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Ava, Chapter 33: Liz

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     San Francisco, it's a big place.  I could get lost here.  Max would never be able to find me and drag me off the planet.  If they were gone I wouldn't have to be so afraid, would I?  If I was rid of the alien invasion I could start living again.  I could forget it all.  I could have gone to Harvard if Max hadn't stolen my dreams.  I wouldn't have nightmares about Tess blowing herself up every night.  Maria would still be my best friend.  Alex would still be alive.  I would still have my parents.  I won't let him take me to Antar.  I heard him and Michael talking about it, but I'm not going.  I'm not leaving.  Maybe I've lost some opportunities, but I'm not giving up my whole life for someone who could... who could do that to Tess.  I know she's not a total victim.  I know she's done a lot of things, unforgivable things, but it didn't have to happen this way, none of it did.  If he had let me die  why are my premonitions useless!  Why did they start so late?  Why can't I see my own life?  I have to make my own decision, but I know what it is going to be.

     It's early in the morning.  Kyle is sleeping in the other bed, I write him a quick note and leave.  I knock on Isabel's door.  It feels like hours before it opens slightly.  I glance past Isabel to the bed where Maria is sprawled fast asleep.  She follows my gaze and then carefully meets my eyes.  I beckon her into the hall.

     "Promise me you'll take care of her."

     "Liz..." she looks surprised.

     "Promise me."  I think I shocked her with my vehemence.

     "I promise."

     "Give her this."   I handed her an envelope, "And give your brother these."  I stripped the rings from my finger.  She took them silently.  "Don't let him take you back to Antar unless you want to go."  I didn't watch her surprise, I glanced in at Maria sleeping.  "Tell her she's still my best friend.

     "Do you want me to wake her up so you can say goodbye?"

     "No, you know her, she'd make a fuss and wake up the entire world and I'd never get out of here.  Remember your promise."

     "I will."/p>

     "Bye," I wanted to leave without showing any emotion, any doubt, but I flung my arms around Isabel's neck and kissed her cheek, then I ran.

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