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Ava, Chapter 13: Paige

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     It was great.  We danced, and drank soda, and made out and I got sloshed just on her.  She told me how old she was.  That got kind of scary.  Especially when she did it chronologically.  It’s kind of strange to know the girl you like hatched, from a pod, at approximately age seven, and therefore is only chronologically ten years old, thirteen years younger than you.  But age isn’t chronological, it’s mental and hormonal and legal.  I’m rationalizing.  Why don’t guys have this problem, they can fuck a girl younger than their daughter and not care.  She’s a good kid.  I could pick some things up from her.  She doesn’t drink because alcohol does strange things to her species.  She didn’t use the word species, but it keeps coming into my head.  She’s not like me, but I like her, either there’s something wrong here or there’s something terribly right, and I can’t even think about telling Piper.  Somehow I think she’ll react badly, especially to the alien part, and the having told her about the witch part.  I don’t even want to broach the homeless part, but I’ll do it for her.  I’d do anything for her.

     She has me in her lap and is playing with my hair and occasionally kissing the back of my neck.  What can I do?  Sometimes you just fall, and I fell hard.  When she’s close to me I feel whole, like I haven’t felt since my parents died.

     Am I going to make her sleep in my office again?  I want to bring her home, but not sleep with her.  It’s too soon, when there’s no future I don’t care how soon the relationship gets physical, but I want this to last.  I don’t think I could stand losing her… I’m going to take her to P3 and have her meet Piper, tonight; I have to.  I have to make this legitimate somehow, I have to prove my promise that I love her, and I want her for more than a one-night stand.

     There are sirens outside.  She tenses up and clings to me.  I turn and hold her.

     “What’s wrong?”

     “Nothing,” she whispers and buries her face in my shoulder.  I suppose we all still have our secrets.  I push her hair away and run a finger down her jaw then kiss her cheek.

     “I want to take you to my sister’s club.  I want you to meet her.”

     “The one who dropped you off this morning?”

     “Yeah, Piper.”

     “So this is kind of like meeting your parents.”


     “We can just be friends if you want, for her.”

     “I want to tell her that I’m madly in love with you, well, I wanted to tell you that too, but definitely not the alien thing, not yet, I don’t want her to go berserk and try to blow you up.”

     “God forbid.”  Why’d she say that?  I don’t presume that she is in the habit of praying often.  There’s something in her eyes right now that’s so inaccessible.  Sometimes she’s a child, easy to play for sweets, and sometimes she’s two lifetimes and a million light-years away.  I feel so open and honest in comparison.  “I don’t want you to have to rush into anything, so you don’t have to tell her yet.”

     “But I don’t want you to have to sleep in my office again.”

     “It’s fine and… and, you ain’t getting any.”

     She has such a hard time saying that.  I think she’s the same as me.  It’s too easy to say yes to the ones who wont last and too easy to seem easy to the ones you want to keep.

     “I’d wait forever for you.  If I can control my impulses.”  I bite at her shoulder.  She fake-slaps my cheek and her fingers slide down to my mouth.  One slips inside.  I suck on it gently.  She eases it out and lets it make a wet trail down my chin.  I slide the spaghetti straps of my shirt that she is wearing off her shoulders and drop kisses down her chest.

     “Um,” there’s a polite cough that I don’t hear, “uh, Paige.” There is a gentle tap on my shoulder.

     “Let me deal with this.” A hand grabs my shoulder and wrenches me off of Ava.  I find myself staring in the face of a not little annoyed Piper.

     “If this was my club I’d have the bouncer kick you out.”

     “Hi, we were just going to see you.”

     “We?  Who is she and how much does she know?”

     “Pretty much everything.”


     “Look, it wasn’t a mistake.  I know it.”

     “Fine, but Phoebe has a problem, and since it involves a battalion of warlocks we need your help, power of three and all that.  I’m working on a mass vanquishing potion and then some way to deliver it.”

     “Maybe a spray bottle?”  I look at Ava.  So does Piper.  “Or a hose of some kind?”

     She smiles at the floor.

     “Lets go then.  Piper, this is Ava, my girlfriend.”

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