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Ava, Chapter 12: Kylie

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     I’m shutting her out.  With one mouth I’m saying ‘I love you’ and with the other ‘go to hell.’  It was so shocking seeing her.  Just last night I had cried because I had to go to the wedding with some man my brother had picked out, and not her.  Now she’s here.  What happened?  It’s like magic, everything about her is like magic; it always was.  She looks hurt and anxious now, she never used to.   She used to be a firecracker, as wild and intense as me, entirely carefree.  I only got a hint of what changed her, but it sounds awful.  I wish… I wish we could start again.  I would show her that she didn’t need to be so possessive, promise to her, have her trust me, and we’d never go down this road, never lose each other for four years, and she wouldn’t have lost herself in all that pain.

     “This is the stop.” She gently squeezes my fingers.

     “You’re my date for tonight, right?”

     “If you want me to.”

     “I do.”  I could love her no matter how she’s changed.  I just don’t want to make another mistake.  She’s still beautiful even if she managed to electrocute her hair and dip it in a vat of abrasive chemicals, but I can’t let that decide for me.  Being taller she always walks me into places, my hand resting on her arm, but she’s unsure this time, and that’s the whole problem.  She was never unsure of anything when she was my girl, until she started being unsure of me, and that’s why we broke up.  She has to be certain of my love, otherwise she’s not mine anymore, which she isn’t, so stop thinking that she is.  She escorts me into the dining chamber.

     “We’re so sorry we’re late.  We hope we didn’t worry you.”  They didn’t care whether I was dead or alive!  They’re just going about their dinner happy and chatting, not giving a thought to me, trapped in a warehouse somewhere.  My brother looks shocked.  Is it that I got here at all, or the girl on my arm?

     “Everyone, this is my date: Phoebe Halliwell.”  My brother looks like he is trying to shoot flames out of his eyes.  He always thought my preference for girls disgusting, especially after I stole his girlfriend in high school, but he signals the attendant for two chairs, and we join them.  I keep a tight hold on Phoebe’s hand.  I can feel something strange at this table, a serious dislike, verging on hatred surrounding us.  They’re all my brother’s friends.  I don’t know any of them.  I even just met his fiancée yesterday.  I don’t like her much.  Phoebe’s breathing starts increasing its rapidity exponentially, she pushes out her chair and stumbles backwards, pulling me up with her.  Then she drags me out of there.  She doesn’t even stop in the lobby.  We make it three blocks down before she stops.

     “Phoebe, what’s going on?”  She doesn’t answer; she just wraps her arms around me and hugs me close; nice, but not answering why we fled my brother’s rehearsal dinner.  “Phoebe,” I kiss her cheek, “it’s okay, calm down, idiot.”  I used to call her that, it was an endearment.

     “We need to talk, far away from here.  Let’s just walk towards my house and I’ll tell you on the way.”

     “All right, start now.”  She takes my hand firmly and leads me down the street.

     “This all started right after I left New York and came back here.”  She pauses and thinks, then she starts up again.  “Let me ask you a question.  Do you believe in magic?”  She’s way too serious.  I’m thinking she’s going to say that there is magic, and I think I better believe her.


     “Good, because I’m a witch.”

     “All right.”  Not implausible.  I knew she was magic.

     “And there are demons.  We save people from demons, that’s…”

     “Wait, we?”

     “My sisters are witches too.”


     “That’s how we found you.  You had been kidnapped by a warlock who was going to suck your magic out of you.”

     “My magic?”

     “Yeah, you’re a witch.”

     “Okay, now I’m having doubts.  I’m not a witch, shouldn’t I know that?”

     “There are a lot of lost witches.  I didn’t know I was a witch until I broke the binding spell on our powers, after I came back here.”

     “I am putting this in the accepting waiting room in my mind until I can assimilate it.”

     “And your brother is a warlock.  All his friends are warlocks.  He sent the man to kidnap you, and he wants your power and he wants to kill you.  The food he was going to have us brought was drugged.  He would have sucked our powers and killed us, and I know this because I have premonitions.”

     “Oh.”  That pretty much sums it up.  There is a conspiracy against me and my brother is planning on murdering me.  My ex-girlfriend is a witch and so am I.  Does any of this sound implausible to you!?

     “I’m going to take you home.  We can protect you.”



     “You know me.  Stop using the royal we, okay.  Calm down, I trust you.  Maybe I don’t believe you, but I trust you.  Take me where you want me to go.  You’re still my girl, even if you’re not anymore.”

     “Where we’re going… let me feel out Piper first before I ever was your girl.  Is that okay.”

     “That was a somewhat involved sentence, but I was never your girlfriend, is that right?”

     “That’s right, until I give the world.  Then my sister can deal.”

     “I thought Piper was like your best bud?”

     “Well, she’s the older sister now.  I changed too, but I really don’t know how she’ll deal.  She hasn’t ever had an inkling before.”

     “I’m your dirty little secret.”

     “No… yes.  I never got up the nerve to say that I was… to say it.”

     “To say that you were screwing a girl.”


     “Don’t hate yourself.  I don’t hate you, you didn’t screw me over, there was just a lack of communication and things fell apart.  That’s what things do.”

     She wraps her arms around me again.

     “You’re so wonderful.  That’s why things fell apart.  You were too perfect and I didn’t feel worthy.”

     “You got scared I was going to find someone better than you.  Idiot, it’s been four years.  I still haven’t.”

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