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Viral Apocalypse, Chapter 49

Reply to Alex Smith

Posted to the RoswellSlash mailing list May 22, 2004

      Gardens, The Dome, 1 Week Later

      The flowers were in full bloom and all around the gardens were tables laid out with food and drink. Earlier in the day they had all attended the wedding of Amy Deluca and Jim Valenti and now the garden was being used for the reception. Many of their family, who neither Kyle nor Maria hadn't seen in years made the trip to Roswell for it. It also gave both teens the chance to get acquainted with the new members of their family. The drones were also in attendance, serving the guests with the food prepared by DDOK. Most of the guests complimented the young family on their cook's culinary skills.

      Eventually, DDOK arrived with four drones behind her carrying a giant wedding cake that she placed on a table that rested in the middle of the garden. There were whispered comments on the beauty of the cake and it's intricate decoration. Amy had a tear running down her cheek as she looked to Maria, her daughter told Amy to leave the cake to her and she was overwhelmed by what she saw. Carefully she mouthed "thank you" to Maria who smiled back at her.

      "Okay everyone. Time for the cake cutting." Maria called out

      Amy and Jim moved to the central table as everyone gathered around them. "You know I'm almost sorry to do this." She said

      "Well if you don't the cake will just go old, stale and mouldy...that's not a good thing." Kyle said

      Amy picked up the knife and Jim wrapped his hand over hers. Together they put the tip of the knife onto the white icing and sliced downward through the moist sponge. Everyone clapped as it was done and the first slice was placed onto a plate. DDOK then cut off another and the giant cake was divided amongst the guests.

      "Well, it's official now." Kyle said as he stood next to Maria

      "Yip." Maria said


      "Bro." Maria said, "You're not going to get all protective of me are you?"

      "Nah, no more than usual." Kyle said

      "Really?" Maria asked

      "Well maybe just a little bit." Kyle said

      "Hmmm." Maria said, thinking for a moment

      "What?" he asked

      "Well, when you and Tess get married I'll be sleeping with my sister in-law." Maria said

      "Doesn't seem to stop Liz and Isabel." Kyle said, "Come on, let's go say congrats."


      Together the two moved over to their parents. "Congratulations guys." Kyle said

      "Yeah, congratulations step-daddy." Maria said as she hugged Jim and then kissed his cheek

      "Thank you Maria." Jim said

      Maria then hugged her mother and Amy kissed her forehead as Kyle moved to Amy. "So, how dies it feel to walk down the aisle again? Step-mom." Kyle said

      "How about we just with Amy, Kyle?" Amy said hearing the weirdness in his voice

      "That I can do." Kyle said

      "Good, and doing it felt really good." Amy said

      "And here's to a long and happy life together." Maria said, hoping that this marriage went better than the one with her father. She knew, at the very least, that Jim wouldn't leave her mother like her dad did when he suddenly up and left them both.

      Off to the side, Michael came up beside Max.

      "Maria is looking beautiful today." Max said

      "Yes she is." Michael said

      "Is it me or do the dresses she wears for weddings get you a little hot under the collar?" Max asked

      "Oh it's not you." Michael said

      Max looked at his friend and shook his head. "Marry that girl Michael."

      Michael smiled, "Yes Your Majesty." He said as he saw the commanding look in Max's eyes.

      "Good." Max said

      "There is just one problem." Michael said

      "Oh? I thought you already proposed, so what's the problem?" Max asked

      "Yeah I did and she said yes but...I know she and the girls have been planning things for...well...forever, but..."

      "But?" Max asked

      "Well, she hasn't exactly let me in on what I've got to do." Michael said

      "Michael, when I married Liz I had three jobs to do." Max said

      "Well that's three more than I've got." Michael said

      "You've got the same ones, just like Alex and Kyle."

      Max smiled, "Michael, show up, wear a tux and make love to your wife when it's done." He said as he counted each task off with his fingers.

      "Oh. Those I can do." Michael smiled

      "Oh by the way, screw up on the tux or if you're late, she'll bite your balls off." Max said

      "Ooh...uh...nice image." Michael said

      "Yeah, causes a twitch down there doesn't it?" Max said, "That's what Maria told me Liz would do the day before my wedding if it happened."

      "You know there is this rumour I heard at school yesterday." Michael said


      "Pam is getting out of hospital today." Michael said

      "Yes I heard that too." Max said

      "Apparently she was at court yesterday and all charges were dismissed. Also that Sam isn't going to press the issue given extenuating circumstances." Michael said

      "Yeah I heard that." Max said, "Apparently her behaviour was the result of accidental contact with a chemical that has some severe hallucinatory side effects and an increase in aggression."

      "You gotta love that we can even tell the truth about things and still get our way."

      "Well, a twist on the truth." Max said

      "Chemicals, alien energy. There's a difference?" Michael asked

      Max smiled. "At the very least she'll be out and healthy."

      "I just hope she doesn't come back to bite us on the ass." Michael said, "How'd you do it anyway?"

      "Oh Tess just mind-warped her doctor into recognising some symptoms. Looked it up in a medical journal and called in a consultant. A little blood sample later confirmed exposure and they gave her anti- toxin." Max said

      "So her system got cleaned out, the good doctor informed her family and the judge and alls well that ends well." Michael said, "Oh just one did she get contaminated?"

      Max, who was taking a drink at that moment, stopped dead and his eyes opened wide. "Yeah...I knew I forgot something."

      "Relax I'll take care of it." Michael said

      "How?" Max asked

      "Well, according to our computer records, a corporation that's now out of business was doing a little top secret transportation of a chemical through Roswell on its way for disposal while we were on the Island." Michael said

      "Through a populated region that has a lot of tourists and is more than easy enough to avoid?" Max said

      "Tell me about it." Michael said, "But I'm sure a little tinkering here and there will be able to change what was being transported."

      "Well, we'll take care of that later. If you'll excuse me, my wife looks like she wants a dance." Max said

      "Hey, hey, hey. We have guests, that kind of dancing is not allowed." Michael said

      "Ha, ha." Max said as he started to walk over to Liz, "Would my love care to dance?"

      "Why thank you." Liz said as she took his hand.

      Amy and Jim were dancing already and after them came a few more couples before Liz looked in Max's direction. As they joined the others out on the dance floor, the other members of their family joined them and soon everyone was dancing as a string quartet of drones played soft music.

      "So, mom, you guys decided where you're going to live?" Maria asked

      "Yes honey, we're selling our places and buying a new house. We've already put a deposit on the house on **** street." Amy said

      "Hey, that's just one street over from ours." Diane said

      "Really?" Amy asked with a smile, "Interesting."

      Troy Residence, Roswell, 1 Hour Later

      Instead of her parents picking her up from the hospital, they were asked to stay at home while her doctor drove her home. They sat around on for most of the day; feeling completely on edge and Mr Troy was feeling the worst of it. It would be the first time since he'd seen her since that night in the institution. His wife spent the day cleaning Pam's bedroom, she put everything back just as her daughter left it...then she did it again.

      "I can't wait to see her."

      "I know." Mr Troy said

      " you think that we should apologise to those people? They weren't exactly responsible for what happened to Pamela." His wife said

      "Yes, but I'll take care of it. I was the one who pushed all of this."


      Then the front doorbell rang. Both moved to the hallway and Mrs Troy opened the door. On the other side were the doctor and Pam.

      "Mr and Mrs Troy." The doctor greeted and then took a step back.

      Pam couldn't hold back and rushed inside to hug her mother tightly. Mrs Troy held her daughter tightly as the doctor smiled and left quietly, closing the door as he went. As Pam pulled back, she looked at her dad and moved into his arms without even thinking.

      "Why didn't you tell me?" she whispered

      "Soon." He said. "It's good to have you home."

      "Yeah but..." she whispered

      "No, don't talk about it yet." He said as his wife came closer. As she did so, he took hold of Pam's hand and waved his other one over his wife's eyes.

      Pam could only blink as she saw the glow and watched her mother freeze, continuing to stare with a zombie-like trance. "Da...da...da..."

      "I think the word you're looking for is dad." He said, "Come with me."

      He led his daughter into the study, the room she had always been forbidden from entering. She looked around the room before moving in; her father closed the door and stood by his desk.

      "So you really are"

      "Alien? Yes. My species is...hmm...was the Antarians. I've recently found out that aside from a few dozen people, my race is extinct."

      "A virus." Pam said

      "How did you...oh of course, that connection. Yes, there is a virus that's wiped out most if not all life out there. For some reason humans are immune, I don't understand how. We never found that out, although I think there may be one or two people who know."

      "Max and the others?"

      "You remember that night?"

      "Not specifically.'s like they were in my head. They're aliens too?"

      "Hybrids. It was a plan to preserve my species, one that I fought against...until you were born. I chose exile from my compatriots on Earth rather than..."

      "They would have killed me?" Pam asked

      "In a heartbeat. However, they would made sure it was me that...that would have done it but I couldn't, not you."

      "Just out of did you're people plan on curing the virus if Max..."

      "You don't want to know the answer to that question."

      "Yes I do." Pam said

      "No, you really don't."


      "Huuuhhhhh." Her father sighed, " have taken over Earth, took a number of specimens for study...and experimentation."

      " mean people." Pam said

      "Yes. Compared to my people, humans are barely out of the swamp. Those, like me, who followed Kivar's leadership didn't have a problem with it. Then I met you're mother, which at first was to help create a cover."

      "But all that's changed now?"

      "My people are gone. My cause is gone. All that remains are the thousands of hybrids around the planet. All they had to do was find humans who they could share their secret with and love them for who they are so that they could go through our mating rituals and procreate."

      "Liz, Alex, Maria, Kyle and Sam." Pam said

      "All humans through and through, although they do share the powers of my people thanks to the Sharing. Listen, you can't go after them. Whatever you used to do to them and others at school, it has to stop."


      "No buts. They will do anything to protect themselves and the other families from exposure. And they know exactly what to do to disable you. Besides, if you expose them, you expose me."

      "I...okay." Pam said, "Dad...uh...don't take this the wrong way but who come mom doesn't know. I mean...she must have noticed something."

      Her father stood up and started to pull his shirt out of his pants and turned around. He pulled the fabric up and exposed the base of his spine. Pam couldn't see anything until he ran his finger up the middle of his back for an inch. The skin then retracted and exposed the seal on the husk.

      "What is that?" Pam asked

      "My husk's seal. This body isn't exactly real. I suppose you can compare it to a spacesuit. Inside is what I need to survive on Earth. If it breaks, I die. Everything feels human to the touch and so long as the seal is covered then it's completely undetectable."

      "" Pam uttered

      "I know this is a lot to take in."

      "You think? I don't suppose I can see you."

      "You are seeing me."

      "No, I mean...I want to see *you*. I want to see what my dad looks like." Pam said

      Her dad nodded and took out the hexagonal device. He activated the machine and it shot a beam to Pam, creating a barrier around her while the room filled with Antarian atmosphere. Mr Troy removed his shirt and reached behind him to make contact with the seal. From the seal, a white light spread up to his head and then down the front. The husk opened and the alien inside moved out of it and moved to Pam.

      His grey, thin hand reached into the shield around Pam and took her hand. His daughter looked at it and then up the body to his big black eyes. Pam reached out, her hand leaving the shield and made contact with his face.


      The Skin nodded his head. Pam wasn't afraid, she wasn't repulsed or disgusted but she felt calm as the missing fragment of her life fell into place. For the first time she felt as though she understood what was inside her, and what made her feel superior to others around her and try to put them down when ever she could. Seeing her father in his true form made her feel comfortable in her own body.

      "Take my hands." He said, his voice heavily distorted

      Pam took his other hand and a connection formed between father and daughter, both freely sharing their memories. He focused on showing her his home world; where he came from and a place he had hoped he could show her...even if it was unrealistic.

      "So beautiful." Pam said

      "Yes." Her dad said as the link broke and they looked at each other

      "Max is a king?" Pam said

      "Unfortunately. But yes he is."

      "And Sam...not only did he dump me for that bitch but he married her and Lonnie as well?"

      "It's complicated but it's Antarian. They love each other and so that's the way it is. You can't change that and nor should you try. In time you will find someone of your own but Sam does not belong with you."

      "I know. I still don't like being dumped though." Pam said

      "Who does." He said as he moved back over to the husk and got back inside. As it sealed up he deactivated the machine and the air returned to normal, allowing the barrier around Pam to collapse.

      "Dad...what...what will happen to me when know?"

      "When I die? Well I'll be around for a few years yet. My husk lasts longer than the others that were created for other Skins because of my long-term duties away from them. Eventually it will dissolve and I will die but I have taken steps. I planned to tell you everything and teach you how to use this." He said as he tapped the device on the desk

      "How long before you..." she asked tentatively

      "4 maybe 5 years."

      "Dad." She said with concern, hugging her dad

      "It's okay honey, I accepted this along time ago when I chose you over my people. Although it wasn't really a choice."

      "I don't want to loose you."

      "You wont. I've been inside you since the day you were conceived. Everything an Antarian is can be boiled down to our energy. Our essence. My energy is in you so I'll always be with you."

      "It wont be the same." Pam said



      "People die Pam. It happens, you and I could easily get caught in an earthquake tomorrow."

      "I know." Pamela said, "Doesn't make it easier."

      Her father sighed, "Come on. You're mother will be waking up in a minute and if we're not there."


      "And we need to visit some people later."

      "Who?" Pam asked

      "You know who."

      Pam nodded. Her father put the machine away and took his daughter's hand; together they walked out into the hall just in time for her mother to blink out of her trance. They all walked into the living room where they sat, talked and her mother had all Pam's favourite snacks on hand for her homecoming.

      Living Room, The Mansion, 18:00

      After dinner that night, the family sat in the room and watched television. Maria and Michael were sitting next to each other, his hand were caressing her thigh and becoming hornier by the second.

      "How about we head upstairs?" Maria whispered into his ear

      Michael smiled and grabbed her hand. Together they jumped up and headed for the door.

      "Hold it you two." Max said

      "Huh?" Michael said

      "Front and centre right now." Liz said

      The two moved around the sofa their king and queen were sitting on and stood before them. Max and Liz just stared at the two.

      "Where are you going?" Max smiled

      "Uh...upstairs. What did we do?" Maria asked

      "You, apparently, now thinks its weird to have fun in front of us now." Liz said


      "Just because we're going to have a baby." Max said

      "Ye...yes." Michael said

      "Well then. Each and every one of you will not be leaving." Liz said

      Quickly she hiked up her skirt and flipped herself around so that she was now straddling Max. Reaching down between them, she unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick. Liz raised her hips and sank down onto him, both groaned out loudly. Their entire family just sat back to watch the husband and wife make love. Michael and Maria started to move away but Liz looked back at them with heat in her eyes.

      "Stay right there." Liz said, "Maria, down on your knees." She commanded

      Maria couldn't help but obey her queen and sank down to the floor.

      "Ladies, why don't you all go down on your guys? They will be very appreciative." Max commanded

      All the girls got down on their knees in front of their lovers and as Maria unzipped Michael, they all unzipped the others. In seconds 4 dicks were out and being taken into their lovers' mouths. All the guys were groaning as tongues were sliding over their meat.

      Liz continued to raise and lower herself on Max. Both looked over at the various couples, and triple, and smiled as the guy's eyes rolled back in their heads. All the girls were busy bobbing their heads up and down as masculine hands ran through their soft hair. Liz then pulled off of Max and sat down next to him.

      "I promise I'll finish you later." Liz whispered

      Max kissed her, "You better. It's not good for a queen to leave her king needing. Besides, I wanna watch too."

      They both smiled and settled back in each other's arms. "Now boys and girls. Switch positions." Max said

      Without thinking about it, the women released their men's dicks and all stood up. The girls sat down on the chairs and the guys knelt before them. As they unfastened their skirts and jeans, their lover's slid them off their legs and tossed them to the sides, then off came the panties.

      "Boys. Lick away. And I want to hear screaming." Liz said, "Oh Sam, since you don't have two heads..."

      "Pity." Lonnie and Ava said

      "Two hands will do." Liz finished

      They happily obliged. All the guys pushed their heads between the legs of the girls and as Sam looked into the eyes of his wives, his hands ran up the inside of their thighs. His fingers penetrated deep into them as the others lapped away at their lover's pussies.



      "Oh right there..."


      The room was filled with moans, Max and Liz continued to watch. The girls gyrated their hips and spread their legs as wide as possible, just to let their men get closer. Michael ate Maria on the floor as she leaned back against a footstool; Alex and Isabel were laying full length on the couch with her leg hanging off the back of the furniture; Tess had her legs wrapped firmly behind Kyle's head and Sam, Lonnie & Ava were completely wrapped up in each other.




      "All stop." Max and Liz commanded at the same time, they then looked at each other and laughed

      "What?" Maria asked

      "HUH?" Isabel said in frustration

      "This is our punishment." Tess said as Kyle backed away.

      None of them could deny the orders from either Max or Liz.

      "Now would two fair and just rulers do something like that?" Max asked

      "Yes!" the others all said together

      Max and Liz smiled, "In that case, boys, pants off and all of you screw your brains out." Liz said

      "Yes ma'am." Michael said

      Soon they were all naked. The girls were either lying on their backs with their legs spread wide with their lover hammering away or they were riding their man for all he was worth. Max and Liz couldn't help but get involved again. Their clothes joined the others in a little pile in the corner and they made love on the sofa.



      Their moans of rapture could be heard throughout the house.

      A Little Later...

      Eleven naked bodies were strewn around the room, all breathing heavily and holding each other tightly.

      "Well...if that's know." Michael said

      "I'm with you on that." Isabel said

      "So are we over the weirdness issue yet?" Max asked

      "Oh yeah." Maria said

      "Besides, junior isn't here yet. And he'll be kept in a nursery most of the time." Michael said

      "She!" Liz and Isabel said together

      "We're having a girl?" Max asked

      "We don't know yet." Liz said

      "But..." Max said

      "It's a good luck thing. If someone said he, we say she. That way no matter what it is, it's healthy." Liz said

      "Liz, babe, that makes no sense." Maria said

      "Well it's something my grandma did, it's something my mom did, so I'm doing it. Look how we turned out." Liz said

      They all smiled, "Well, I think I might go downstairs for a swim." Max said

      "I could go for that." Alex said

      They all agreed and stood up. They left their clothes where they were and walked down to the pool where they spent hours soaking in the waters of the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi off to its side.

      Middle of the Desert, Five Miles from the Dome, 09:00 The Next Morning

      The area was covered with dunes and a nice long stretch of flat area. They had been invited out there by Pizza Dude who had brought his land surfing gear. He decided to teach them as much as he could and within half an hour he was demonstrating. As the sun beat down on them his board glided across the sand, riding up the dunes and flying back down. Every so often the wind would die down or change direction but then Max would lend a hand with a little use of his powers.

      It didn't take long for the others to have a shot. As Michael was on it and flying across the desert, everyone could hear him laughing with excitement. They laughed along with him and suddenly felt like it would be a fight to get him off it. The Michael rode up a dune and flew off it; he did a loop-the-loop in mid air and then landed.

      "Nice." Sam and Kyle said together as Maria's heart stopped for a second

      Michael rode up to the others and stopped the board. He locked the wheels and quickly moved up to Max. "Max, Max, Max, we have to put money into this." He said excitedly, "We put money, whatever tech you guys can pull out of the database and we have fun."

      "I think he's excited." Maria said

      "Excited doesn't cover it Hon. Trust me, this is a wild ride." Michael said

      "See I told you, you guys would love it." Pizza said

      "Love it...crazy about it. Can you imagine riding these things through New York or the Lakers' stadium?" Michael said

      "Okay, my turn." Liz said

      "NO!" everyone said at the same time

      Liz smiled, "Well, can't deny the protectiveness of these guys."

      "You were kidding?" Max asked

      "Of course I was kidding. I want a shot on it but I'm not stupid. One wrong landing and I could..." Liz said as her hand moved to her belly

      Then she jumped up as she caught a reflection on the horizon that was coming up the road to the dome. The sunlight was bouncing off a car's windscreen and as the others saw it, they moved out to watch as it changed direction and started toward them.

      "Who's this?" Pizza asked as he picked up on the tension

      "Problems." Sam said

      "Do you three want to..." Max asked Sam, Ava and Lonnie

      "No. We're together, we're not ashamed of it and if she knows she knows." Ava said

      "Yeah." Sam agreed as he held his wives hands

      "I'm for it. But one wrong look and I will...will..." Lonnie said, struggling to find the words and twisting with her hands, "...there will be pain, lot of pain."

      "Oh that's a given Lon." Max said, "Pizza Dude."

      "Yes oh great alien and kingly dude."

      "I think you better pack up and make yourself scarce. We don't know exactly what's going to happen here." Max said

      Pizza Dude looked over to the approaching car. He knew, or rather guessed, that there were other aliens on the planet and not all of them friendly. The tension around him told him that if something was going to happen, he wanted to be out of blast range. "Yeah, okay. Call me later if you guys, you know, make it through the next half hour."

      "Count on it." Michael said

      Pizza quickly disassembled his gear and packed it up into his truck. In a few minutes he was heading off to the main road, looking in his rear view mirror as he drove. When he was back onto the highway, he pulled off of the road and opened his sunroof.

      After opening his glove compartment and pulling out a pair of binoculars, he stood up through the hole to look back in the direction of the family. Unfortunately he couldn't see anything.

      Back with the others, the Troy's car pulled up. Pam and her father stepped out and moved closer.

      "Pam. How are you feeling?" Max asked

      "Much better. I suppose I have you to thank for that." Pam said

      "A little." Max said

      "So. I take it your dad told you..." Liz said

      "Told me that he's an alien, along with Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess, Ava and Lonnie and that you're all up here bonking your brains out. Yeah. He told me." Pam said

      "Well I wouldn't exactly phrase it like that but yes." Liz said

      "I think we better take this somewhere more private." Alex said

      "We're in the middle of the desert. How can you get more private than that?" Pam asked

      "Oh how about a big glass dome that will keep people from sneaking up on us." Isabel said

      "Pamela, we keep our business private and secured. It's the only way we can remain safe and since you are my daughter you're at as much risk as the rest of us." Mr Troy said

      "Fine." Pam said

      All got into their cars. The family led the way to the gates of the dome and opened them with their remote controls, allowing all of the cars to enter the glass structure. As the gates closed and as the Troy's car moved further inside, Pam felt her pulse slow down. She was amazed at all the trees, being among the green of the rainforest made her become more relaxed.

      "This is nice." Pam said

      "Reminds me of Antar. Kalen did do good work building this place, it would be nice if humans weren't busy ripping apart their woodlands." Her dad said

      "You make it sound like Antar was covered with one huge forest." Pam said

      "It was. Well, except for the oceans. You're feeling it aren't you?"

      "Feeling what?" Pam asked

      "Contentment. More relaxed. You are my daughter remember, I'm feeling it as well and I am apart of you."

      "Why do you keep reminding me of that?" Pam asked

      "Because you are human and I'm not. You seem to have accepted that easier than I would have thought."

      "You're my dad. The rest doesn't matter...well it does but I've had a week in that place to deal with it." Pam said, "This place is really beautiful."

      Her father smiled as he picked up her hand and held it. After a while they saw the mansion coming into view.

      By the Lake, The Dome, 09:45

      Max didn't pull up in front of the mansion; instead he drove to the lake. As they all stepped out, the first thing that Pam and her father noticed was the number of security drones around. They were up on balconies, dotted around the lake, around trees and hanging out of trees.

      "So...what's with the guards?" Pam asked

      "They have pre-programmed instructions about strangers and they're not too fond of Skins. They also have a thing about people who've pissed us off in the past." Max said

      "Pissed you off. And what about what you've done to me?" Pam asked

      "And what did we do to you? Tried to mind our own business, go to school, live our lives. Where as you pulled me into the Eraser Room a couple of time, tried to break up Sam and Ava. Should I go on?" Max said

      "No." Pam said, "But what about...what are they called?"

      "Mindwarps." Her father said

      "I'm guessing you used one on me that time you and Liz had sex in front of me but everyone saw you in the library. That cost me a lot of friends." Pam said

      "Yeah it did. But you never backed away from us, you kept coming no matter what we did so we had to teach you a lesson...our own way." Liz said

      "Not once did you even consider stopping." Ava said

      "Well you took him from me so why should I?" Pam asked

      "People break up all the time Pam." Sam said, "It happens, you've broken up with people before so, what, this time you got dumped so that means revenge?"

      "It means...okay, I went too far. I wanted you and I got hurt, now I find out that not only did the two of you get married but you also married Lonnie."

      "So?" Sam asked, "At first I tried to deny how I felt about her, but the attraction was too strong."

      "I'll say." Lonnie said

      "Okay, so tell me why I should try to screw you guys?" Pam asked

      Max looked at Mr Troy and then back at Pam, "Expose us, you expose him." He said

      "Pamela, they'll do anything to protect themselves and the other families." Her father told her

      "Yeah I suppose but who said I was going to expose you as aliens?" Pam said

      "What?" Liz asked

      "Oh I'm sure the press would like to know what you do in here. All that homo crap and stuff. If you aren't in bed with Max then it's with Isabel, Tess, Maria...she's even you're best friend." Pam said

      "Yes she is and I love her, the girls, especially Isabel and Max." Liz said

      "Well, that gives me the advantage then. I can't go back to school, even if people didn't think I was nuts, they wouldn't let me back in thanks to you." Pam said

      "Not us, your dad's people." Michael said

      "Yeah, because you are here." Pam said

      "You really think we'll let you try and get this out?" Max asked as he moved closer. "We weren't given much of a choice but we took out the Skins base in Copper Summit. If Kalen's people and military allies on Earth didn't take them out with a nuke then they would have died when their husks broke down. Michael blasted a renegade F.B.I agent because we didn't have a choice. You really think we wont do what we have to, to protect ourselves?"

      "You wont hurt me." Pam said

      "Maybe, maybe not." Michael said

      "But we don't have to. A lot of our energy directed to you would put you back in the nut house." Tess said

      "Or we could just knock you out. I'm sure Rath would like some company as an ice cube." Lonnie said

      "What?" Pam asked

      "We could lock the two of you up in Kalen's base. There are a couple of stasis tubes with your names on it." Lonnie said

      "Actually, I like that idea." Ava said as she stared into Pam's eyes

      "Besides, your not really so...offended by our relationships are you?" Isabel asked and then turned to Pam's father, "Is she?"

      "No. No she's not." Mr Troy said

      "How can you say that?" Pam asked

      "Because their relationships are born of Antar. There may have been initial attractions between them but it blossomed through our rituals. The same ones I would have gone through if I'd been on Antar. It's in me, and it's in you." Troy said

      "That's why I used to catch giving the girls in the locker room subtle looks now and then." Isabel said

      "Fuck you." Pam said

      Isabel smiled, knowing that she it the nerve she was aiming for.

      "So what's it going to be? Keep quiet, hospital or ice cube?" Isabel asked

      "I promised you I'd keep my daughter quiet. I will keep that promise."

      Pam looked at her dad, "You...what?"

      "I may have opposed their existence but they now carry the last of my people's genetic material. My mission is a failure so all that's left is to ensure the survival of what's left. That includes you, and them." Mr Troy said

      "So what's it going to be?" Max asked

      Pam looked at all of them. She knew she wouldn't actually do it, her dad gave his word and that was enough but there was something inside her that wouldn't let her do it. Isabel was right, she had looked at some of the girls in the locker room and as much as she wanted to deny it, she couldn't.

      Pam knew that sooner or later she'd have to accept the more unusual aspects of her heritage and there weren't that many people in the world that could help her with that or even talk about it.

      "Fine." Pam said antagonistically, trying to give the image that it was reluctant to agree. She actually only wanted to know how far they'd go to keep their secrets and if she could get anything out of it. "I'll keep quiet."

      "Good." Max said

      "So, what now?" Pam asked

      "Coffee." Max suggested

      Stables, Behind the Gardens, 10:45

      A little later, Sam decided to get some work done and went to wipe down his horse. He taken the animal out of the stable and placed him just outside the doors. After getting a bucket of water and a cloth he cleaned off the horse.

      "Yes, you like this don't you boy." Sam said and his horse neighed loudly, "That's right, we don't like the ex girlfriend being in the house do we? No. Cause Ava and Lonnie give me funny looks all the time. They know I only have eyes for them...well used to be only Ava but then Lonnie arrived and well, you know."

      As Sam worked, he moved up to his horse's head and started to scratch behind the animal's ear. As a result the horse lowered his head to get Sam closer, he was enjoying the attention and the relief from an itch that was bugging the hell out of him.

      "Your caretaker tell me you've been getting frisky with Ava's horse. You getting a little action there, pal? What about Lonnie's? Certainly wouldn't put it passed you given your owners."

      "I thought you were afraid of horses?" Pam asked as she came behind the line of trees that hid the stables.

      She scared the crap out of Sam and he almost jumped out of his skin, " Pam. Sneak much."

      "Sorry." Pam said

      "Well, I am afraid of them but this guy kinda brings you least a little." Sam said, feeling a tingle in his side where Pam's knife slashed into him, "'m surprised Max let you move around by yourself."

      "He didn't." Pam said as she pointed behind her.

      Sam followed where her finger pointed, strait up to the roof of the mansion. One of the security drones was crouched down, hiding behind a rim of brickwork while pointing its weapon down at Pam. The drone had it drawn the second it realised that Pam was heading in Sam's direction.

      "At least it's only one." Pam said

      "Drones don't work by themselves. That's the one they're letting you see, they'll be 3 or 4 others hiding out." Sam said

      "Oh." Pam said

      "So, since you're keeping quiet about all this, what do you want?" Sam asked

      "Sam, I know that I'm not your favourite person right..."

      "You tried to kill Ava and ended up stabbing me." Sam said

      "That's why I'm here. I wasn't exactly myself and I...I'm sorry."

      "Wow, that was good. Did you hurt yourself?" Sam asked

      "I guess I deserved that." Pam said

      "Yeah. And...apology accepted." Sam said

      "How are you by the way?" Pam asked

      Sam lifted up his shirt and showed Pam the large scar he had.

      "Oh my god." Pam said

      Sam then waved his hand over it and it vanished. Pam looked back and forth between Sam's eyes and his side.


      "Benefits of having someone around who's good at healing. Too many people saw how bad it was so we created the illusion of the scar for the doctors and everyone else." Sam said

      "So you're okay?" Pam asked

      "I'm fine." Sam said

      "Okay." Pam said, " you mind if I ask...Ava and Lonnie?"

      "Don't go there, Pam."

      "No, it's just, how did it happen? I mean a threesome must be every guys dream but..."

      "It's certainly not how I imagined it all but I'm in love with them both and they love me. That's the way it is." Sam said

      "Yeah. I can see that." Pam said

      "There, all done." Sam said as he threw his cloth into the bucket. He took his horse into the stable and returned him to the stall and the caretaker drone. He then opened the back doors to the stable, opening it up to the forest and a clearing with the other horse walking in it. "There you go boy, you're friends are all waiting."

      Quickly his horse ran out and joined the others as they grazed in the field. Sam watched as his horse moved into the woods with two other horses, while he couldn't make out which horses they were, he could easily guess. Once they were out of sight Sam returned to Pam.

      "So," Sam said

      "I don't even have a one in a billion chance with you do I?" Pam asked

      "No." Sam said, "Not that we ever had any feeling for each other."

      "No I guess not." Pam said, "Still don't like being dumped though."

      "Who does?" Sam asked, "We better get back to the house." He said, feeling eyes on him. He could feel his wives watching him from their bedroom and could feel what he could only describe as jealousy. He looked up and saw the curtains of his room moving.

      "Yeah. My dad will be getting worried now." Pam said

      Together the two walked back to the house through the garden.

      Sam, Ava and Lonnie's Bedroom, 11:00

      Sam headed to his bedroom to get cleaned up but he knew the girls were in there and that they wouldn't be happy. As he approached his room, he put his hand on the doorknob and very slowly turned it. The door swung open and there by the windows were Lonnie and Ava with their arms crossed. Angry wouldn't have done justice to the expressions on their faces.

      "Hello my beautiful..." Sam started happily

      "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? Talking to the hack and slash queen bitch of Roswell?" Ava said

      "...ladies." Sam finished his sentence, only it sounded tenser

      "Well?" Lonnie asked

      "She came to see me. I was with the horses and she showed up." Sam said

      "Yeah, we saw that. What I want to know is why you let her say word 1?" Ava asked

      "Because she wanted to apologise for stabbing me and trying to kill you. Besides, I've been kind of in a happy place all day so I thought I'd at least hear her out."

      Ava and Lonnie looked at him and then sighed, "You boys and your toys. You've got a serious woody for Pizza's boards." Lonnie said

      "Oh I've got a hard-on all right. I've had it on and off all day since I woke up today."

      "Why?" Ava said

      "Cause I want to make love to you, both of you on the altar." Sam said

      "What?" Both asked together, and both stunned

      "Yeah. In the grand scheme of things she can't really do anything to hurt us anymore so I thought I'd let her say what she wanted. Now I know you're pissed but you both know that I about as much for her as I care what's swimming around a swamp in...I don't know...the Ukraine. I'm in love with you, I'm spending the rest of my life with both of you and couldn't be happier."

      "" Lonnie said and then turned to Ava

      Both suddenly jumped at Sam, he collapsed to the floor taking both of them with him. The girls pressed their bodies to his, planting kisses all over his face and on each other.

      "I take it this is a good thing?" Sam asked

      Ava took Lonnie's hand in hers and pressed it against Sam's crotch, both massaging his erection through his jeans. "Very good thing." Ava whispered

      "We...gnnnn...we need to tell the others." Sam said

      "Later. After she's gone." Lonnie said

      "Yeah." Sam said

      Lonnie pulled open his shirt, sending buttons flying everywhere. She and Ava then started kissing his hard bare chest, working their way down to his pants which they expertly undid in just a few seconds. His dock popped out and the girls attacked it with loving licks and kisses.

      "I take it this means I'm forgiven?" Sam asked

      Ava and Lonnie stopped, their heat and lust filled eyes looked to each other and in that second they let go of Sam's dick. Together they stood up and took each other's hand, walking to the bed and leaving Sam. He looked up at them and watched as they started to undress each other.

      "Uh...girls?" Sam asked, his erection throbbing for a much needed release.

      The girls ignored him, each taking off the other's tops and then the bras. Their hands gently caressing each other, fingers ran over soft skin and delicately circled their lover's nipples.

      Sam stood up, looking back and forth between the two. "Ladies...uh..."

      The two didn't say anything as they fell on to the bed, their heads landing perfectly on the pillows. Sam shrugged his shoulders and moved to the bed, he moved up onto it to join with his wives. However, as he leaned over to kiss Ava, both girls put their hands on his chest and pushed him off. They went back to kissing each other, their tongues could be clearly seen by Sam and groaned slightly, his mouth opened and moved as he imagined he was kissing them. He watched as Ava's hand slipped into their wife's shorts and his cock got harder.

      "Ouhnnnnn..." he whined in pain, "Not forgiven." He concluded. All he could do was sit in one of the room's chairs and watch them make love. His hand wrapped around his cock and he started to jerk himself off. However, he couldn't make himself cum. His body wouldn't let himself since he needed to be primed for later.

      Dinning Room, The Mansion, 12:30

      As lunchtime approached, everyone gathered in the dinning room. Max invited Mr Troy and Pam for their afternoon meal and the accepted. As everyone moved to sit down, a few noted how fresh and relaxed Ava and Lonnie were and how tense Sam was.

      "So." Max said as they ate, "What's going to happen now?"

      "Pam and I have talked. We're leaving. It's the best thing and to be frank a fresh start would do us a lot of good." Mr Troy said

      "And Mrs Troy?" Liz asked

      "I can convince my wife. Getting Pam away from Roswell, and away from gossiping neighbours, students and others...letting her start again where no-one knows her." Mr Troy said

      "And it will be welcome." Pam said, "Don't have much else around here and you all know how small towns are."

      "Where will you go?" Michael asked

      "I don't know. Out of the U.S. certainly, Canada is an option as is Britain."

      "We...we can help if you want. At the very least, as the last Skin, the other families will want to know where you are." Max said

      "Where I will be is none of their business. I will leave them alone if they leave me alone. You have my word; the device will never be used against them and only used to help Pam when she needs it. As for the help, I've done good taking care of my family and I will continue to do so until my husk completely degrades...however, I guess you could help make things go faster. Finding a place to stay, a school for Pam and arranging for a job."

      "I'm sure we can cover that." Max said

      "With the condition that none of the other families know where we are. I can't live if I have to keep looking over my shoulder and Pam doesn't need that." Mr Troy said

      "I can't guarantee that they'll never find out. But they wont hear it from us unless there is an emergency. Good enough?" Max asked

      "Good enough." Mr Troy said after looking to Pam who nodded in agreement


      After lunch, Pam and her father got into their car and drove off. When they reached the gates, Michael opened them from the house and let the pair out. Once the gates were secure he returned to the others in the living room.

      "Do you think he'll stay out of our hair?" Maria asked

      "No way to know for sure." Max said

      "I think he was telling the truth, he just wants to keep Pam safe." Liz said

      "God know why he'd want to keep that bitch safe." Lonnie said

      "Because she's his daughter and none of us will be out picking fights." Max said looking straight at Lonnie and then Ava

      "Yeahokay." Lonnie said

      "She just better not pick any fights with us." Ava said

      "I doubt she will." Alex said

      "Yeah I think she wants to get this behind her." Isabel said

      "Maybe." Max said, " three. What happened with you guys?" he asked Sam, Lonnie and Ava

      Lonnie and Ava smiled, "Sam was talking to *her*, so we punished him."

      All the girls looked up and smiled, "Oh?" Tess asked

      "We drove him nuts, gave him a little oral." Lonnie said

      "Then Lonnie and I had sex and gave him nothing." Ava said

      "He had to take care of himself as we had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm." Lonnie said with a taunting smile

      "Uh huh." Max said

      "That's..." Michael said

      "Cruel?" Alex finished

      "Yeah." All guys said together

      "Well then he shouldn't have been talking with the ex when he had two wives with needs to be taken care of." Lonnie said as she slipped up and sat on Sam's lap.

      "There is also something else." Ava said

      "It's about time." Liz said

      "Huh?" Kyle asked

      "They're having a little trip to the Altar." Liz said

      "How'd you know that?" Sam asked

      "I'm queen. It's my job to know. Besides you three are giving off this vibe...kinda hard to ignore." Liz said

      "What vibe?" Max asked

      Liz looked at him and then around at the others, "You guys aren't picking this up?"

      "No." Isabel said and everyone shook their heads to agree with her

      "Hmm...must be a queen thing." Liz said and then smiled, "I can tell when you guys want to get pregnant."

      "Why's that a good thing?" Isabel asked

      "Oh I don't know, maybe if any of you are in denial about being ready." Liz said

      "So when's your time?" Max asked

      "I don't know? Anybody doing anything in 20 minutes?" Sam asked

      "Oh I think we're all free." Max said as everyone got out of their chairs and started heading upstairs, they knew it would take at least 15 minutes for Ava and Lonnie to get ready.

      "Hey wait." Kyle said

      "What?" Lonnie asked

      "Well, when it was Max and Liz doing this, Alex stripped Max and Isabel stripped Liz because they're in love. What happens with you guys?"

      "Well I think we can strip each other." Lonnie said, looking at Ava with a smile

      "And Sam?" Max asked

      "Guys, I think I can undress myself. I've been doing it for a few years now." Sam said

      "Yeah but this is special." Alex said

      "How about...all of us." Max said

      "Four guys, just to get a scrap of cloth off?" Sam asked and then smiled, "I'm game."

      Max looked to Lonnie, "You do realise people are going to see you as a single mother?"

      "Then we'll just have to arrange a little public marriage with robo- boyfriend." Lonnie said, feeling Sam growl into himself, "Sham marriage honey, I'm still married to you. He's just for show."

      "Yeah I know. I just wish we didn't have to." Sam said

      "Me too" Lonnie said

      "Me three." Ava continued and then took the hands of both her lovers.

      Then they all headed to the elevator and up to the altar. In the room outside of the bedrooms that concealed the altar, the others waited for the threesome to emerge and begin their part of the next generation.

      Altar Room, Outside the Bedrooms, 14:00

      From their bedroom, the three emerged to find the others sitting around in their couples in front of their own bedrooms. All were holding each other snugly, kissing softly until they realised the others had come back out. All three removed their robes, revealing their outfits. They were the same as the ones worn by Max and Liz on their time on the altar but this time they weren't gold - they were silver.

      Max and Liz stood up and moved to the Antarian symbols in the room. They pressed their palms to them and the altar rose up from the shallow pit of cushions. As the stone block locked into position, Sam moved to the other side of it and as he looked across his vision locked to his two wives. He held his breath at how radiant they looked.

      At the same moment, all three tapped the soft side of their wrists and with a blink of light under the skin, the birth control implants deactivated. Sam watched as Lonnie and Ava turned to each other, their lips pressed together and kissed each other with a need that sparked a burning fire in all three of them. Carefully Lonnie undid the catch on her wife's metal outfit and the top slipped off to the floor. Ava did the same to Lonnie and both girls stood there topless, each caressing the other's breasts. At the same time their hands moved down to their hips. With a simple flick of their fingers, off came the sarongs. The chain linked metal pooled at their feet and they kicked them away.

      Sam's mouth watered as he watched the two girls. They placed their fingertips on their stomachs and circled each other, one after the other. That was when Sam felt hand on him. The other guys had all moved away from their lovers and now each was stroking their hands over Sam's body. Michael and Kyle pulled Sam's silver outfit down his legs while Alex kissed Sam. Max had his hands running over the heated human's hard chest and muscular arms before diving down to wrap his fingers over Sam's cock. The king pumped him a few times with soft strokes until Sam was as hard as he could be.

      When all three were ready, the guys backed off to their lovers and then Ava and Lonnie started toward the altar. Sam started moving forward and soon they were all at the white stone. Lonnie looked back and forth between her two lovers and then leaned over to Ava.

      "I want you to go first." Lonnie whispered in Ava's ear

      Ava's skin turned red, as the fire within her grew hotter, she wanted to feel Sam inside her now, wanted to feel his seed enter her body and start a new life. Lonnie climbed onto the altar, Sam looked at her and climbed on too. The two kissed and then parted to make room for Ava. As both sat on their knees, Ava moved between them and lay down. She used Lonnie's lap as a pillow as her milky legs lay out before Sam.

      Sam ran a strong hand over her entire body as she looked up to Lonnie who cupped the girl's breasts. Sam took hold of her ankles and parted them, he moved between we soft thighs. Ava wrapped her legs around Sam's waist as he continued to kneel. His hard dick probed her sex and she squirmed, desperate to get him inside her.

      "Saammmm..." she moaned, "Please don't tease...not now."

      "Yeah Sam, fuck her, drive that dick into her." Lonnie said huskily

      Sam smiled and with one swift movement, the tip of his dick slipped passed her lip and dived completely into her soaked pussy.

      "Ughnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Ava gave out a long drawn out moan as her back arched and took hold of Lonnie's hands, holding onto them tightly.

      Sam slowly pulled back out and then thrust hard back into her. In and out, over and over again, he withdrew quickly and drove himself back inside her slick warmth. She squeezed on his cock with her inner muscles, she wanted him to unload and wanted it now.

      "Oooh that's it baby, fuck her, fuck her hard." Lonnie commanded

      "Ughnnnnnnn..." Ava cried

      "Harder Sam."

      "UGHNNNNNN..." Ava cried as he obeyed

      "HARDER. Make her scream baby." Lonnie said

      Sam moved as fast as he could. The movement of his hips was a blur to the others in the room.

      "UGHHNNNN...OH GOD...YESSSS...UGNNNNN...SAMMMMMMM!" Ava cried over and over again.

      Then he and Lonnie leaned over the convulsing girl. The two kissed with gusto, enjoying the cries of passion from Ava.

      "Ughnn...GUYS...ARGHHHHHH...SO CLOSE...UGHNNNNNN...GIVE...GIVE IT TO ME." Ava screamed

      "UGHNNNN...UGNNNNN...UGNNNN...UGNNNNNNNN..." Sam groaned over and over again as he broke his kiss with Lonnie.

      "That's it baby. Let it go." Lonnie said, her hand running over his chest



      Sam let loose and his seed shot deep into Ava's body. The altar filled with light and blasted it outward; everyone in the room felt the start of conception within Ava as his seed met her egg, starting the life of their baby. As it happened, Sam collapsed on top of her and they held onto each other. Lonnie caressed them both as they whispered `I love you' to each other.

      Then Sam pulled back, his cock left Ava's body but he was still rock hard. New seed was already being produced within his balls and his eyes locked onto Lonnie. She licked her lips as she looked at Sam's dick and then into his eyes. Quickly Ava recovered from her mind shattering orgasm and rolled to the side slightly. The smaller blond moved up to her knees and let Lonnie get into position. Lonnie turned her back to Sam and bent down onto her hands and knees, presenting her slit to her husband.

      Sam ran his hands over the soft cheeks of her ass as Ava moved in front of her. The girls kissed as Sam took hold of his dick and aimed it. He sank deep into Lonnie and she sighed into Ava's mouth. Lonnie was already on fire from watching Ava and Sam and didn't need any preliminaries or for her husband to start off slow, and the other two knew it. His pelvis moved almost as fast as when he came in Ava and all Lonnie could do was moan in bliss.

      As Ava and Sam each reached under her to maul a breast, she suckled on one of Ava's. She licked, sucked and nibbled on the taut nipple.

      "Hmmm...she's liking it Sam. She likes you fucking her." Ava taunted

      "Grrrrr...she better...ughnnnnn..." Sam growled

      "AGHHHHH...UHHHHHHH...OH YEAH...YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT." Lonnie moaned wantonly after releasing her wife's breast.

      "'re sooooo tight baby." Sam said

      "You never said that with me?" Ava pouted

      "Both the same...ughnnnn...both the same...god knows how but both... ughnnnnnnnnn the same." Sam groaned


      Their hips slapped together, skin against skin and sweat mixing together.

      "Cum in her it baby." Ava said

      "GHNNNNNNN...OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!" Sam yelled as he came for the second time.

      "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" The feeling of his seed in her sent Lonnie over the edge and the two collapsed, both breathing heavily.

      Once more the altar lit up and everyone felt Lonnie's baby begin within the New Yorker. Everybody in the room hugged and kissed their lovers as all three on the altar held and caressed each other lovingly.

      "That was hot." Alex said

      "Hey." Isabel said

      "Sorry honey but it was...excuse us." Alex said as he grabbed Isabel's hand and dragged her into their bedroom. All anyone heard after that was the sound of Isabel screaming in pleasure as her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm.

      Everyone else decided to head downstairs to a bite to eat. Lonnie, Sam and Ava all stayed on the altar as they kissed but eventually they had to move. They picked up their outfits and returned to their bedroom to get dressed in something more comfortable.

      Main Computer Terminal, Basement, 18:00

      Much later, Michael was sitting in front of the computer. The relentless moaning of bliss that filled the house in every room that Sam, Lonnie and Ava entered got to him. They were completely insatiable after the conception of their children that the heat level of the house rose several degrees, so he decided to get on with some work instead of pushing Maria up against a wall and ravishing her. He didn't understand that choice.

      He wanted to research any possible Antarian technology that he could put into the land surfing boards. He worked on the computer, tapping away at the keyboard. Unfortunately he wasn't having much luck. He hated the damn machines. He entered command after command and all of a sudden the screen went black.

      "Son of a...I HATE THESE THINGS." He called out, "Alex stop banging Isabel for 5 minutes and help me."

      He tried to reset the system, entered new command and then started picking word out of thin air and typed them in. After a few minutes he got really frustrated and started bashing his head off of the keyboard. At the fifth hit the screen came on and went straight to what he was looking for.

      "Aaaahhhhh." He said with a slightly higher pitch than normal, "Violence and does work. Better not tell Alex I did that."

      He started to look over what was on the screen. He discovered new super light metal alloys that were hundreds of times stronger than steel, there was new designs for cutting down wind resistance and friction so that it was practically non-existent and then he hit gold. Quickly he incorporated the lot in a design, spending hours on it so that every little detail was right. He even called up Pizza Dude for a little input.

      Michael asked the computer how long it would take to build a prototype at their automated factory. It responded by 9 hours being displayed on the screen. Then it requested if Michael wanted the various technologies to be officially patented. Once it was confirmed it was all logged into the patent office's computer and secured. Before he went into stasis, Feln made sure that there was someone in that office to keep it safe and secret without the worry of being bribed by corporations to reveal the secrets. Before long, Michael order the system to make on board for each member of the family and another for Pizza, he was going to want to try this and Michael knew he would have the time of his life.

      Just off the Highway, Outside Roswell, Noon, The Next Day

      Early the next morning, the boards were delivered and Michael was like a kid on Christmas morning. He was first up and took out the boards and showed them to the others. They looked similar to surf boards except they were much smaller and thinner, all were red with silver lines over the edges and surface. All Max could do was look at his long time friend, doing his best to suppress his smile the young king moved to Michael.

      "Michael, what'd you do?" Max asked

      "New toys." Michael said giddily

      "Okay, who are you and what did you do with my Spaceboy?" Maria asked

      Michael just looked at her and turned back to his board. Right after breakfast they all agreed to go test the boards. They took them out to the highway and Max asked what was so special about them. As an answer, Michael put his board on the ground and stood on it. A light on the board lit up and it levitated to just below a foot from the ground.

      "Anti-gravity." Michael said, "No sail needed, it'll hug the contours of the ground exactly as if it was on it."

      "Okay, no sail. So how does it go?" Kyle asked

      Exactly as Kyle said the word "go" another light came on and the board shot forward. All heard Michael yell out in excitement as the board moved; he rode on it, gliding over the road and the surrounding desert. He even guided it a little way into town and that caught the attention of a lot of people, especially when he got high enough to fly over the street and land on a roof. Eventually he managed to turn it around and get it back to the others.

      "Okay, I'm going to have to change the activate command to something more complex." Michael said

      "How'd you do that, I mean there's no wind. How'd you make it g... run?" Max asked, being careful on his use of words

      "Energy field. The board sends it out the back at an angle to hit off the ground. It only lasts a second at full power for starting it and then cuts down to 20% to keep it going. There is zero friction so it should keep on going without that 20% but the rider will cause air resistance."

      "You've done your homework." Liz said, fairly impressed by what he knew

      "Oh so now the queen has to insult me?" Michael joked

      "Pizza is gonna love these." Isabel said

      "Yeah, we'll call him later but I think we better make ourselves scarce." Alex said

      Further down the road a bunch of cars were heading their way. Max recognised it as one of the news vans. Quickly they all packed up and drove back to the dome, managing to get back inside and seal the gates just as the press caught up with them. Before long, the latest development of Antaris Technologies was on the news. They even managed to get a home movie that was filmed on a camcorder showing Michael jumping the street.

      Before long Max realised he would have to do another press conference to cover the new technologies. He just looked at Michael, walked upstairs to his room and bathroom, bent his head over the bowl and threw up his guts. Later that day he called the meeting and with Michael right beside him, he told the world of the new super strong metal and the anti-gravity technology that would remove the need for people to do back breaking work by lifting heavy items, removing the need for giant engines on aeroplanes and could make construction a lot easier. However, for the most part he stuck with the boards. He knew a lot of people will be having a lot of fun with them.

      To Be Continued...

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