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Added to the Roswell Slash Archive November 13, 2000

        She's supposed to be your betrothed, Max, but you act like Tess is some whore off the street.

        You treat her like she's a piece of trash, when it couldn't be farther from the truth.

        You don't know how sweet and tender and innocent she was when she visited me the first time. You don't know how she trembled in my arms, fingers clutching my shoulders so tight as she came that she left bruises.

        She would have left bruises, were we not aliens.

        Oh, Max, she was so innocent. She didn't know right from left when it came to where she wanted to be touched. So I explored her. I discovered her. She's not like Liz when it comes to sex. The first time Liz spent the night with me, she was shy, but she knew what she liked. She told me where she wanted me to touch her.

        Tess didn't know. She'd never had a true orgasm before. I enlightened her.

        God, Max, I thought Liz had a perfect body until Tess came to my bed. I thought fucking Liz was the ultimate betrayal. But fucking's adultery. It's sweet perfect sinful adultery, and I revel in it. I deflowered her with my hand, and one day you'll make love to her, Max, and you'll know someone else had her before you did. But at least she'll know how to please you, because I've taught her. Through her, I'll be making love to you. If I don't get there myself before we leave for wherever it is we came from.

        But in this instant, I can't fuck you. I'm going to fuck your wife. She's at the window right now. Put your ear to the wall, Max. Put your ear to the wall.


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