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Ava, Chapter 27: Piper

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     Mmmm, what a dream.  I'm so warm, soft... I opened my eyes.  My bed, it must have been a dream.  But... I reach to the side.

     "Morning."  Okay, definitely not Leo.


     "I could go if you want."  Her arms slide around me, she kisses her way up my neck.  Everything's still coated in sleep induced spider webs.  Warm wet kisses...  the door handle turns, and she disappears in purple sparkles.

     "Piper!  You're back."

     The world slams into me like a freight train.  I pull the covers up and groan.

     "What happened?  Are you okay?"

     "No," I mutter.

     "Should I call Leo?"

     "No!" I sit up, keeping the covers to my chest.

     "Did you get her... did she hurt you?"

     "Neither.  Do you think you could get me some clothes?"

     "You didn't."

     I flop back on the bed.  "I did, okay!  It's not my fault your plan backfired!"

     "I told you to stop it before it went too far.  Did you not want to stop it?"

     "I didn't seduce her!  She won't freeze.  I was trapped."  This is not good.

     "You, Piper, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made you do it."

     Good, she's feeling guilty.  I need her to feel guilty, so I don't.  how could I have done that?  Why didn't I fight?

      "What's this."  She picks up the rose that had been laying on my pillow.  I hung my head. 

     "She's sick."

     "Piper. . ."  She looks awful, this is the first time I noticed it, just awful.  Her eyes are red, and now she's looking sick.  What did I say?  Oh... fine I'm a bitch, everyone knows that.  I narrow my eyes.

     "Where's Kylie?"

     She looks sicker.  "She left, she's probably going back to New York."  She glares at me, her eyes fierce and hard,  "not that you care!  Not that you care about me!  You think I'm sick."

     "Pheeb, get me some clothes, okay?  In my situation, I have no right to pass judgment on anyone."

     Yeah, what right have I with the taste of her still on my lips?  It hasn't stopped me before, but it's different now, it's different when my sister is sad and lonely, with a forgotten past come to haunt her.  God, I'm being melodramatic, but I can't be a bitch all the time.

     How could I have?  How could I?  And why doesn't it feel as awful as it is.

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