Then Tess guided Liz's hand down her body, as she continued to lick, and soon two of Liz's fingers joined Tess's tongue.

        Liz guided Tess's tongue till she felt herself climax.

        Hearing Liz's groans of ecstasy, Tess pulled her own skirt and panties off, then stuck two fingers in herself. Following Liz's movements, Tess rubbed herself, thrusting her fingers into herself deeply, till she felt her own juices begin to flow.

        As she began to groan, her tongue fell out of Liz, and she fell to the floor, pleasuring herself. Then she felt a hand pull her fingers out herself.

        The same hand guided the fingers to the other person's mouth. The person began to lick at Tess's fingers, their tongue running all over them, licking, sucking.

        In the background, Tess could hear Liz moaning in pleasure.

        Slowly she opened her eyes, and when they focused, she looked in shock at the person licking her fingers.

        "Michael," she moaned.

        Her eyes closed again, in ecstasy.

        With a jolt, she felt Michael's hardness enter her cavern, and she sighed. Then hands fondled her breasts, pressing and sucking. She opened her eyes again, to see Michael inside her, and Liz pressing against her.

        She lay back, and felt herself climax.

        As she did, she screamed Michael's name, then Liz's.

        Then suddenly it was over, but the pressure on her breasts hadn't let up. Michael lifted himself out and off of her, and then Liz lay down on top of her.

        Tess rolled, taking Liz with her, so that she was on top. She returned the favour by sucking on Liz's breasts again then moved off her.

        "Michael," she whispered. "She wants you."

        Liz stared at him, right into his eyes, and nodded.

        Slowly he lowered himself onto her. His cock felt hard, and soon he had an erection. He began to kiss Liz passionately, then he lowered himself into her cavern.

        Her legs wrapped around him, as he slowly moved in and out of her. Her juices flowing, he found it easier, and so he moved faster and faster. Tess sat on the bed, watching in painful agony, as Liz began to cry out, as Michael went faster and faster, and as she felt herself get really turned on.

        Liz pulled at Michael's shoulders, and they rolled, Liz on top. Michael lay back, and Liz began to push herself on him, driving him deeper and deeper into her.

        Tess slid off the bed, and crawled on the floor, till she was next to Michael's face. She stood, and backed up, then sat on his stomach. Slowly she slid herself forward, until Michael's face was right beneath her cavern. His tongue slipped out, and his hands grabbed at her ass, pulling her right onto his mouth.

        Using his tongue, he pushed her hair aside, and entered her folds, licking. His tongue found her clit, making her hot with passion. Two of his fingers entered her, as his tongue rubbed against her clit. They moved around, piercing, exploring, making her writhe with pleasure. Liz's hands drew designs on her back, with her fingers, making Tess came out in gooseflesh.

        The her hands moved around to Tess's stomach, then came upwards, cupping the blonde's perfect, tan orbs. Liz continued to bounce up and down on Michael's hard cock.

        Then she moved off, and Michael drooped, in disappointment. He went back up the moment Liz licked his shaft, teasing her with tongue, rolling it around her mouth, licking it.

        In short, hot spurts, Michael came, and Liz licked it up, all the while Michael was licking out Tess.

        At the same time, all three came, then it was all over.

        They fell asleep, a mess of arms, legs, hair, sweat and cum, in exhaustion.

        The clock read 4:30 AM.


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