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Lost in His Mouth

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 24, 2002

TITLE: Lost in His Mouth
AUTHOR: Amberina
PAIRING: Michael/Alex
SPOILERS: S1 - ain't spoilin' nobody here
CATEGORY: m/m slash
SUMMARY: Michael has always been lost.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, never was, never will be (probably.)
FEEDBACK: Do you even have to ask? Of course I want it!
ARCHIVING: Any list archives can have it. If anyone else wants it, all they have to do is let me know and it's their's.

        All his life he has been lost. He'd never admit it, of course, but that doesn't matter. There's lots of things he'd never admit to. That didn't make them any less real.

        He'd never admit that he kind of liked the Spice Girls. No, not because they were scantily clad women, but because he thought that they're music was kind of good. Nope, he'd never admit that, or the fact that he liked to sing "Lady Marmalade" in the shower. But that didn't mean that it wasn't true.

        So, yes, Michael had always been lost. Maybe people guessed. Maybe they didn't. Maybe he really didn't care.

        You see, Michael hadn't lived the ideal life of Isabel or Max, and even though they were all aliens, he was just a little more unusual than they were. While they grew up with the Evans in a more or less normal home with big Sunday dinners and stories at bedtime, Michael had flittered through the system, being kicked from one foster home to another, none of them loving, none of them serving big dinners on Sunday, none of them reading to him. Michael would never admit that it bothered him, of course. But that didn't mean that it didn't.

        Michael had always felt lost. All at once close to Max and Isabel, and disconnected from them. They were the two people in the world who could understand him, and even they couldn't understand nearly enough. They tried to, of course, but never quite suceeded.

        Alex came closer than anyone. He wasn't even apart of their space clique, and he had just as happy a home as Max and Isabel, yet for some reason, he understood. How or why he understood, it didn't matter. All that mattered was being lost in his mouth, lost in his touch.

        So, yeah, Michael had always been lost, but now he had found a new kind of lost that, really, it wasn't that bad.

        THE END

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