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Ava, Chapter 4: Paige

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     Okay, I didn’t expect that.  I can’t say I didn’t like it, but it’s all going too fast.  I need time, to understand this, these crazy feelings.  How do you know if someone’s the one, or if it’s just crazy lust?  I shouldn’t have run.  She probably thinks I hate her.  I couldn’t let her any closer or I would have ended up inside that bed I conjured.  She’s not a slut.  I know she’s not a slut.  Please, why does she have to be so gorgeous?  Why isn’t she just any client?  Why do I have to be in love with her?  I want her here now.  You have to control yourself, you can’t just orb into her arms in the middle of the night.  God, it’s four o’clock Piper will murder me.  I hope she’s asleep.


     No such luck.  There she is, eyeing me as she leans slightly back with her arms crossed, her eyes slitty and black.

     “Yes mommy.”

     “Don’t sass me.  Where were you?”

     “I went out to dinner.”

     “It’s four in the morning!”

     “It was a late dinner.”

     “Call if you’re going to be that late!”

     “I didn’t know.  I was going on a job and I met someone, we went for dinner.”

     Phoebe has to wander up rubbing her eyes, I swear, sometimes I feel like I live in a boarding house.

     “Why were you raiding the linen closet?  It’s almost empty.”

     “Will you stop interrogating me!  I just want to go to bed.”

     “If you’re so innocent explain yourself.”

     “It was for work.”

     “Fine, but I want real answers in the morning, I am going to bed.”


     “Me too.”

     I can’t sleep.  I don’t want her to hate me.  I can’t just orb over and see her.  I want to.  Maybe just see if she’s asleep.

     Okay, just peep out.  She’s asleep.  She’s so sweet, so peaceful when she’s sleeping.  I want to touch her face, there’s just a strand of pink-streaked hair, I could just brush it aside, like this… so soft, kiss her, just kiss her.  Don’t wake her up, just one kiss, ohhh, uh oh, blinking: get out of here.

     Maybe I can sleep now.

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