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Ava, Chapter 22: Piper

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     Paige threw up from crying too much this morning.  I told her to call in sick to work and summon Leo if she needed anything.  Phoebe went to work with far too much eye shadow, anyone can tell she’s been crying and her eyes were still bloodshot.  I hadn’t had any sleep either and the guilt was threatening to take me down.  She kissed me, oh lord, when someone said a kiss was earth shaking what they meant was a kiss could turn your world out over your ears.  I wish I didn’t chase danger.  I wish everything could be happily ever after, but nothing’s that way, and I’m over safe domesticity, I want danger again, I want love and sex and pain, and someone who only wants me, and who wants me every moment of the day.  When she kissed me it was like time stopped, and maybe it did.  I felt like I remembered us being together in the future, no more inept teenage fumbling, just her, blowing my mind, over and over again.  I can’t just get lost in thought like that.  I have work to do.  I’m standing on the top rung of a ladder for god’s sake and washing the P3 sign, and there she is, running down the sidewalk in a slinky top and tight black jeans.  She clambers up the other side of the ladder and I just stare.

     “Piper, hey.”  She grins at me, and those black curls bounce.

     “y-you…”  god I can’t even get a normal sentence out.

     “I’m here on business, so I’m not going to kiss you.”


     “Unless you want me to?  It’s about your sister.”  She grins again, kind of shyly, even a little embarrassed, then she leans over the top of the ladder and kisses me.  I almost fall off and die, but she keeps me on.

     “Which sister?” I murmur like an endearment.

     “Phoebe, I have her girlfriend.”

     “Kylie?  Why do you have Kylie?”

     “I kidnapped her.”  What the hell!  “actually she came quite willingly.  I did keep her from being brutally murdered.”

     “Her brother came back for her.  I should have sent Phoebe after her.”

     “No worries, I wasn’t going to see her mangled body and a soulless Phoebe more than once, and I’m always on time.”

     “What are you talking about?”  She tapped me a few times on the nose.

     “I’ll see you later baby, or maybe earlier, naw I don’t want to entirely screw you up.  I’ll see you.   Maybe naked.”  She grinned, I stared.  Then she kissed my cheek and slid down the ladder.  In seconds she was gone.  God, am I dating a lunatic?

     No not dating never dating.  Just making out with occasionally, nothing wrong with that.  You know she’s crazy, this has got to stop.  Stop this now!

     I got home and Leo was actually there.  He was pacing and when I stepped in he jumped into the air and accosted me.

     “We have a new evil.”

     I grunted, big surprise.

     “She’s been wanted by the elders for years now, but she escaped by going out of time.  They want you to help catch her.”

     “What did she do?”

     “She’s a fallen whitelighter.  She went insane from the stress.  She was actually being considered as your whitelighter until she tried to kidnap you when you were sixteen.  She’s been spotted in this area of time.  The elders think she’s after you again.  Have you seen her?”

     “Who is she?  What does she look like?  What’s her name?”

     “Makhi Hudson, she’s cute, curly black hair…”

     “Oh fuck, oh god, oh fuck, fuck this!”

     “Piper!”  How could this happen?  I figured she was deranged, but wanted by the Elders?  Oh god, I have a crush on a psychopathic stalker.

     “You’ve seen her then?”

     “She comes to my club.  We chat sometimes.  She’s kidnapped Kylie.”

     “What?  Who has Kylie?”  and now enters Phoebe, fabulous.

     “Oh no one, just my psychopathic renegade whitelighter stalker.”

     “Oh that’s all right then.”

     “Did you miss the psycho stalker part?”

     “She’s after you.  She wont hurt Kylie, right?”

     “She did save her from a brutal murder.”

     “See, wait!  What murder?”

     “Her brother came back for her.  Lucky my stalker rescued her.”

     “Oh…Does she like you?”


     “In that way, you know.”  God, I’m blushing, I can’t stop it, this is unfair!



     “Leo, go to hell.”  Thank you Phoebe.  Apparently he can’t deal with the fact that someone might not just want to kill me.

     “What’s going on?”  Paige makes her way down the stairs.  She looks really crappy.  I wouldn’t want her as my second in a fight.

     “Piper’s stalker girlfriend kidnapped Kylie.”

     “Since when did Piper have a girlfriend?”

     “She’s not my girlfriend!  She kissed me for the first time last night!”

     “She’s kissed you?”

     “Phoebe, stop harassing me!”

     “I have a plan.”

     “This is going to be bad isn’t it.”

     “It’ll be fun for everyone.  Leo leave.”  Leo looked worried but wandered out.  God, what a worm of a man.  No! Don’t think things like that.  He’s great; he’s nice; he has respect for our conversations.  That insane stalker hottie is making you think that way!  Hottie?  You’re so far gone.  Why can’t I control my emotions?  I can control everything except the feelings I get inside.  The feelings that say I want her, I want to trust again.

     “It’s simple.  You seduce her.  We sneak in and grab Kylie.  You freeze her before it gets too far and Leo will summon the elders and they’ll take her in.”

     I can’t do that.  I mean what could happen.  What if I don’t want to freeze her and it…  stupid Piper.  You can control yourself.  Don’t start doubting that now.  You’ve always done what you had to do.  There’s no reason it will stop now, not even with her.

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