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Ava, Chapter 6: Paige

Reply to Alsike

Posted to June 27, 2004

     An alien, what could be better?  I’m crazy about her.  She has masses of history, old boyfriends, estranged twins, murdering friends, but I don’t care.   I really should, but she doesn’t care that I’m a witch.  She wants to Orb with me.  Everything’s so great.  We are totally going to hang out all day, and I’ll take her to P3 tonight, or, maybe somewhere else.  Piper has to meet her sometime.  I’m not sure how happy she’ll be about it.  Somehow I don’t think she’ll like it at all.  She won’t like my gorgeous girlfriend with the piercings and dyed hair, who’s staying in my office, oh, staying in my office.

     “Do you want a shower?”  She looks surprised.  I guess I did change topics pretty quickly, pretty, what a funny word she’s pretty pretty…

     “I don’t think I’m… ready for that yet.”  What?  What does she mean?  Oh, oh god, stupid!

     “No! No I just meant… for you, since you probably haven’t had one in awhile…“

     I hate all this talking around the subject, feeling nervous, she’s blushing now, what are we?

     “I, I’m sorry, I thought… I didn’t understand…”

     Why does she look like a beaten puppy?  Hug her; did I reject her again?

     “Hey, it’s fine, not that I wouldn’t want to shower w-with you.”  Did I just say that?  Well, it’s true, what does she think, ooh, even more blush I think she’s smiling, should I kiss her?  Does she want me to kiss her?  I want to kiss her.  Goddess… I can’t believe how soft her lips are.  Her lip ring tickles against my lower lip.  I just want to eat her up, close my mouth over hers and bite into her like angel food cake.  Must not, no you cannot chew on her shoulder.  Control yourself, you freak.  Is she the one?  I’ve never, felt this way, this much.  Ooh, better than angel food cake…

     “What are you doing?”  She lifts my chin.  Why did I have to lose control like that?  She’s so yummy.

     “I, I um, you’re yummy.”  I had to say that didn’t I?

     “Hey, don’t push it.”  She doesn’t look like this is a thing she often says, yup, she’s blushing again.  She looks like she wants something.  Why am I so stupid?  Why can’t I think what?  Maybe…

     “I’ll orb you to my house, you can take a shower there.”  Phoebe’s at work, Piper’s gone to P3 to set up for a party tonight.  Leo wasn’t there last night, safe.  She’s smiling, but she still looks like she wants something.  Oh fudge.

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