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Ava, Chapter 41: Piper

Reply to Alsike

Posted to June 27, 2004

     Do they think this is a rooming house and we have an unlimited number of rooms.  Unless she sleeps with Phoebe and that Ava girl sleeps with Paige, the Liz girl is going to have to sleep with me.  However if Liz and Ava sleep in my room, Kylie sleeps downstairs, and I sleep with Phoebe, we'll all be good unless Leo shows up.  Of course I could just leave and sleep at Makhi's and they would be free to arrange however they choose, but, of course, if Leo shows up, maybe he'll bring a friend home too.  Well, angsting about the sleeping arrangements is better than thinking about the fact that Kylie just said she burned her hotel down.  I wonder what I'll cook tonight.

     "Is there anyone with funny eating habits?

     They ignore me.  I'm going to assume that was because it seemed like a random outburst and not any slight to me in particular.

     Everyone is just standing there like idiots.  Someone needs to do something!

     "Phoebe, go check on Liz, make sure she hasn't drowned.  Paige, you and Ava, go start lunch.

     Phoebe cannot disobey a direct order, especially when it's me giving it, and she know it's a good idea.  She does her Ôlook pleadingly' at me, then at Kylie, and them goes up the stairs.  I turn to Kylie.  Kylie turns to me, and smiles.  Her smile glitters, and she's not wearing braces.  Though she is wearing pigtails.  She manages to pull it off however.  Glittery smile, pigtails, if she were wearing overalls, sneakers, and a striped t-shirt I would have to kill her, but she's dressed like an adult in slacks and an open shirt, a little more open than is considered decent, but not much.  Besides the pigtails I think she's the most grown up of us all.  Her gaze turns serious.

     "I'm just staying until I get control over these stupid things," she waves her hands, "but I have a job and a life, I won't be interfering in yours for too long.  In the interim, how can I help?

     I like her.  I think I like her a lot.  She was with Phoebe when she wasn't lost and wool headed, now she is and she doesn't want her.  Someone is making sensible decisions, someone is smart, someone obviously needs to me removed from this house ASAP before she gets corrupted by our fluffiness.

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