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Ava, Chapter 25: Piper

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     I could feel her.  I knew where she was, and as I mounted the stairs my stomach sank.  What could I do?  Phoebe wanted me to seduce her, but like that was going to happen.  I’m not good at lying, or faking something I don’t mean.  I’d just freeze her.  The moment I saw her I would freeze her.  I couldn’t let anything else happen.  I couldn’t let her change my mind, not like that other girl.  I knew I should have run, but I let myself listen to her pretty words, and did something I would always regret.

     When I stepped into the room the door swung shut behind me, and I knew I was in over my head, but I kept walking.  I would just freeze her and call for Paige.  It wasn’t hard or frightening.

     I walked through to the next room, and there she was, facing away from me, sitting cross-legged on the bed, playing with a rose.  I raised my hands to freeze her, but just then she turned her head and smiled.  I felt like I had been frozen.

     She bounced off the bed and started towards me.  I backed into the wall.  She leaned close and her eyes grew dark.  “Were you planning on seducing me?  Why don’t you let me, it’ll make it all easier.”

     “No!” I shoved her away.  I wasn’t going to fall for this again.  I threw out my hands to freeze her.  Nothing happened.  She just grinned.

     “You do know I’m out of time, don’t you?  That’s how I escaped the elders, by wandering out of the course of time.  It has no effect on me.”

     Oh fuck, I’m in for it now.  Here’s to Phoebe and her foolproof plans.

     “Here.” She offered me the rose.

     “Where’s Kylie?”

     “Downstairs making lunch.  Don’t worry, your sisters have found her.”

     What do I do?  The firm image I had of her as a violent maniac is crumbling as I watch her.  I take the rose.  I don’t know what it means, and maybe I still am that girl, so easily used.  She’s touching my neck, running her fingers along my collarbone, testing the hollow at the base of my throat.  How am I supposed to say no to those bright hopeful eyes, and what do I do when they turn dark and seductive, and how do I escape the feeling that I’m fully alive when I’m with her?  Fully awake and yet like I’m dreaming.  I’m not angry, I’m just not angry anymore.  She’s so close to me.  If I kissed her would I be able to keep this feeling?  So I try, it’s easy just to take her lips, just like it always was and will be.  And she’s so soft, I just relax, melt into a pile of goop, just slide into her, nothing forced, nothing needs to be forced anymore.

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