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Ava, Chapter 2: Paige

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     She kissed me, she kissed me, she kissed me.  I can’t think anything else.  Oh, there we go, thought processes have returned, she kissed me, no!  You can control it.  She kissed me, (smile), happy, so happy, so pretty.  Get a hold of yourself Paige.  What are you doing?  Look at the facts… pretty… no!  Homeless.  Ouch, I had to think of that one first.  I can… take her to a shelter.  No!  I want her.   Home?  No way, Piper would kill me.  My office, yeah, no one’s there now she can stay there tonight and over the weekend.  Yes.  I have her to myself for two days before I have to decide what to do with her.


     “Ava… that’s gorgeous.”  Hey, it’s better than your thoughts at the moment… pretty… oooh, very intelligent girl, come on, straighten up, think, focus, kiss me again, tell me you saw what I saw, felt what I felt.  You’re so hurt; you want to protect me.  Let’s look out for each other, okay?  I think I love you.


     “Thanks,” she smiled at me.  She smiled!  I love her so much.  God, control yourself Paige.  Office.  Get her to the office, and have your way with her! No! No!  Paige, bad, bad, focus.  Okay.


     “Are you all right?  Do you have a place to go?”  That flash of fear crossed her face again.  Why does she have to be so afraid of me?


     “No, no home.  I’m fine here.”


     “No you’re not.”


     “I should know.  I’ve lived under the subway my whole life.  This is quality!”


     Oh god.  Homeless, so homeless, she doesn’t want me.  She’s shaking.  She doesn’t look cold.  Oh … she wants me to care about her as her, not as a case, oh.


     “Have you had… dinner?” it’s past two AM, I guess it’s still dinner.


     “You’re not taking me to a shelter.”


     “No, just, out.  I’ll take you out.  I had dinner around four.  I could eat something…” come on, smile back, you can do it, yes!


     “Okay,” she’s smiling.  I love it when she smiles.  What should I do?  I know, walk out, how?  Okay hand, reach out, pray she’ll take it.  Her fingers weave through mine.


     Sexy smile.  I want to kiss her.  I can’t let her know that I’m a witch; she already hated the fact that I was a social worker.  Good, you’ve gotten over wanting to fuck her, don’t use such language it your head.  Make love to her?  No, more hot than that.  Sleep with her?  Too unimpassioned.  Have sex?  Too technical.  Do her? Too objectified.  I want her.  Stop.  Focus.  Food, taking her out, on a date.  It’s a date.  Oh!

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