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Ava, Chapter 35: Ava

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     I can be invisible here.  Who knows me in this long street full of shops?  I look like a teenage streetwalker, and what city doesn't have their streetwalkers.  Cheapness is my disguise.  God, if Lonnie walked up to me right now she would ignore me entirely.  There's no use to break someone this downtrodden.

     I've wandered into a street of kiosks.  I glance past a rack of rugs and hear, "Tess," whispered quietly, hopelessly behind me.  I look back to the rugs and meet Liz's eyes, then I shake my head slowly.  Her hair is greasy and wild.  There are large dark circles around her eyes.  Her clothes are dirty and beaten.  I walk up to her and take her hand.  She follows me unresisting.  There's only one place I know to go.

     The streetwalker and the catatonic runaway are outside the tall handsome house belonging to the witches.  I nearly can't do it, but I knock and Phoebe opens the door.

     "Ava..." she says, surprised.

     I stare at the floor, "this is Liz, I was wondering if she could have something to eat.

     Phoebe looked Liz over, "and a bath, a long sleep, and some psychiatric counseling.

     "That would be good too.

     "Come on in.  Piper went on a cooking rampage last night.

     "Is...I couldn't bring myself to ask the question.

     "Paige here?  Yeah, she's upstairs and very hung-over, I don't think she'll be down any time soon.  You could go up?

     "That's all right.

     "Come on," Phoebe turned to Liz, "wash your hands.

     Liz swallowed carefully and went over to the sink.

     I sat down at the table, and Liz sat across from me, Phoebe got out the scones and started frying pancakes.

     "So," I stated quietly, "what's new in Roswell?

     "Tess is dead.

     I nod slowly, "I heard.

     "Who from?


     "Max has been here recently?

     "He wanted to take me to Antar.

     "I think he still does.  That's, that's why I left.

     "He was going to take you too?

     "All of us, but I'm not going.

     "No, that's why you're here.

     "I, I married Max.


     "Don't you hate me?

     "Um, should I?

     "After what he did to Tess?

     "I have no idea what he did to Tess, unless he killed her.

     "No, she did that, and I watched.  I didn't just watch the other thing though.

     "Liz, relax.  She had crumbled the scone into a fine powder.

     "I'm smart.  She said quietly.

     "Yes, very smart.

     "Then how could I make such stupid decisions?

     I closed my eyes and rubbed my fingers over the table.  She wasn't trying to frustrate the hell out of me.  She wanted to tell me, but she can't yet.  Then I felt a burning on my neck and I turned my head and met Paige's eyes.  I gritted my teeth and stared into her eyes.  "Paige.  I said with vehemently attempted calmness, "this is Liz.

     I turned away quickly just barely catching the expression of shock that her face fell into.  A few seconds later I heard the door slam.  I glanced across the table; Liz was about to fall asleep in her chair.

     "Phoebe?" I called.  She looked at me from the stove, "can we put Liz somewhere?

     She nodded and then glared at me, "if she has to get her stomach pumped you're going to pay.

     I nodded.  They had already given me more kindness than I could ever expect.  I left Liz with Phoebe and went to find Paige.

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