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Ava, Chapter 59: Love, Phoebe

Reply to Alsike

Posted to June 27, 2004

Dear Readers,

     Sometime in our lives we are all going to have to face up to reality.  We are going to have to deal with the fact that the man we want is never going to love us, or that our husband is going to an alien planet, no matter what we say or do.  We are going to have to deal with the fact that the girl we love more than life is leaving on the next plane to New York, and with that the fact that the sister whom we trusted with everything has betrayed that trust and is a fugitive from the law.  We like to think we live in a pretty world where nothing bad ever happens, and we're never scared, tired, or lonely, but eventually we're going to have to face reality.  We are going to have to decide between love and our dreams.  But love doesn't always live forever and someday we will realize that if we follow our dreams, we will be able to love ourselves.  And if we love ourselves there is no reality that we cannot face.

          Love, Phoebe

     No, I don't have to mention facing the reality that your girlfriend is masochistic, be quiet, Paige, I'm trying to write.



We're just going to overthrow the council of elders, then I'll be back, I promise.



Um, hi,

     We're looking for an apartment, but things are kind of expensive around here, so do you mind if we live here until Tess finishes high school, then we promise we'll move out.

                                    Liz, Tess, and Kyle



     Are you sure you shouldn't consider going to New York after her?  I mean; I would.  You have to fight for what you want.




     I managed to set fire to my office building, and was, sensibly, fired.  Since this is your fault, do you think you can get me a job somewhere, not that I'm saying "I want you back" because I don't, but California is nice at all times of year.

                        Love Kylie


     Hit single: The Slow Fade Out, by Maria DeLuca, playing on your local pop radio station now!


Nihao everyone,

Have left Jesse and hitch-hiking across Eurasia to find myself stop

Going by boat down Yellow River stop

Kyle am thinking about Buddhism stop

Love Iz stop


-4/3 833 j413) f()r 7r345(), 87 7-1(-5 ()()k1(- 9.

/1(-431 (-4771(- 9 (73 4113 j41134'5 )4(--73r.



 (translation)  Have been jailed for treason, but things looking up.

Michael chatting up cute alien Jailer's daughter.




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