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Ava, Chapter 15: Kylie

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     I can’t believe we’re going to vanquish my brother.  I can’t believe those girls have just started necking in front of me.  If this goes on for too long I’m going to grab Phoebe, Piper or no Piper.  I never had to deal with temptation like this before.  She’s looking really cute and I can’t just kiss her.  I never used to have any restraint.  It was all about here and now and the heat of the moment.  What have I turned into?  I used to grab her, and we’d screw in an alley, or a bathroom, or a closet, or on the kitchen table, or on the living room rug, or on the next-door neighbor’s sofa when we were cat-sitting.  It was so easy; I knew exactly how she’d respond.  I could sense when she wanted me, and I knew when she didn’t too.  I don’t know anything anymore.  My bitch has another dog’s scent around her, and I haven’t beaten him in a fair fight.  I can’t touch her.  I’m not allowed to.  What’s that?  You’re not allowed to do something?  Why the hell ain’t you doin’ it?  You never used to let anyone give you rules, except her, but she’s somebody else’s bitch now.  You can’t have her.  It’s over, get used to it.  Get used to seeing her and not being able to kiss her.  Get used to forgetting how it felt to have her arms around you.  Get used to seeing her with someone else, because you’re not her one and only any more.  You’re never going to touch her again.  Fucking get used to it!

     I want to cry.  Everything was going so well, I knew her so well, why couldn’t I tell what was happening?  Why didn’t I notice?

     She’s glancing back at me.  She wants me, I know she does, but it’s over, it has to be over; everything’s different now, honey, I loved you, but I can’t any more.

     We enter the hotel, the royally furnished lobby that Phebn’me had just made such a hasty retreat from.  We walked in strong in the support of a few vials of “potion” and the powers of three sisters. This would be the strangest assignment to cover, especially since we’re just about to kill my brother.  What the hell is going on?  I feel like I’m in a cult, or a play, or something not real at all, for god’s sake, he’s my brother.  Maybe he doesn’t like me, maybe he has a grudge over what I did to him in high school, but he wouldn’t try to kill me, would he?

     They’re still eating, probably laughing at me, stupid girl.  Why am I not in control, I’m used to being in control, but everything’s changed now.  Why do things have to change?  I liked the way it was before.

     God, she’s taking out the pump, she’s turning spraying; they’re exploding, burning.  One runs at us, Piper throws something invisible at him and he explodes.  It’s a slaughter.  She’s pointing the pump at my brother.

     “No!  Don’t!  Stop, stop.  He’s my brother…”  I feel something roar out of my fingers, the potion slops against an invisible wall.  He’s staring at me, his eyes are black; he blinks and he’s gone.

     “Why’d you do that?” Piper screeches at me, “we had him!”

     Phoebe puts her arm around my shoulder.  “It’s okay,” she whispers, “I would have done it too, we’ll figure it out later.”

     I can’t take this!  I shove her away.

     “There is no us, okay?  It’s so over.  I don’t know you any more.”

     I ran, and she didn’t come after me.  That’s what I wanted, right?  But she looked so hurt…

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