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Ava, Chapter 9: Ava

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     I could sit here with her arms around me forever, just perched on the edge of the wharf watching the waves.  I would stay here if she wanted to, having her seem a part of me for eternity.  I’ve lost so many that I couldn’t bear losing her too.  No matter how close she is, sometimes I still feel alone, and I can tell she does also.  I don’t know how to fix that.  It’s like there’s an invisible wall in between us.  I can’t tell what she’s feeling and I’m empty again, but when she’s holding me like this I can feel her emotions running into me, filling me up, warming me inside and out.  The connection is heady and thick, like rich spiced wine and I want her to go on touching me forever, but she’s whispering in my ear, “you want to go dancing?”

     I’d love to see her try to get me into an over 21 place.  I don’t think she’s too much more than 21, but I’m younger than her and I don’t think she’s realized that yet, plus the lack of any sort of ID or even a high school education.  I know the streets.  I can get myself into a bar easily, though I don’t use my powers often.  I don’t want to hurt anyone.  I don’t have the right to fool people and mess with their minds.  I don’t feel entitled to whatever I want, not like Tess.  Do I even deserve this?  Of course I don’t.  How can someone deserve to be held like this?  It’s a blessing.  We’re walking, but she’s still holding me close.  I hope she feels as safe as I do.

     There are white sparkles in the air.  Two people form in front of us.

     “Paige!” the girl says, “A warlock has… who’s she?”

     “I’m Ava, can all of you do that sparkly thing?”

     The two people look at me, them they turn their fierce gazes to Paige.  Their gazes aren’t the fiercest, but still, on the young man with laugh lines and the wide-eyed worried looking girl they’re pretty scathing.

     “Uh, ee, um, she found out on her own, I didn’t tell her, but it’s cool, really, we can trust her.”

     “We can’t tell anyone Paige, you can’t just trust anyone who feels safe.”

     “I didn’t tell her, it was an accident, but it’s all right.”

     “You’re lucky I’m not Piper, she would explode you both.”

     “Then you’d have to search for another sister all over again.”

     “Don’t joke about this, Paige.  I guess we’ll live with it for now.  There’s a warlock who’s kidnapping an innocent who has witch power, planning on draining her.”

     Paige turns to me, “this is Phoebe, and that’s Leo, Piper’s husband.  I told you about them, right?”  I nod.  “Leo’s a full white-lighter, he can orb like me.  Phoebe can’t, she rides, like you did.”

     Phoebe’s mouth dropped open, “you orbed with her?”

     “She wanted to.”


     “Um,” Leo spoke up, “we should be getting to the innocent now.”

     “Let’s go then.” Paige grabbed my hand and took Leo’s.  Leo took Phoebe’s.

     “What!”  She exclaimed, “We’re taking her?”

     It’s more businesslike this time.  We nip right past the emptiness and I cling to Paige, but I don’t fall.  We land in a warehouse like where Paige found me.  A girl is tied in a chair and a man stands behind her, his hands on the sides of her head.  I can help here.  He sees us and turns, readying his arm.  I reach out and blind his mind to us.  He looks around confused.  Phoebe throws a vial at him, he explodes.

     “That’s so much easier with Piper, but no, she had to work yadda yadda yadda.”

     “It was really easy, strangely easy, like he didn’t even see us.”  Paige glances at me.  I try to look innocent.  I’ll tell her eventually, but not around everyone else.  They don’t trust me already, and knowing about my power won’t help at all.  Leo goes to untie the girl, but Paige just says, “rope,” and the rope is in her hand.  I think she’s showing off, for me.  I like that.  She’s sweet.  Leo holds his hands over the girl’s face and a white light shines from them.  She starts to wake up.

     “What?  What’s going on?”

     “Are you all right?  We found you here.”

     “Kylie?  Oh Goddess…”

     “Phoebe?”  The girl sits up and looks at her, “what did you do to your hair?”

     Phoebe acts the codfish for a few moments.  Her mouth opens and closes, and opens and closes, finally she shakes it off.

     “It’s a long story,” she pauses to look amazed and bewildered, “it went through a lot, what, what are you doing here?”

     “Well, not planning on being kidnapped and seeing you again surely, not that it’s a bad thing, the seeing you, not the kidnapping bit, I came for my brother’s wedding, but that’s boring, seeing you isn’t boring.”


     “Hey, I just never expected to see you again, you look, like life threw you a curve ball.  Are you doing okay?  I haven’t seen you in forever.  I missed you.”

     “I missed you too.”

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