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Ava, Chapter 16: Paige

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     “Great job at keeping quiet sis, and you fooled, who?”  Piper mocked her, but she fooled me, well, sort of, I had fooled myself.  She loved her, and they messed it up.  I tightened my grip on Ava’s hand.  We weren’t going to do that.

     She’s looking so scared now.  She’s had a glimpse of my life; who wouldn’t be scared?

     “Paige, I want to go home.”

     “Go ahead, we can walk.”  Phoebe looks at me, silently pleading, but I just wrap my arm around Ava’s shoulders and orb us home.  She’s staring at me, eyes begging for something.  I  move to close my door, and she’s on me, pushing me against the door, kissing me frantically.  I turn the lock and hit the light-switch…

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