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Ava, Chapter 39: Isabel

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     Maria has a plan, and it's a good plan.  She's made a decision and I have no choice but go along for the ride.  We're going back to Roswell.  If there's anything I don't want to do, it's that, but she's not going alone.  I have taken responsibility for all the practical difficulties.  She is the mastermind.  Why do I have to be the boy?  But I'm taller and I mess with my hair and my face.  I did no want to sport a Michael-do, but apparently that is the epitome of manliness no my tasteless Maria, whose hair is short and dark brown, with bangs and more cheekbone, but I couldn't bring myself to mess with her lips.  We sneak out at night, Max and Michael both asleep, Kyle sulking and insecure, but he hasn't decided to leave yet.  He needs to make a life without aliens.  He can't just follow Michael around forever.  And then, of course, on the street, she sees the Harley.  She informs me that we are going on that, and no other way.  I have never driven a motorcycle in my life.  It is twenty-four hours of straight driving back to Roswell, and I do not want to do it on that thing.  I put my foot down, but here I am, on route 10 towards LA, clinging desperately to the handlebars of this wretched thing.  But she's holding on to me, so it isn't that bad.

     Once we get past the LA traffic the road clears.  It's early in the morning and the roads are almost clear.  I touch my hand to the engine; a little extra power will get me off of this thing a little sooner.  Kyle would love me if I did this for him.  I keep prodding Maria to make sure she stays awake.  The last thing I need is her slipping off when we're going, check the speedometer, 160 mph.  This was her stupid idea.   But it does make me feel kind of cool, just a little, and I'm never admitting it to anyone.  Then however I remember my hair and the coolness immediately dissipates.  The sun rises from behind Phoenix.  And I feel like my limbs are going to drop off from being shaken all night.  I pull in at a motel outside the city.  I stop and I can't move.  Maria doesn't move either.  She clings helplessly around my waist.  I climb slowly off the bike and fall to the pavement, her on top of me.  I lie there for a little while and stare at the sky.  I cannot move, but this is going to get embarrassing very soon.  I manage to roll her off of me and get to my feet.  She follows.  I think she was faking most of it.  She didn't have it as bad as I did.  I hunt through the saddlebags to see if there is any money.  There is a book entitled The History of Motorcycles and a self help book, How to Become a Cooler Person in Seven Days.  Fabulous, we stole a bike from a dork.  I changed a dollar into a twenty and rented one of their eighteen-dollar rooms.  Maria was sitting on the bike dozing quietly.  She wanted me to carry her up, but I would not succumb again.

     We had been sleeping in the same bed for a while now, but that morning I couldn't get to sleep.  I read The History of Motorcycles until nine when my head hit the book and I was out.  Maria woke me around ten when she had woken up and found me sleeping on that book.  She was laughing at me, but at least I hadn't been reading How to Become a Cooler Person in Seven Days, living that down would have been impossible.  It's unfair, the way she gets on my nerves, and no matter how annoyed I am, I still want to kiss her, arggh!

     We went down to get going, we had less than half of the 1440 miles left to go.  But a few other bikers had pulled in.  Maria cringed and hid behind me.  They came up and started asking me about my bike.  This could have been very very bad, but I remembered something from the book, and it wasn't so hard.  We talked for a little while, and they invited me out for a beer, but I said we had to keep going because I was taking my girlfriend to meet my parents.  Maria smiled with a terrified expression on her face and the bikers were all nice to her, but she clung to me.  When they left she hissed at me, "how did you know that stuff?

     "I read about it.  And she looked vaguely embarrassed.  Oh yeah.

     We were almost there, and I started thinking things, that weren't so good.  I started thinking that we were almost home, that I was going to sleep in my real bed tonight (or this morning).  I started thinking that everything was going to be like it used to be, but better.  I tried to shake it off, but I knew Maria was thinking the same things.  "We're home.

     We had only left about a month ago, but things had changed.  Jesse's apartment was for rent.  The Crashdown had a sign, "closed for repairs.  I wanted to go by my house, but I couldn't bring myself to, and I avoided Maria's trying to spare her some pain.  But it didn't work very well, because there, on the steps of the UFO center, as we cruised past, was her mother, carrying a huge batch of "My daughter was abducted by Aliens," t-shirts.  She clung tighter to me.  I just wanted to get it and leave, get out of this town that could never be home again as fast as I could.  But we had to wait, then we would be able to go.

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