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Ava, Chapter 24: Paige

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     “Paige?  Do you feel up to coming?  We need you.  Power of three and all that.”

     Jealousy burns, green bile in my heart.  It’s not fair, she gets another chance, but mine’s gone.  Why did I have to freak out like that?  I mean it isn’t normal, what she wanted, is it?  Could I have done it?  Could I have let go?  But what’s the point?  I’ll never know.  I scared her off, and that was that.  I can’t cry forever.  I’ll have to fight sooner or later.

     “I’ll come.”

     “Good, we need you to go get Leo once Piper freezes the whitelighter, and tell him to fetch the elders.”

     “Her name’s Makhi.”  Piper murmured pensively.

     “Piper, you do want to capture her, right?”

     I watched Piper tense like a frightened cat.  “yes!  Of course.”  She saw our doubt.  “she’s a lunatic.  And, I just need to get this behind me.  Lets go.”

     We scryed for her, and orbed onto a tiny island on the edge of the bay.  The house on this island was a mansion.  It looked ancient, but new, like a house that had been built yesterday in the same way and same style of 100 years ago.  The door opened.  We were expected.

     We crept into the house.  Piper headed upstairs, we crept through a deserted living room and into the kitchen.

     “Would you like some lunch?”

     Kylie was standing at the counter, making sandwiches.

     “What’s going on?” Phoebe hissed.

     Kylie ignored her and turned to me, “sandwich?”

     I took one.  It didn’t really matter.

     “Is Piper walking into a trap?”

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