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Ava, Chapter 11: Phoebe

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Posted to June 27, 2004

     What’s she doing here?  I thought I’d never see her again after I left New York, after I screwed everything up, and here she is, and she’s so gorgeous, and I am so not over her.  How can I not be over her?  I’ve been married and widowed since I saw her last.  I’ve become a famous advice columnist, I’ve gone evil, I’ve lost a sister.  I didn’t even have magic when I knew her.  If I had I might have never lost her, but she’s back.  What do I do?

     “Are they together?”


     “Those girls who were with you.  Are they, dating?”

     “No…” huh, she was acting kind of funny, that might explain… “maybe?  I really don’t know.  That was the first time I met the punk girl, Ava, I think her name is.”

     “She’s cute.”  What?  Why’d she say that?  I… “Pheeb, I don’t want to lead you on.  It’s great to see you again, but we can’t get back together.”

     Oh, I guess she’s right; I blew it.  I so blew it.  She’s right.

     “I understand.”

     “That doesn’t mean you agree.”

     “I know I messed everything up…”

     “We’re not the same people anymore.  I can tell you’ve changed, a lot, and I don’t know who you are anymore.  I want to know, so I’d like to hang out with you while I’m here, and I don’t want to lose touch again.  I’ve been thinking about you lately.  It’s not all your fault.”

     She hasn’t changed.  I love just letting her voice wash over me as she talks on, jumping from subject to subject, glossing over the hard stuff, but her voice occasionally cracking with the pain.  What am I going to tell her?  Cole, Charmed, anything?  She’s a lost witch.  Can I even tell her that?

     “What am I?”  She starts again, “are we exes or just old friends?  Because I am going to meet your sisters.”

     “You met one, the girl with dyed orange hair is my half-sister Paige.”

     “You never talked about her.”

     “I never knew her, she just came into our lives last year.”

     “So there’s four Ps now?”

     “No, just three, there’s only ever three.”

     “But there’s Piper and, Prue right?”

     “Prue’s gone.”

     “Gone?  As in?”

     “Dead, she’s dead.”

     Her face goes white.  The bright lights in her aura drop suddenly.  She’s shaking her head slowly, like she’s trying to bring the information inside her head.

     “How can I do this to you?”


     “I just summon pain for you, right?  I’m like a lightning rod.  I come in and bang, bang, bang all the awful things that have happened to you are channeled straight back into your head.  What other traumas do I remind you of?”

     “Having to vanquish my husband.”

     “You’ve lost me.  Do I even want to know?”

     “I can’t tell you.  All I can say is that it’s a good thing to see you; no matter how many bad things come back you are not one of them.”

     “You were married?”

     “Yeah, for maybe a month or so.”

     “He hurt you.”  How can she know me so well?  “Not physically, but he hurt you a lot, and he made you feel like you weren’t worth it.”


     “And I’m helping him, saying I’ll never love you again. It’s not true.  I still love you.  I will always love you.  I just don’t think it can work.  You’re so hurt, and I need too much.” 

     I want to kiss her again, but she turns to the rail and leans over the edge.  I want to just put my arms around her, but I’m too scared, so I lean next to her, and she kindly, surreptitiously takes my hand.

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