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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive November 13, 2000

Title: Knowledge
Author: Amatia
Disclaimer: Yeah, like I own 'em. The WB, Katims, Frakes, whoever else owns 'em.
Feedback: I'd really like some, since I'm kinda iffy about this piece.
Fandom: Roswell
Pairing: Isabel/Liz
Rating: NC-17ish
Warning: I seem to have developed a Max/Isabel kink. It shows.
Summary: PWP-type thing. Bit me on the ass, and said, "Write me!" So I did. Thank you, SluttyIsabelMuse.

"Push me up against the wall,
Young Kentucky girl in a push-up bra,
Falling all over myself,
To lick your heart and taste your health..."

- Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Scar Tissue"


        You don't know.

        You don't know that she's come to me in the dead of night.

        You don't know that she's snuck into my room, and crawled into my bed.

        You don't know that I've worshipped her body. But I know that she won't let you do the same.

        Only I'm allowed to taste her, and I revel in that.

        Only I'm allowed to probe her slick folds with my tongue as she smothers her moans in my pillow.

        Only I'm allowed to drag my tongue over her nipple, suckle it as it hardens.

        She tastes me, too, and it thrills me that she won't do that for you. It's mine, and mine alone. Her skin is so smooth and perfect, her hair spreads like a fan over the pillow, and her legs spread just the same...

        She tastes like sweet apples, Max, the ones with caramel. She tells me I taste like saltwater. But I can change how I taste on her tongue, and she is always the same, sweet honey slickness. I let her know, when we kiss afterwards.

        I wonder sometimes if you can't hear her cry out despite the hand clamped over her mouth. The walls are thin, after all, and sometimes it crosses my mind that if you were to come knock on the door, we might let you in.

        I whispered it in her ear one night as I slipped two fingers inside of her. "What would you do if Max came in?" She blushed furiously, and I rubbed my thumb over her clit. She got wetter when I spoke your name, but I didn't mind. Her reaction made me more aroused as well. I made her whisper your name when she came. Watching her lips shape the single syllable made me come as well.

        There's a lot you don't know, Max. Through her, I am with you. It thrills me that she loves you, but she comes to me. I make her moan, I make her whimper. She won't let you do those things, but she'll let me. She lets me do more than you've ever dreamed of doing with her. And I know, I've been in your dreams. More than once. It's how I know that you don't know what she and I do.

        It's how I know that if you came to the door, and we invited you in, you wouldn't turn away.

        You should watch us more closely in the morning at school. I always wear red after I've been with her. She knows it, and she gives me a smile. A tiny, secret smile. One that you don't know.


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