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Ava, Chapter 5: Ava

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     I hope that she’s coming.  I hope I didn’t scare her away.  It’s almost eight.  If she doesn’t get here soon I’m going to try to find her and explain.  Fifteen more minutes, okay, then I’m out of here.  I want to see her so badly.  I hear a car.  It’s her, she drove, didn’t sparkle like last night.  Who’s that?

     Long dark hair, dark eyes, looks angry.  Oh good, she’s driving away.  All right, she’s back.  She looks nervous.  What do I say? I didn’t mean to feel you up.


     “Hi.”  I want her to be smiling again.  She’s so pretty when she smiles.  Okay, reach out to her, make her feel safe on this tightrope we’re walking.  Take my hand.  Smile, just a little bit.  Oh!  Hugging me!  Happy!  She’s so soft… mmm…

     “So, who was the woman who dropped you off?”

     “That’s Piper,” Paige makes a humorous half grimace with a smile, “she’s my sister, my half sister really.  I live with her, and my other half-sister, and occasionally Piper’s husband.”

     “Wait, what’s your other half-sister’s name.”

     “Phoebe?” Paige says hesitantly.

     “That is so bad!  That is as bad as it can get!”

     “They had another sister, her name was Prue, for Prudence.”

     “Ouch.  What’s your last name?”

     “Matthews, not that bad.  Theirs is Halliwell, What’s yours?”

     Uh oh, I’m totally blank, what’s mine?  What should I say?  She reads my face.

     “Pretend I never asked.”

     “It’s okay.  I’ll make one up eventually.  Call me Parker for now.”


     “It’s the name of a friend of mine.  The last name.”

     “What’s the first name?”


     “Were you…”

     I cut her off, “we were just friends, if that, we could have been friends, maybe.”

     “Do you have any family?”

     “Had.”  I walk over to her desk and sit in her chair.  She sits on top of the desk and takes my hand.  I look up at her.

     “They weren’t my real family, but they were all I knew all my life.  I was the youngest, and they raised me.  There was Zan,” I breathe a few times, “his sister Vilondra, and Rath.”

     “Zan?  He was special to you?”

     “I lived for him.  And then they killed him.”


     “Rath and Lonnie.”

     “The other two?”

     “Yes.  I didn’t want to go with them, so they found… my estranged twin sister.  They took her instead.  I stayed with Liz.  She was confused.  She was in love with the same guy my twin liked and they were fighting over him, but she was also very attracted to my twin.  She was confused, but very nice.”

     “This is sounding…”

     “Far-fetched?  It’s the truth, just, only the basic ideas of what happened, and, well, she isn’t exactly my estranged twin, but close enough.”

     “Okay.  You haven’t asked me any hard questions yet.”

     “Should I?”

     “What kind?”

     “How about, can you bring someone with you when you sparkle out of existence?”  I think she managed to go even paler, but really, her jaw dropped.  If she had just looked confused I would have put it off as a dream, but now I know, it wasn’t.

     “How did you…?”

     “Last night, I thought I saw you, I guess I did.”

     “Yeah, you did, and, I can take people with me.”


     “You’re not weirded out?”

     “Not at all, well, what are you?”

     “I’m a witch, half white-lighter.”

     “What’s that?”

     “They’re kind of guardian angels.  They orb, sparkle out of existence, in that very nice way you put it.”

     “Thank you.  No wonder you’re a social worker.”  I make a yuck face.  It’s a reflex.  She laughs.

     “Why are you taking this so well?”

     “Do you want to see what I can do?”


     She has a metal pen on her desk.  I put it down on its base and carefully turn it into a spiral.  I stretch it out into an arc like a swan’s neck.  She’s staring.  I pick it up and write with it.  It still works.  I’m good.

     “It’s, witches don’t, what…” she stammers.

     “I’m well, I’m half alien.”

     “You’re what?”  She starts laughing.

     “No, really.  Alien.”

     “If witches exist there can’t be aliens.”

     “Why not?  I didn’t know they were mutually exclusive.”

     “Maybe they’re not.”  She picked up the pen and twirled it in her fingers.  “Way cool.”

     “Witches and white-lighters cool too.”

     “I’m also a member of the Charmed Ones.”

     “Are you trying to one up me now?  Well in my past life I was the queen of my planet.”

     She’s laughing.  I’m in love with her.  Witches, I knew it.

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