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Denial Much?

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Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list October 4, 2002

TITLE: Denial Much
AUTHOR: Amberina
PAIRING: Max/Michael
SPOILERS: "Destiny" I guess
SUMMARY: Michael's having thoughts he doesn't know how to deal with. Rather short.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, never was, never will be (probably.)
FEEDBACK: Please. I'm usually a femslasher, and am still pretty new to male slash thing, so let me know what you think. Also, this is my first attempt at Michael other than just in passing.
ARCHIVING: List archives, and anyone who provides a link.

        This is not how things are supposed to be. These thoughts are not supposed to be in his head. They're just not. He is in semi-love, i.e. lust with Maria. That's normal. She drives him a little crazy, but he likes her. She's a nice girl, and she's certainly attractive. That's why he shouldn't be having these thoughts.

        Then there's Isabel, who he is supposedly destined to be with. Not so normal, but still more acceptable than the thoughts. Really, these thoughts have to stop.

        You see, Michael is not gay. He can't be. He has always been straight. So these thoughts aren't supposed to be in his head. Because he's not gay. He can't be.

        So, these thoughts, whenever he sees Max, they are wrong. They can't be his own. Because he is not gay. The thoughts, they have to stop. Because he doesn't really want to kiss Max. Of course not. He doesn't really want to . . . He doesn't want to . . . With his hands . . . His mouth . . . All over . . . No.

        No! Bad thoughts.

        This has to stop. Because he's not gay.

        Just because he wants to kiss Max, and he wants his hands and his mouth all over him, that doesn't mean he's gay, right?

        No, of course not.

        You see, Michael isn't gay. He just has thoughts. At night. When no one is watching.

        THE END

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